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    Do you think the community only consists of the <1% of the playbase that posts on forums?

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    Good thing it's permanent and it's the only Brawl for the remainder of the universe.

    Brawls have no effect that reinforce the existing meta as brawl has nothing to do with constructed and aren't meant to be taken seriously (thus the fun effects).

    Not saying that you don't find it fun or that you didn't find last weeks better. I'm just pointing out that, perhaps, it is being looked at in a negative light, as if week 2 of brawl is indicative of the only brawl that will ever exist.

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    Quote from LitchofDoom »

    Alright, so I am really trying everything that I can throw at the arenas and STILL only average around 4 wins. I have researched, and been told, that only around 9% of arena runs reach 7 wins, partly due to that the higher you go in arena the tougher the opposition, the game tries to match you against people with the same number of wins. In fact, to reach infinite arena on average is even lower than 9% as sometimes average and poor players reach that level of wins by getting lucky meaning some of that 9% of runs are occupied by lower level players and that for you to average that number of wins you have to be even more elite that the top 9% of arena players.

    I'm not saying I am great, but I know that I am good enough to reach more wins than I have but consistently losing to those with clearly better drafts than I as soon as I reach 3 to 4 wins. What is there that I can really do?

    Honestly, 3-4 wins because your opponents have better drafts just means you're not drafting (picking the right cards from what you were given in this case, not RNGesus) as well as you could.

    There are 3 elements to arena: Draft, Player Skill, and Luck. Each of these three things has an affect on the other, however minute it could be. (Luck obviously effects the draft and plays able to be made in a match. Player skill affects how well you draft. The draft affects how lucky you can be in a match. etc...) It is possible to go infinite on player skill and draft alone. Using luck as a cop out isn't a good excuse and realizing that may be the first step to doing better.

    Go into your draft. Spend time on every card. Think about which cards are better and why. (Eventually it will get easier and faster to draft successfully.) During your matches, take notes on what worked well and what didn't. (Mental or physical notes, doesn't matter.) Combine what you learned from the previous run and go onto the next arena run. Eventually you'll figure it out and if you are "good enough to reach more wins" then you will.

    (I also recommend sticking to as few classes as possible while trying to increase your win rate as knowledge between classes doesn't transfer well. Perfect one or two classes at a time.)

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    It's more about saying these players were banned from HWC. If there was no qualifying period that directly involved blizzard, they probably would not have named them. In this case, when blizzcon qualifiers rolls around, people would be asking "Hey, where is this person? They were top 16 in a season." It just makes sense to publish a "banned" list just like how there are banned for life lists for Magic and Yugioh and other games.

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    Quote from yuvalal »

    all 1 cost minions 

    what the worse card that you can give to your oppoment?

    Honestly, I think giving your opponent a webspinner would be worst case scenario. You give them basically 2 cards, one of which could turn out to be something like savannah highmane, that may possibly be game changing.

    In the case of a dust devil or light warden or something along those lines, the card turns into a pit lord for all classes. Dust devil will have to trade while the hungry dragon player takes 3 damage as well. Even then, it is still going to be a 2 for 1 in most instances if not 3 for one if played early enough (1 of which might just be the card you gave them so the cards value will average out to be slightly higher than 1 to 1 for your opponent.)

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    I think because we already have cards from the Ulduar Raid, (such as Mimiron and Flame Leviathan,) it is more likely that the next adventure might pass on Ulduar. I believe it is far more likely to be Karazhan or something that will promote an archetype different from deathrattles and mechs.

    Karazhan would present a lot of ethereal and other beings from the astral plain, demons, and 2 dragons.

    Caverns of Time would be dragon heavy.

    Ahn'Qiraj could bring forth a Silithid Archetype.

    Sunwell would be demon focused. (+ 3 dragons)

    There are just a lot of possibilities and all would be great and improve the meta inside the game.

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    Spell is resolved.

    All effects of that spell are resolved (killing the golem which causes the deathrattle which causes the new minion which causes the knife to be juggled).

    Spell is done being resolved. Wild Pyromancer triggers. (but it is now dead so nothing happens.)

    Note: Order of summons only matters when two deathrattles trigger at the same time. Nothing here occurs at the same time.

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    "Conan, what is best in life?"

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    I currently have 1200 dust and i was wondering whether it was worth it to disenchant Prophet Velen for Vol'jin?


    I personally would just wait for 400 more dust. It's honestly not that much to wait for. And if for some reason in the future, velen becomes viable, you'd need 1600 more dust to recraft it. GvG just came out, so I'd wait for the meta to establish itself before disenchanting any legendaries.

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    Quote from HolyCelton »

    We need to make some community-driven challenges, like beat all 3 bosses with the same deck or beat a boss before a certain number of turns.

    ^ This

    Just because the game doesn't come with further challenges built in doesn't mean we can't make them.

    • Beat all bosses using the exact same deck
    • Beat the turn count of your last victory
    • Beat each boss using a randomly generated deck
    • Beat each boss using one of the 9 prefab decks 
    • Beat each boss with Warrior
    • Beat each boss with Rogue
    • &c

    Self imposed restrictions are always available for pretty much any game.
     However, having a reward for at least some of these kinds of restrictions would be nice such as quests rewarding 100g for beating every boss on heroic with one class.

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