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    Do you think the community only consists of the <1% of the playbase that posts on forums?

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    Quote from LitchofDoom »

    You don't understand what it is I am trying to say. I know what cards to pick in a draft. Even that when one card is a higher tier than the other's on my final 10, if it doesn't go well with the deck, choose the others. And I am not trying to use the RNG as a cop out when the facts simply show that your "skill" really doesn't matter when you are stuck with average picks and they get just one pick better. I have done everything out there from study cards to using programs to just streaming. If I can get my rank up using my own original decks, how is it that my skills as a player are not helping me get more wins in the arena

    I understand exactly what you are trying to say :) Perhaps being a little open-minded for someone trying to help would be advantageous? I guess my point about RNG is that on a long enough timeline, it becomes irrelevant to success.

    Constructed and arena are definitely two different things and require two different skill sets. It's much different to be able to analyze a meta and pick out a counter to it. It's also different being able to sit down and think about all 30 cards in your deck, then getting to the end and being able to swap in and out cards that ended up not working out, even before starting the first match. This is a luxury that doesn't exist in Arena. There are definitely people who have reached legend but struggle to get past 3-5 wins in Arena.

    Arena requires flexibility. It requires knowledge of not just "the meta" but all possible metas. In constructed, I know that if I face a Mage, I'm probably up against either a mech mage or a freeze mage and I usually know by turn 1. In arena, it may take until turn 10 to figure out what kind of cards they have in their deck. Meanwhile, I have to play around the possibility of things like a turn 10 pyroblast or double fireball or flamestrike. Sure, they may get lucky and play a Dr. Boom too. In arena, you just have to realize what all the possible outcomes of their play are, analyze their moves up to a given point, and make an educated guess on what their strategy may be and what is going to happen next.

    It is nowhere near as guaranteed as constructed when say 90% of an opponents deck is known.

    To counter this "unknown" and to be flexible all starts in the draft. Yes, a little luck is involved. Sometimes opponents have really really good drafts. The thing is, "always" facing these good drafts between 1-5 wins is unlikely, especially once you start getting losses because those really really good drafts don't lose. In your own draft, sometimes the best card isn't the obvious one or what some website tells you. (This leads back to pausing and thinking about every card and what you already drafted.)

    After the draft, the person above this post makes some really good suggestions on some areas that are often overlooked in arena. One important thing I'll mention for emphasis is recognizing who is control and who is agro. The earlier you can figure that out, the better off you'll do in a match. This goes back to recognizing what your opponents strategy is that I mentioned earlier in this post. If you can figure out what each player's role is, it will make it easier to find an opening in the board and take control of a match. If you watch high end arena players, more often than not, it typically takes until turn 8 or 9 before they start branching out in strategy. The winner is usually the one who can recognize what is going on first and counter it.

    My suggestion at this point is to just sit back and not worry about it. If you are doing everything you can, as you say you are, then improvement is a matter of patience and practice, and obviously since you are doing everything, we can't tell you what to do differently. If you are constantly thinking about how your opponents always get lucky, you are going to start making them lucky. (By that I mean: Just as skilled players can create their own luck, a player who is doubtful or not confident can make it feel like their opponent reads minds, casting doubt on your own plays and your own skill, which will snowball into making mistakes.)


    PS- Something that may help is using the arena deck creation tool on Hearthpwn and posting that asking for thoughts about your draft and starting a discussion in regards to your choices. But again, you've done everything :)

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    Quote from LitchofDoom »

    Alright, so I am really trying everything that I can throw at the arenas and STILL only average around 4 wins. I have researched, and been told, that only around 9% of arena runs reach 7 wins, partly due to that the higher you go in arena the tougher the opposition, the game tries to match you against people with the same number of wins. In fact, to reach infinite arena on average is even lower than 9% as sometimes average and poor players reach that level of wins by getting lucky meaning some of that 9% of runs are occupied by lower level players and that for you to average that number of wins you have to be even more elite that the top 9% of arena players.

    I'm not saying I am great, but I know that I am good enough to reach more wins than I have but consistently losing to those with clearly better drafts than I as soon as I reach 3 to 4 wins. What is there that I can really do?

    Honestly, 3-4 wins because your opponents have better drafts just means you're not drafting (picking the right cards from what you were given in this case, not RNGesus) as well as you could.

    There are 3 elements to arena: Draft, Player Skill, and Luck. Each of these three things has an affect on the other, however minute it could be. (Luck obviously effects the draft and plays able to be made in a match. Player skill affects how well you draft. The draft affects how lucky you can be in a match. etc...) It is possible to go infinite on player skill and draft alone. Using luck as a cop out isn't a good excuse and realizing that may be the first step to doing better.

    Go into your draft. Spend time on every card. Think about which cards are better and why. (Eventually it will get easier and faster to draft successfully.) During your matches, take notes on what worked well and what didn't. (Mental or physical notes, doesn't matter.) Combine what you learned from the previous run and go onto the next arena run. Eventually you'll figure it out and if you are "good enough to reach more wins" then you will.

    (I also recommend sticking to as few classes as possible while trying to increase your win rate as knowledge between classes doesn't transfer well. Perfect one or two classes at a time.)

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    Quote from TsKen »

    So I got the quest to spectate friends but I have none.


    So I tried adding random people I played against in normals. After my 5th try, all of them ignored me.


    Whats the deal? I mean I've gotten people that added me and talk shit afterwards but I've never done so >_>.

    People ruined that experience early in the games lifetime by adding people, then harassing them, then putting them on ignore.

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    Quote from yuvalal »

    all 1 cost minions 

    what the worse card that you can give to your oppoment?

    Honestly, I think giving your opponent a webspinner would be worst case scenario. You give them basically 2 cards, one of which could turn out to be something like savannah highmane, that may possibly be game changing.

    In the case of a dust devil or light warden or something along those lines, the card turns into a pit lord for all classes. Dust devil will have to trade while the hungry dragon player takes 3 damage as well. Even then, it is still going to be a 2 for 1 in most instances if not 3 for one if played early enough (1 of which might just be the card you gave them so the cards value will average out to be slightly higher than 1 to 1 for your opponent.)

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    Harrison. Harrison is used in far more decks than alexstrasa. If you are playing freeze mage, fatigue mage, or control warrior a lot, alexstrasa would be the card to craft, but harrison can be used in everything.

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    You should probably provide more insight into what you are doing if you want more serious applicants.

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    posted a message on Wild Pyromancer and Knife Juggler order

    Spell is resolved.

    All effects of that spell are resolved (killing the golem which causes the deathrattle which causes the new minion which causes the knife to be juggled).

    Spell is done being resolved. Wild Pyromancer triggers. (but it is now dead so nothing happens.)

    Note: Order of summons only matters when two deathrattles trigger at the same time. Nothing here occurs at the same time.

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    "Conan, what is best in life?"

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    Quote from Donkadocus »

    I lost to a coined Whirling Zap-o-matic in Arena yesterday - what am I supposed to do? It's pretty OP imo.

    Play anything? If a shaman plays Whirling zap o matic and FTT on his first two turns, they have no board control and risk losing the game. Most 1 drops counter. Leper Gnome, the spare parts mech, etc... T2 taunt minion or bluegill murloc?

    Honestly though, in arena, 1s and 2 drops are important. If you don't have them, and allow a shaman to set up, that's on the player who drafted. Sometimes there is some luck involved but not picking up any removal or small drops sounds more like a poorly chosen draft.

    Shaman could do this combo before if they wanted using the 3/1 windfury minion. Only difference is overload. 3/1 on T1. Rockbiter T2. Rockbiter + FTT on T3 for the win. Are people saying they couldn't kill this minion beforehand? But no one ever used this combo in constructed or arena because it was easily countered. Just like this one.

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    posted a message on Disenchant Prophet Velen for Vol'gin?

    I currently have 1200 dust and i was wondering whether it was worth it to disenchant Prophet Velen for Vol'jin?


    I personally would just wait for 400 more dust. It's honestly not that much to wait for. And if for some reason in the future, velen becomes viable, you'd need 1600 more dust to recraft it. GvG just came out, so I'd wait for the meta to establish itself before disenchanting any legendaries.

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    posted a message on Suggestion: Turn Gruul into a 4/4, 5 mana legendary
    Quote from Seagull0 »

    It would make it much more playable and it makes much more sense for a card like that to exist, than. 7/7 8 mana minion.



    By the time it is your opponent's turn, it is at least an 8/8 for 8 mana. A silence would leave it at a 7/7 which just burned a silence from your opponent.

    When it is your turn again, it is a 9/9.

    Making it a 5 mana 4/4 almost will put it into 2 categories. One that it will be silenced and it will be a weak, overpriced minion at that. Will it be more useable? Probably because it can be combo'd a little better which leads to the second category: It becomes a shade of naxxarams that is far too strong and cannot be killed, especially if you are a rogue and you put stealth on it. So it will be too good.

    Put another way, Gruul on turn 5 at 4/4 will be 10/10 by turn 8 when you could normally play it.

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    posted a message on I have 1600dust what legend should I craft

    If you like playing druid and warrior, Id go with black knight.

    Great against sludge belchers which are pretty strong right now. Cairne often gets silenced/removed pretty effortlessly anymore. Hes a turn 6 yeti at worst. Druids also don't currently take advantage of baron rivendare (possible though) and has been replaced by sludge belchers for the most part as a turn 5 alternative that provides taunt.

    Both are still really good and should be crafted at the earliest convenience.

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    Quote from Ertnan »
    Quote from agyagasztal »

    Is it working as intended atm? I had my board cleared with Lightning Storm and it did not trigger Duplicate (even my Mirror Images have gone to waste).

    As long as Mirror Image is a spell card that summon 2 tokens if no minion card is killed couldn't triger Duplicate. Thanks for sharing  tokens couldn't trigger duplicate.

    Tokens still count as minions and do trigger duplicate.

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    Quote from chefao »
    Quote from Xillorg »
    Quote from chefao »

    you would be clarified if 88moderator didnt delete my post cuz i disagreed with you

    so i apologize and yes aggro decks are the ones with a lot of taunts + lifegain in it

    All good man - just making sure if I had an understanding to what was being stated or not was all.

    no man i was kidding its just that in the first post i asked if you were hurt in the head and told you taunt is the opposite of aggro, when people say aggro they mean the rushy goforface decks which are aggressive you know? but i didnt want to disagree again cuz i was almost banned for disagreeing

    Aggro has meant taunt/control decks in other TCGs so no need to be rude about someone using the term that way.


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