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    Surveillance Owl

    Comes with one set of backup wings!


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    I'm a super casual HS player - and for the first time, I'm rank 7 with this deck! <3 Thank you so much for sharing it and tips/tricks.

    Edit: Went from rank 12 to 7 that is. Have had 2 losses so far:
    One was to a tempo mage, he drew really well and had his 0/2 taunts on board that I could not clear.
    Another one to a warlock

    The thing about this deck is that it puts up so much pressure on the board on just about every turn. I just went to a rush warrior who cleared my board 4 times with: Reckless Flurry (into Ooze to kill my Tirion (from Stonehill) + Ashbringer) > Brawl > Brawl > Reckless Flurry. Still ended up winning the game with a board Lost in the Jungle, Maul, hero power into a level up + stormwind champion.

    I am likely not playing it perfectly (overplaying my board etc), but definitely a great deck to climb with!

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    I'm playing it, and it is a little bit too much give how well it synergizes with the Flame Elementals (2 different card 1/2 mana cards that give 1 and 2 of those minions), and other rogue classic/basic set cards.

    Don't need to nerf the quest directly if you can either nerf the elemental synergy a little (making the 1/2 flame elementals rewarded by the two different minions a different name), and/or making the caverns below cost itself be 6 + making it 5 same-name cards. Or, making the caverns below cost 7 and leaving it at 4 minions. 

    Right now:
    1) it's supremely easy to complete
    2) rogue cards protect their minions very well
    3) Preparation makes dropping Caverns below in turn 4 even - which is a little bit too much.

    The effect doesn't need to be nerfed as much - just needs slowed down a little bit. 

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    Came back to try a few more late @ night .... won 3 in a row. Now sitting closer to 60%+ win rate, and climbing :)

    Will try more tomorrow - and gonna experiment with removing 1 or both UTH for Multi-shots or Dart Trap! 
    Once again, thank you for the amazing deck <3

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    A really fun deck! I've been a 50% win rate so far, with losses coming to super aggro hunters -- faced 4 of them so far! (arcane shots, charge minions, kill commands etc). Other than that, most other decks are okay! 

    Thanks for sharing <3

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    Below-average Hearthstone player here. Been playing this deck, and having a really hard time with control warrior, priests and druids.


    I try not to overextend, but a few spell-heavy druids just live through my initial burst, and I end up without anything great at the end to counter their Ysera, Yogg, or other heavy creatures.

    What I noticed was that most of them have faster draws than me. Any help would be appreciated!

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