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    Quote from fleshmanz »

    Sorry but you're lying about the win rate against druids just played 10 and only won against one, everyone is running the aggressively high taunt Druid, it's fucking ridiculous.

    Calling someone a liar because you can't play the deck/got bad luck is fairly idiotic. 


    Would Harvest Golem be a better choice than Spider Tank? To try and get more consistent value with Tinkertown and Iron Sensei?

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    I don't really like the Sunfury Protector and Defender of Argus in this deck. I feel like an extra Ice Block would be more useful.

    Messing around with the deck, I found I had more luck with

    -2 Sunfury
    -1 Defender of Argus
    -1 Sunwalker
    +1 Ice Block
    +1 Blizzard
    +1 Sludge Belcher+1 Harrison Jones

    Harrison Jones is fantastic in the current Meta. Eaglehorn Bow, Doomhammer, Death's Bite are all strong cards in the meta.
    I think Sludge Belcher/Ice Block are better choices than Sunfury. The Belcher gets ridiculous value with Duplicate, and the having two Ice Blocks adds a strong element of surprise. Most players won't expect a second Ice Block. Alternatively, another Counterspell would also be good in order to stop Flare more consistently.
    Finally, I just like Blizzard more than Sunwalker. Just my preference. I'd prefer to leave myself open to burst and hope my Ice Block will save me than let the opponent pile up on the board.

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