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    posted a message on The Stormind mini-set speculation

    Seeing that the last expantion was crossroads and the mini expantion was wailing caverns, I would not be suprised if the mini set is also dungeon related, and in stormwind case, most likely stockades

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    posted a message on Is there some sort of big paladin going on right now?

    Just played it a few rounds, its quite fun and deals really well with evolve shaman, so that is a big win in my book. Most likely gets destroyed though by control warlock. And bomb warrior is also quite strong against it. But seems fun so far.

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    posted a message on how would this work? C'thun idea

    Hi all,

    i'm doing a bit of research for a nice theorycraft deck and i was wondering what the following interaction would be:

    If i have Diligent Notetaker in play, and i play one of the new cards from C'Thun, the Shattered (andi then mean 1 of the 4 pieces) i get it back to my hand. If i play that card then again, will it count to the 4 required? or does it have to be all those 4 seperate? As in: is it a trick to quicker complete C'Thun?

    Curious about your replies


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    posted a message on Jandice is a big problem
    Quote from SirJohn13 >>

    Another possible nerf could be that the minion swapped out gets frozen for this turn (so you cannot buy it back on the same turn). This will slow down the Pogos build considerably but would not kill Jandice imo

     i Actually really like this fix, it will be frozen or maybe dorment even, it will not take its spot (so you still get a full refresh) but it slows it down by a turn, and you cant do it back to back on the same minion. So either frozen or dorment, it might work

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    posted a message on The power level of this set is actually insane
    Quote from Alexandru_91 >>

    Galakrond Priest is gonna be soo obnoxious when hero power gets the 2 mana 1/3 legendary that swaps hands/decks.

     i did not think of this yet.. now i have... Yikes.

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    posted a message on New Priest/Warlock Legendary Card Revealed - Disciplinarian Gandling

    Turn 3 chance is 0%:

    turn 1 you have 4 cards in hand so you have a max of 6 cards at turn 3

    the "combo" is 7 cards, so yeah not happening ;) but a evil turn 4 none the less, and heck you even still have a coin left :P

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    posted a message on Lady Vashj is absolutely ridiculous

    sounds like you select the tavern brawl and not the challenges.

    These challenges are under: Solo Adventures and then ashes of outland > challenges.

    I hope this is it for you, if not.. contact blizzard :P

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    posted a message on Kripp battlegrounds reset

    he stated why he plays like that:

    He doesn't like to play against the same comps all the time, he likes to try new stuff and in higher MMR the game is shorter cause everyone plays a midrange build. 

    Thats why he plays on lower, cause it gives him more game variation, and more fun.

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2
    Quote from Roadie >>

    Can we just admit now that there is NO skill involved with this game whatsoever anymore?  Theyve taken it ALL out.  100% draw and discover card luck.  Legend means nothing now.  It just means you abuse the broken shit and got luckier draws.  I guess thats the way they want the game now.  No such thing as skill, strategy, planning out the game, timing your plays, etc.  It doesnt matter one fucking bit.

    These are the facts.  There is no argument. 

     The argument: everything you stated lacks proof and for that reason, is not a fact. Bring statistics and sources that state your claim and its a fact, until that time: opinion, which ofc you may have :)


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    posted a message on The Pepper Thread - Share your good vibes!
    Quote from AntonydusWurm >>

    been playing completely randomly generated decks today (no, not with the ingame option) that made pretty much no sense altogether and had some pretty hilarious wins

    my opponents must have thought "what the fuck is this guy playing??" and removing stuff very suboptimally because they thought certain minions were important to the strategy. they weren't, at all :) only to be smashed in the face with violet wurms and ogres and stuff ^.^

    also played the glorious return of massive spell damage hunter, i call it the inquisition hunter,cuz nobody ever expects that. well, have 20 damage done in one turn out of nowhere :D

     I Really like the name inquisition hunter. That should be the official name of a unexpected tech deck or so.

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    posted a message on Rogue legendaries

    For future as well: Edwin is a basic card and will always be playable, the other 2 will rotate out, so for future investment its at least a saver craft.

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    posted a message on Road to Northrend - Tavern Brawl #240

    wow thats just plane evil, but funny tbh :P i hope it didn't cost you your run.

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    posted a message on Road to Northrend - Tavern Brawl #240

    Fun fact:

    I played reno and had sorc. apprentice. and then the cost at aviator bob are reduced. so i could just buy everything. was insane. it was combi of sorc apprentice + the treasure that makes your spells cost health. i doubt it is intended this way?

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    posted a message on Highlander Quest shaman (feedback appreciated :) )

    atm im rank 6, though i went also rank 2 with this one (just struggled too get legend).

    Those cards are in here, so im questioning why you dont see them :)  its the last card from shaman and the 3th card from neutral :)

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    posted a message on highlander quest/galakrond/shudderwock shaman feedback appreciated

    Hi all,

    When DoD came out i made a theorie deck for galakrond + quest + highlander (cause of insane highlander cards that you can double).

    At the moment i have quite some succes with the deck (around rank 8 till 2) and its mostly a fun deck too play as well. Im very curious what you guys think off it, and how to maybe improve it.


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