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    posted a message on Patch 20.8.2 - Balance Changes for Priest and Druid - Bugfixes

    So meta made of 100% aggro isn't a problem, huh?

    meta is not 100% and never was

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    posted a message on Patch 20.8.2 - Balance Changes for Priest and Druid - Bugfixes
    Quote from TMRobinson >>
    Quote from Arczi >>

    For me the biggest issue right now is Shaman.

     This is what I was trying to say before the nerfs came out and i was shocked that shaman wasn't in the mix to be nerfed

     well... but its not true, shaman is not a problem.

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    posted a message on Patch 20.8.2 - Balance Changes for Priest and Druid - Bugfixes

    Cuz aggro is not a problem now.

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    posted a message on Patch 20.8.2 - Balance Changes for Priest and Druid - Bugfixes

    Priest should be nerfed more.

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    posted a message on Why hasn't Tickatus been changed?
    Quote from thedaywedied >>

    I know Warlock is at the bottom of the barrel now, but Tickatus still feels absolutely awful to have dropped on you. 

    Blizzard has gone on record multiple times over the years saying that they consider player feel, not just winrate.
    Remember when the first Quest Rogue was nerfed at least 3 separate times, despite it being tier 3?

    Do we need to Kibler to complain about Tickatus so it'll get changed or are we just cool with one card being able to delete up to a 3rd of our decks?

    P.S. the refreshing spring water nerf wasn't enough.

     Cuz its a bad card

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    posted a message on Honestly I don't understand why people play this game anymore.
    Quote from happyday >>

    Making a deck and seeing how well it does against other decks, experimenting with different classes and archetypes, discovering a play style and cards that you enjoy is what makes TCG fun.

    So what's the point in playing hearthstone then? I've been playing from open beta and every new meta I've tried to make my own decks, even if they were bad I tried to enjoy the building and experimenting part of the game to it's fullest. However, as more and more websites relating to HS sprouted and netdecking became more relevant, the huge aspect of experimenting and figuring stuff out on your own is completely dead. Playing against the exact same decks over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over... Just killed any point in me trying to make something.

    Can someone please answer me - "Is it fun to just copy decks from a website?", "Is it fun not to put any thought in the cards that are in *your* deck?", "Is it fun to play the same exact deck for more than a couple of years?". It can't be, right? Well...

    A good example is secret mage. Really wish they would stop printing cards that support the archetype. And if you say - "Well, uhm the deck changed over the years" or "There are stronger decks out there", then you are a moron. For how long secret mage remains as one of the most popular decks in wild? And as for the other part, the deck just replaced cards for better cards that do more or less the exact same thing.  What's the difference between 1 card that can draw 4-6 cards and has a cost of 6 mana, and 2 secrets that cost 0 or 3 mana and can draw you 6 cards? The funny thing is people don't even know why secret mage doesn't run the weapon or the minion anymore. And again, for those of you that say that the secrets are just better - go back to netdecking. The answer is tempo, reliability, disruption, counterplay and symbiosis with other cards. Hope I don't need to digest and explain every part further, since this thread will become too long.

    Now back to the main topic. I just can't imagine that someone actually finds it fun to copy a deck and then play only that one deck for more than a year. What's the point in playing then? Why not let someone else play the game or let the computer play for you as well, since you already undermine half of the game already.

    I know this is salty and all. And everyone finds pleasure in different things. But I'm just really tired of playing and seeing more or less the exact same decks and loosing to the exact same stuff for years. Every time I play against a unique deck I stop caring about winning or loosing. I just try to figure out what their deck is and what are they trying to do with it. Nowadays, I'll be lucky to play against even 1 unique deck in a week. And the most hilarious part is, that people copy the strongest decks and play casual as well. The only thought that crosses my mind in such situations is what kind of clown am I playing against?

     just dont play and stop making forum your trashcan.

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    posted a message on Dissatisfied with the nerfs...
    Quote from BigDeal >>

    Did nothing.  Paladin is still way too OP and now gets THREE fucking minions for 1 mana instead of two for zero mana.  Really?  NO other hits to their unlimited buffing and bull shit?  OMG.  What. A. Joke.

     Imagine thinking it was a buff not nerf XD

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    posted a message on Patch 20.2.2 - Balance Changes, Quilboars In Battlegrounds Nerfed & More
    Quote from jazzfan27 >>

    Fairly good round of nerfs and buffs.

    I was worried they would buff some aggro/face stuff and just make the game even less enjoyable, but they largely just buffed mid range cards.

    The only thing I didnt like was the Hysteria nerf.  I didnt think warlock and priest were doing all that hot to deserve one of their best cards getting nerfed.

    But, hysteria will still be run in those decks, it is just too important not to.  

    I would have nerfed oh my yogg instead.

    And for buffs, i would have given the 3/4 secret tech card some different text.  Anti-secret tech is pretty needed and the one they gave us isnt what we need.

     LOL... priest was one of the best clsses

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    posted a message on How are Paladins still being left in their current state?
    Quote from Kurgo >>
    Quote from jazzfan27 >>

    Paladin is pretty hard to nerf.  You would need to hit multiple cards.

    I think I would start with oh my yogg.  Nerf that and hope it drops the win rate a point or two.

    Deck would still be strong, but hopefully be vulnerable to removal heavy decks.

     I'm genuinely curious, how would you nerf OMY? You can't nerf it by mana because it's a pala secret and those can only be 1 mana. Its effect is not scalable so you can't change that either (unless you want to change it to cast a spell that costs 1 more or something...which is pointless) so unless team 5 does a "give your charge minions +1 attack" kind of nerf, I really can't envision how OMY could be changed.

     There is no need to nerf that card.

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    posted a message on Nerf suggestions / ideas – emphasis on soft nerfs

    tickatus  dont opress control decks.

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