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    Quote from TheDarksider >>

    Pic related is the goodest I've felt in a looooooong time when playing this game.

    Discard of Neptulon turn 2 is nice, good job there buddy. 🙂

    Keep in mind having Neptulon and friends online turn 2 feels good too.


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    Solid deck, got from Rank 2 to Legend yesterday.
    Feels like Facehunter with the addition of potential mana cheating and AOE option.

    1-2 small iterations and this is a Tier 1 deck.
    I currently replaced the Bone Glaive with Lady S‘theno. Not budget friendly and less burst, but its a cheaper card (less of a dead card early game), an additional Predation activator and it gives extra value if you end up with only cheap spells in hand.




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