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    I play Mecha'thun priest in Wild mode. Near the end, I have empty deck, and all the combo cards + extra coin in my hand. Opponent is priest as well. He plays Dead Ringer and Psychic Scream, maybe he doesn't remember I still have 1 coin (there were more during game for me). However I don't see the card added to my deck. This is now clearly a bug. Could it be connected to me playing Hemet, Jungle Hunter earlier ? But next turn I don't take fatigue damage (as if I had drawn the card I don't see). I try hovering over deck, and my hand multiple times, if I find some UI glitch that could explain it or show me the Dead Ringer, but without success. I continue to play my complete combo, with extra coin to empty my hand. At the end of my turn, it activates, pulls Mecha'thun, kills all my minions, I have empty hand and deck, and it doesn't destroy my opponent, as if the Dead Ringer was in my hand. After game, we talked together - he thought at first I misplayed, because he has seen the Dead Ringer (card he shuffled into my deck) in my hand, but after he saw me play coin and not Dead Ringer, he was confused. So from his perspective, there was no bug.

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    posted a message on You ever let people win at rank 5?

    I concede right at start, to any lvl (6, 7, 8) sometimes even repeatedly against same player queueing right back into me. I had opponents with 3 or 4 consecutive gifted wins (at non-peak time). Some thank me, even keep me in friend list and we talk about game from time to time.

    Also, I do think and expect that normal people do this as favor (to others and to me), since the grind to the next bracket is already difficult as it is. Conceding at bottom of lvl bracket (5, 10, 15) takes a minute to be a selfless / decent / emphathetic to someone else, who can really appreciate it. And it can save possibly hours to the other player at lvl 6 (11, 16, ...) .

    I see a lot of people take it as a die-hard competition. Well, there are also rewards, which I think for quite a lot of people (including me) are the only reason to (sometimes) bother with the grind. If you can't possibly give up a minute for someone to get reward or save a lot of time, I don't get it, but of course it's your choice.

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    posted a message on Weapon Destruction

    The easiest is usually to use up all your attack charges.

    Also, equipping a new weapon (each class has at least 1 own since K&C), in Wild, you can play Medivh, the Guardian.

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    posted a message on New Druid Card Reveal - Dreampetal Florist

    Druid was clearly lacking combo potential.

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    posted a message on Coming back to the game after 12 months - what to craft?

    If you managed to get away from HS, best thing to do is not coming back. One day, I'll have the strength to break free as well, one day ...

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    posted a message on Managing the Collection Manager - The Hearthstone Team Has Tips For You!

    If people don't have intuitive way directly in user interface to see these options, or better yet click preset filters instead of typing, it means this feature sucks. They were trying to raise awareness about it before, and now again, meaning that they know people waste a lot of time trying to search collection, and they still don't make it effective, just point to sucky half-solution.

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    posted a message on Lul, Mages.

    Lul your deck :) < https://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/1114329-elixir-ascendant

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    posted a message on Healing totem and hyldinr frostrider

    While back, Kripp made a video about how freeze mechanic works:


    From your description, it is entirely possible it had nothing to do with Healing Totem, just minions that could and didn't attack that turn got unfrozen, IIRC the explanation in video.

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 6.13 - Submission Topic

    Standoffs in movies are fun. They slow the tempo, but raise the suspense. Exciting !

    Standoff Pro

    Kinda like Treachery, but for everyone (neutral) and longer, double-edged impact.

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    As a side note (unrelated to the poison AoE) - the Hunter had such crazy beasts, in such crazy amount of 1 per turn. You (as druid) were so insanely oppressed, that in the same time you had to struggle and accumulated only an entire board of 7+ health Jades. I mean the hunter needs to be looked at, no doubt.

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