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    posted a message on The HearthPwn Tavern Is Closing Its Doors

    I remember when I was joining the site. The reason was at first just to have a place to keep all of my silly decks. But I always enjoyed the other aspects and even though I didn't participate that much I will miss it. With things like the "Real Casual Play Network" I made a lot of new friends.

    This change couldn't have come at a more fitting time for me. With the Dalaran Heist the Solo Content now offers so much new and exciting ways to play that the Multiplayer now just pales in comparison. I will probably keep at it a little with the monthly card back and occasionally a fun meme gimmick duel with a friend if I get the 80 gold quest, but otherwise the Singleplayer now has the awesomeness I always wanted. Sure, some things could be improved, but overall it's interesting, but also sad to say that I probably won't even miss the community aspect.

    So at last thanks to everyone that participated here. It was a great time and this will be a big change for many. Let's see what the future brings.

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    posted a message on POLL: Hearthstone Classic / Vanilla

    I think we rather need some form of guild/lobby system where you can play the game the way you want with your friends. Because for example I wouldn't be interested in that, but I'm sure some others might enjoy it. So you could go ahead and make such a guild/lobby and invite people to see if they're interested in it. Maybe with an option to make it public, but if everyone can do that everything might get flooded so it's probably better to stick with invite-only. Just like with the current group system in the client. But that in-game with some options to customize the game to your preferred playstyle. That's what we need.

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    I would love a subscription model, but I guess we're in the minority here. But honestly in a wild-only subscription I probably wouldn't even be interested that much. If anything it really should include all the cards. Really sad to see that others don't like that. I also don't really understand it because it could be done as an alternative way for people like us. FeelsBadMan

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    posted a message on The Great Dalaran Heist Has Launched! Two Wings This Week, Is The Adventure Worth It?

    From my first impression it looks rather good. Because of anomaly mode it should provide also a lot of replayability. That said though in my opinion it's only slightly better than dungeon run / monster hunt. Many different and random starting conditions are good, but not much of an improvement. That friendly tavern encounter is also nice, but the options there seem way too insignificant. And just like previously with only 8 bosses you might never get the chance to try out this or that cool thing. I'm still going to buy it because it looks awesome as usual, but considering it was free before it seems extremely expensive. Luckily most other people also care about the rewards (I don't except for the card backs because I always "buy the expansion" on launch day) and as explained above if you can make use of those packs and buy with real money you basically get the adventure "for free" or "as a bonus".

    So overall pretty good, but could be better. But of course why should they do it if it doesn't make them more money? "Never lucky". I personally would love to spend more on better single player content, but for now it seems most would not. "Never lucky"..., again. Let's see how it will continue. I also didn't tried anomaly mode yet. Maybe it's better than I think. But even then there would still be much room for improvement. Most importanly better deck refinement and an endless mode. I always hate to end up with garbage decks and that if I can make an awesome deck I have to retire it even though I didn't even get a chance to see all possible craziness that could be pulled off with it.

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    posted a message on Make the Card

    Next: A Discover card.

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    posted a message on The Dalaran Heist - Adventure Launches May 16

    Finally. And it looks very promising!

    Unlocking the hero powers are like achievements. Being able to modify your deck is very good. The inability to do so in the previous dungeon run/monste hunt made it extremely annoying at times. Also that there is a random starting deck option is good. And lastly the anomaly mode sounds really fun.

    The only thing that might be bad is that there probably is no endless mode. Sometimes I made a great deck in dungeon run/monster hunt and gotten through all the fights, but that's then it and if I want to play more I have to restart from the very beginning. And maybe the deck modification isn't good enough. It's hard to say from this preview.

    Overall it looks amazing and is totally worth the price. I think I will have a lot of fun with it. Considering the anomaly mode, different hero powers, and randomized starting decks I really think this also adds a lot of replayability. I'm very excited!

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    posted a message on Streamer Event Next Week For New Unreleased Adventure - May 14/15

    That's just very disappointing in pretty much any way.

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    posted a message on Hall of Champions is This Week's Brawl!

    This has to be the worst brawl ever. "Let's see what cancer deck is the most disgusting." I won't even bother getting the pack for this. The only interesting thing is that some cards are pre-nerfed. But tavern brawls should be about having fun with crazy rules and not this tournament garbage. I guess it's a great brawl for tryhards though.

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    posted a message on Rise of Shadows Developer Q&A - All Answers

    Obligatory unnerf yogg?

    As for Yogg, it’s a pretty dangerous effect for us to have in Neutral sticking around forever. If we were to do this sort of thing again, we’d rather put it in a class where it’s a little more contained. - Liv Breeden

    Never Lucky :babyrage:


    So that's why people say that this game is dying. Understandable.

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    posted a message on Improving Hearthpwn Deckbuilder

    Agreed on all of that. Especially number 2 I find really annoying and would be nice if improved.

    And I have also a suggestion. I almost exclusively play with fun/meme decks but as the "deck type" there is no such type you can choose. I always take "theorycraft" (or sometimes "none"), but that's not really what it is and by searching only for that I might miss out on other people's decks which would rather call it a ranked deck since it's somewhat decent and such. I would like to see something like "fun deck" or "meme deck" as deck types for the casual players that just want to have some fun.

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