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    posted a message on Spell Disruption tools?

    So that your aggro deck can discard Brawl is it

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    posted a message on A New and Exciting Beginning

    First you took my username and then bad mouth flux, you've got nerve posting this

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    posted a message on Tempo rogue deck crafting need help

    I was so happy to see that 50/50 split..

    IMO Greenskin's really useful in the deck and safer to craft but Myra's fills a more important role.

    Without Myra's I would even run a Sprint

    Edit: My example is that Greenskin's very strong for damage on Waggle-Pick but you're safer finding that reach/tempo swing plays with Sap and Eviscerate through a hand refill after dumping your starting hand of lackeys and Edwin.  Much safer meta-wise due to weapon removal. 

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    posted a message on New Hearthstone Animated Short - Win or Lose

    Nice I guess? If it was for the tournament it could've been more relevant, sortv feel like I watched an un-used release date trailer

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    posted a message on Let's make all Classic Cards F2P

    Kirby's Dreamland

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    posted a message on Worth crafting Myra's Unstable Element

    Yes, it helps in every match up. 

    Imo Auctioneer is best for Miracle instead, but every other Rogue deck should run Myra's. 

    It lets you fish for lethal when drawn and if drawn early it allows you to play very aggressively with guaranteed refuel. 

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    posted a message on Let's make all Classic Cards F2P

    All that's needed is for the Solo Modes to reward players with small bits of dust/gold or card(s).

    New players can then grind for both exp and collection. 

    At the moment new players are forever wondering if its their skill or card quality holding them back- and they'll find out 2 expansions later when they've amassed enough resources and climbed through the trenches with garbage decks that half their collection will be rotating. 

    Blizzard is more interested in attracting and keeping whales

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    posted a message on 65%+ WINRATE GIANT KHADGAR MAGE [ROS]

    65% winrate at what rank + how many games you tramp

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    posted a message on Tempo rogue tech against token druid

    Wild Pyromancer or Vanish

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    posted a message on Token Druid is King - The Best Rise of Shadows Deck For Each Class

    Imagine congratulating Kripp on Bomb Warrior. 

    What planet are you on, he neither made the deck nor is there anything amazing about his list

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    posted a message on Username Change Request Thread

    Hi I lost my name to the Curse-

    Can you change it to 'User-427643115'?

    Edit: user-427643115

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    posted a message on The new expansion finished off a dying game

    Everyone's playing the same decks because loud children complained about Genn/Baku.

    We've lost all options for creativity, there's only twenty cards left in the game, the rest are bad punchlines 

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    posted a message on Who is in Pol Position to get a nerf?
    Quote from Royal_Salute >>
    Quote from Kovachut >>

    If you ask me, control warrior will end up being the more superior warrior deck. It has many ways to deal with aggro and its late-game value is bonkers good.

    So if something is going to get nerfed, it won't be the bomb archtype.


    Bombs are ok, but control warrior will be the deck to beat... there are some reasons for that, but the 3 main reasons IMO are:

    1- The card power level for aggro and tempo decks are worst than ever, favoring a control meta.

    2- With all the DKs out,  Dr. Boom gets a LOT of value over time during a game ,and you can't compete with it playing other classes with a "regular" hero power (that is happening a lot on a control vs control match).

    3- With no reliable OTK combo, control/fatigue decks have not to worry with the match-up that used to be the worst for them. (And even if a good OTK deck appear, this exp gave tools for control decks to deal with them).

    I know, it is just 2nd day... but the community could see in 1/2 days problems on other expansions as well (druid after knights of the frozen throne, patches, corridor creeper etc...).

     Nope- if Aggro is weak like you said (which it isn't) then yes Control would be strong except Warrior is never good enough when Control is strong.  Warrior does best when Aggro is strong like last meta, so you can turn brain off into Brawl into AoE akin to Odd Warrior last patch. 

    Odd Warrior lost to everything else, Control Warrior needs the likes of Dead Man's to beat other refined decks. 

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    posted a message on Who is in Pol Position to get a nerf?

    Bomb maybe will be nerfed but Tempo Rogue?..

    They've left much more powerful decks than bomb warrior go untouched before, I think it's likely though as it seems a clear level above the rest atm.

    A little disappointed with this meta tbh- I don't want to play bomb warrior either, but the other options are all old decks with 2/3 new cards. 

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    posted a message on What is the counter to bomb warrior?
    Quote from Xarkkal >>
    Quote from Kaladin >>

    Arch-Villain Rafaam or Archivist Elysiana both hard counter it. 

     This... Bomb Warrior will reduce in numbers if everyone throws Archivist Elysiana in their deck.

    I for one am having a blast playing Bomb Warrior. Warrior is the only class I never leveled up to 60 because I always found the decks boring. 

    There's something horribly satisfying about watching your opponent have lethal, but instead, watch 3 bombs go off in a row to kill them. 

     I don't like Elysiana as a counter personally. 

    Unless its part of the plan using her as a tech can be RnG, even though 5 discovers should be in your favor.

    Rafaam is the stronger counter imo, slots in easier and has more presence. ALSO rng however ofc

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