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    posted a message on The Achievements ruin pack opening
    Quote from Fishtard >>

    I don't disagree with you... while it's a minor problem, part of the excitement in pack opening is finding out if you got a legendary, and when you do, which one it will be and if it'll be golden. If the game tells you you not only got a legendary but also what class it's for, it kinda takes away a lot of the fun. Not an issue that needs to be addressed right now when there's still a ton of game breaking bugs going around, but probably something that should be resolved in the future

     It does not tell you what class it is for. In OP‘s example it could have aswell been a neutral legendary plus some other druid cards in the pack.

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    posted a message on No full dust refund when disenchanting latest nerfed cards

    I had the problem aswell (showed 400 for Polkelt and no red text), but when I restarted the game it worked.

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    posted a message on Imagine a hearthstone without so much aggro
    Quote from Plahtica >>

    Hi people,

    Please hear me out. 

    What often crosses my mind is how rarely I can actually play fun decks and reach turn 7 without dying to aggro decks. Can we all agree that the game would be a lot more awesome if they would last a bit longer?

    Question is why aren't more people playing fun decks on ladder. The only 2 ideas for me are, either people love winning and you get higher winrates and faster matches with aggro, or combo/control/fun decks are too expensive to craft for most people?

    Just wanted to hear honest opinions from you..

     Maybe people have fun playing aggro. Considered that?

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    posted a message on people who defend blizzard greed
    Quote from LightBladeDK >>

    I agree that the cost of Hearthstone is indefensible and many people irrationally defend HS because of a sort of loyalty. That said, people who spend less than 10$ on a new expansion release contribute nothing to game development and shouldn't be taken seriously.

    Most people defending blizzard only talk about the most insane demands like removing demon hunter, giving away half the cards for free etc. I know this is kind of doing the same strawman argumentation, but are there anyone who confidently argue for anything other than "It's not THAT bad"? Whether or not the new tavern pass system is better or worse than the old one is not worth discussing. The game is getting more expensive with the new mini sets, so we need to earn SIGNIFICANTLY more than before to make the game more affordable. 

    If we can't get all the cards from an expansion within 4 months of release without paying 100$ or more, then the new system is a failure, and the game continues to be extremely expensive.

     I dont get why people want ALL the cards. Is it not enough to have 2 or 3 good decks as a f2p player?

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    posted a message on You people deserve sweet f all - Opinion on the community
    Quote from MexRNG >>
    Quote from PHILAROY >>

    The last thread written by a mod with a similar title was way too nice and played devils advocate too much for it to be effective in getting the message across.

    I am not now nor have I ever been affiliated in any paid capacity by blizzard as an employee, shill, or stooge nor am I a drone who believes they do no evil (their balance and playtesting is horrible) but I can categorically say that the hearthstone community is one of the most ungrateful and idiotically naive I have had the displeasure of being associated with and I'm including all the blatantly pandering content creators who have lambasted the system to gain favour with the seething masses and benefit from the mob mentality.

    The fact of the matter is if you are a f2p player who spends very little time playing hearthstone then you are not a priority for Blizzard and they will never care about you and nor should they and to complain about a product that costs you nothing and is something you don't even give a decent amount of your time too is a shitty thing to do.

    You are the kind of asshole who comes into a cafe orders the cheapest possible drink only because you have too and then proceeds to bitch and moan when they change the chairs they use or the decor they had.  I don't understand your mentality you don't play the game except to do daily quests you don't spend money on the game, so your not contributing capital as a resource for future development and you barely contribute in any real way to community stats for amazing community tools like meta statistics nor do you contribute ideas or innovation in deck building, in fact, reviewing most f2p strategies (brain dead face decks aka finger swipe simulators) you detract from the player experience of those players blizzard does consider a priority the people who contribute to their game like people who pay money and people who pay with their time and effort

    You have the gall to complain about a system that now rewards people who play the game more and those who spend money all the while contributing nothing more than a useless player statistic, get over yourself say thank you for the fact they develop new expansions and for the love of god either get a job or become a core player that at least contributes usable player based information by playing longer and enjoying the game rather than treating it like a god damn job.

    I used to be a whale but now I will buy one pre-purchase pack every other expansion and play only at the weekends when I'm not working so I myself contribute very little to blizzard and will never expect them to pander to me or my meagre impact on the game because quite frankly from a business perspective I'm not worth their time or effort.  To those of you who do support Hearthstone in major ways either with a considerable amount of time allowing blizzard to create usable reports and stats for future expansion development or with a consistent income, I thank you and truly appreciate that you keep the game I love/loved (balance really needs a look) going.

    TLDR - You deserve nothing because you contribute nothing






     U do realise that w/o f2p guys game would die faster than Artifact ? 
    And u too are a sheep for not realising that everyone getts less now.

     Various people did the math and obviously almost everyone gets more except hardcore players who got the 100g for 30 wins every day in the old system. So you are actually the sheep for not realising the new system benefits almost every player.

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    posted a message on Weekly and Daily Quest Status - Missing Quests & Compensation
    Quote from Krewger >>

    Doesn’t matter to me. I’ve deleted your greedy game this time after playing since beta and spending thousands of pounds, you have pushed me too far this time. The only hope I have is a massive cost reduction and I mean being able to buy the entire set each expansion for the same price as AAA games. Anything less than that, forget it. You have ripped me off one too many times. 

    These changes are futile. I hope I am not alone in this either, having read many other comments from whales on Reddit I think this time the feeling is different. You couldn’t have been more greedy at the worse time in our generation! A global pandemic and yet you make your customers suffer when a lot of them are losing jobs left, right and centre. Shame on you Blizzard and the dickheads who support it. 

     I have no clue what people like you are talking about.

    1. You can and could always get a decent collection as a f2p player.

    2. The new reward system gives everyone MORE rewards except the hardcore 30-win-a-day guy who used to farm the 100g every day.

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    posted a message on Who has got the biggest?

    It is funny how there is not one single reply that has anything to do with the thread 

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    posted a message on Rant on what needs to change in Hearthstone

    it doesnt make any difference if you play vs players of all sorts of ranks or only legend vs legend players.

    The decks are mostly the same anyway, and besides that, the game has such an insanely low skill cap..  so your enemy challenge is basically the same regardless of the rank.

     I think you actually underestimate how bad you can be at the game 


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    posted a message on Guess the Bad Luck Albatross nerf
    Quote from Sephiko >>

    3* 4/3 - Shuffle 2 into both players decks. 

    3* 3/2 same text

    3* 4/3 shuffle 2 on the bottom of opponent's deck

    4* 4/3 same text

     Wait a second, shuffling them on the bottom is actually a buff vs Highlander decks because there is no chance of drawing them before Zephrys/Alex 

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    posted a message on Can't add Kazakus to Demon Hunter deck.
    Quote from InfernalDark >>

    Trolling or just being stupid?

     Maybe he just didnt play in Gadgetzan?

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    posted a message on Zephyrs is not updated after the expansion

    Holy shit it triggers me when people always spell his name incorrectly, it is ZEPHRYS 

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    posted a message on Menagerie Cards, Hunter "Healing"

    Leatherhide Armor is insanely underpowered, you can gain 5 armor for one mana with other cards, that costs 2 and destroys a friendly minion, that is not even worth zero mana, it is so Bad

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    posted a message on Why is everyone so salty?
    Quote from Hedwyn_nl >>

    Im salty because I want to have fun with all these incredible new cards, playing my damn control dragon decks



     Control is supposed to beat aggro so you are doing it wrong 

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    posted a message on Now that's tilting.
    Quote from Faksper >>

    auto squelch not available yet , too complicated technology for bli$$ard .

    i bet they will sell it with a premium bundle, after reaching that technology 

     Is that one click at the start of a match really so hard 

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    posted a message on Where is real tutor?
    Quote from Dendroid >>

    To be honest, it's bad design for hearthstone to have a strict tutor, but there are MANY examples of specific synergistic tutors, in fact there's at least 1 each expansion amongst the classes.  So it's already in the game, rejoice!

     Actually there is a card that draws one specific card: Kronx Dragonhoof 

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