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    posted a message on Card Nerfs Aug 26th - Including Wild

    Wtf damn stupid community destroyed a card. Dr. Boom, Mad Genius is arguably worse than any Death Knight except for Thrall and Garrosh. Now they killed him due to standard crybabies, half a year before he would rotate anyways. 

    Why not make him cost 8 Mana? The only reason why people play Odd Warrior is because Warrior has bad burst armor gain cards, just compare them to Druid's. As soon as Warrior gets good burst armor gain, people will drop the Baku and play normal control warrior again. So making him 9 to keep Odd Warrior is silly. 

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    posted a message on Hemet Nessingwary and his win rates

    He's pretty good in certain Wild combo decks so he is definitely not a bad card.

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    posted a message on Is Shaman Quest bit op?

    The quests, new and old, are all bad in Wild except Time Warp, and Wild has the higher power level. So no quest can be op, rather the other cards in Standard are all to weak.

    Playing a quest is generally bad because you skip turn 1 and have 1 less card in your opening hand. It only works well in a specific environment like current standard.

    Back then, the Un'goro quests became immediately irrelevant with the Death Knights of KFT, aside from Rogue which got nerfed into oblivion. Rogue was strong in Wild though, unlike all the others except Time Warp. 

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    posted a message on Buff / Fix Lord Jaraxxus [Poll]

    Heroes shouldn't have tribes. OP is right it's ass game design and was meant to be a joke interaction anyways. 

    But other than that Jaraxxus is fine. He is not the same as a hero card so he shouldn't become one. That he is no longer powerful is unfortunate, but the way of things. There are a couple of scenarios in which he could become powerful again in both standard and wild. They could just release a card that reads "trigger the Battlecry of a random minion in your deck and suddenly Jaraxxus would become interesting again.

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    posted a message on Zephrys the Great - Hotfix!
    Quote from Anton_ >>

    well i have things like reno kazazus in wild and sometimes play reno decks just not sure if hes just as good as those cards or can reno decks can be played without him but looks like a fun card might get it anyway

     According to hsreplay he is the best legendary in the set. Easily a Staple in Reno decks forever. 

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    posted a message on 240 packs = FULL EXPANSION!!!

    Thanks for the numbers, helps me calculate alot. But I don't dust golden cards so I would probably need twice as many packs. 

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    posted a message on Get "free legendaries" from unused extra cards you may have
    Quote from Virshuam >>
    Quote from mandelised >>

    Useful search command new is another




     Thanks for this, "missing" is a very good one that i didn't know..

    Missing is kind of the best I always use it to calculate which pack to buy. 

    Type missing and then count in which packs you miss the most commons. Buy this pack until only few commons are left and you get a Legendary, then switch to the next and repeat. Once only few commons are left in each pack, count the rares and repeat, then the epics. You don't have to do this with legendaries since they are always no dupes anyways. 

    This way you get as much quantity of new cards as possible. 

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    posted a message on New Neutral Legendary - Octosari
    Quote from Koncheetah >>

    According to my math, you start the game with 26-27 cards in deck, by turn 8 when you play Octosari, you have 18 cards left in deck, so drawing 8 of them is exactly almost half

     Combo decks play a lot of expensive  cards like larger boardclears and they also want to draw all game. By the time you play this on turn 8 your hand will contain at least 5 cards, likely more. So this will never draw 8, rather it will draw 6-0 and burn 2-8 cards. No way you will ever play this in a combo deck this card is as anti-combo as it could get. It's not a Battlecry it's a Deathrattle.

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    posted a message on New Neutral Card - Bone Wraith

    It's better than Sludge Belcher. Formula to calculate Mana spend on minion stats is (Attack+Health-1)/2.

    So Sludge Belcher is: (3+5-1)/2=3.5 and (1+2-1)/2=1, which combined makes 4.5 Mana. That means you spend 0.5 Mana for 2x Taunt.

    Bone Wraith is: (2+5-1)/2=3 and (2+1-1)/2=1, which combined makes 4 Mana. That means you spend 0 Mana for 2x Taunt.

    Sludge Belcher has become rather weak in Wild by the way. I think you only play it if you go for N'zoth.




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    posted a message on New Neutral Card - Living Monument
    Quote from souhaib88 >>

    Don' you agree it is a better idea that the new expansions are 120-125 cards, removing the mandatory random keyword mana-cost common minions? Like nobody is gonna even notice that these commons are gone, not even Arena players.

     These cards are important to balance out RNG pools and Arena so no, your idea is terrible.

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    posted a message on No Dragons in Saviors of Uldum!?
    Quote from 17Ducks >>

    They can't give it to you every expansion, there is wild mode to consider

     But.... Dragon decks suck in Wild right now. They are worse than C'thun decks, that's how bad they are. 

    Only playable deck is Inner Fire Dragon Priest but it is more Inner Fire than Dragon. I wouldn't call it a Dragon deck. 

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    posted a message on Does Zephrys "discover" a card?
    Quote from MurlocHolmes_HS >>

    He will offer you 3 cards limited to the Basic and Classic sets. They can be from any class. There's supposedly some AI involved allowing to him to give you choices you might want for the position you're in.

    As for whether they will be considered Discovered cards, I'm not sure that's been clarified. 

     Tracking doesn't even though it's kinda like discover. Typically Blizzard would argue that "If it's not on the card then it's not", but then again Potion of Madness/Shadow Madness both grant Charge - unmentioned.

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    posted a message on New Druid Card - Oasis Surger
    Quote from Nayuribe >>

    This card is too much if u play quest... 2 copies of 5/5 with rush.... Must be at least rare...

     Common, Rare and Epic have absolutely nothing to do with powerlevel, but rather with complexity. Commons are simple, while epics are often crazy and and thus either deckdefining or hot garbage.

    Only Legendaries are more powerful, that's why you can only have one copy in your deck, but two of all other rarities regardless of wether it's common, rare or epic.

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    posted a message on Keyword Comeback: What should return?
    Quote from marioisla >>
    Quote from A_Flagrants >>

    I want Inspire to make a come back, I didn’t have the chance to play that expansion.

     Was the worst expansion in the game.

     Misconception. TGT had quite strong commons  and rares at it's time, most notably Totem Golem and Pre-Nerf Tuskarr Totemic.

    But it's legendaries, aside from Justicar Trueheart, were/are all garbage. That's why the set is so infamous as the weakest set.

    I think anything that is made a keyword should return. That's the purpose of keywords. This whole "flavor of the expansion" crap sucks.

    Even the infamous Charge still has design space. None of the Charge minions still left in Standard break it, so more cards with a similar powerlevel shouldn't either as long as you keep the overall number small. For example, would really that much change if they release a 2 Mana 1/2 Charge, the reverse of Bluegill?

    They should also change any cards that summon minions from the deck to Recruit, or remove the keyword alltogether like they did with enrage. Same goes for "Echo" and Unstable Evolution/Witch's Brew.

    Card text consistency is core to any card game, Blizzard really needs to learn this.

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    posted a message on How the Arena Change enabled better Expansions

    People have noticed that the powerlevel of this expansion is quite high, and it was also quite high last expansion.

    Notably this set features a very large amount of Vanilla stat minions with upsides. Cards that are known as Arena Kings.

    Which makes me think:

    The implemenation of a rotation in Arena allowed for better expansion sets.

    Because yes, all those cards will be busted in Arena, but they will eventually rotate and leave, keeping the Arena meta fresh. Had they stayed instead, next set would need to be even stronger for the new cards to make an impact, but stat-powercreeping beyond Vanilla on minions with upside card texts is rarely possible.

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