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    In this brawl, if you don't fill your deck then the game gives you random cards from the 3 expansions and since the cards are random you can even get 10x the same card. (But that would be super rare ofc)

    You can add any number of cards (less than 30) to your brawl deck and still get added random cards, but I don't know the logic how your deck is autofilled other than you don't need to own the cards you get in your deck. I got many random legendaries added to my deck even though I don't even have most of them in my collection.

    Also the autofill doesn't always reach a full deck of 30 cards, meaning you might add 11 cards to your deck and start the game with only 26 cards. Don't ask why. I played with DH without adding any cards myself and got a deck of 12 cards or something like that lol

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    Quote from Live4vrRdieTryn >>

    Bring Back Nightmare Amalgam!!!!!!!###



     It's in Battlegrounds Tutorial game ;)

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    Quote from uiasdnmb >>

    Drop rat and zapp for double ghastcoiler and hope you get Sneeds into Maexxna?

    Beasts pretty much can't win vs demons unless you get something really insane like golden Goldrinn golden Rivendare and manage to do double attack with 50 attack hydras.

    This. Not every match is winnable, that's just how it is. Sometimes you can change your build completely in the 1v1 but that doesn't always happen. Sometimes you get to 1v1 and your enemy's build is a hard counter to yours and there's nothing more you could do.

    Also the mama bear on that board in the final 1v1 is pretty much a dead card, just a small body in that state of game. It's very likely it will do very little there, if anything at all.

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    Missed lethal at the end of your video :D

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    Maybe Felkeine could have made his leftover mana to be closer to 3 or something, and then play Zephrys? It would've been interesting to see if Zeph had offered shadow word: death there. I believe it would have 100% offered it if there's like 3 or 4 mana left. The simpler you can make it for Zeph, the better (more reliable and consistent) he performs, I feel like.

    Simply put: more mana = more options and variables --> less consistency (since there's more bad options for Zephrys to choose), and less mana = less options and variables --> more consistency. Maybe the lesson here is that if you have a high mana cost and a low mana cost way of doing what you are looking for with Zephrys, then you should always choose the low mana cost way.

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    ....? Instructions for translators and someone forgot to delete them or what

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    Quote from TyrantrumRex >>

    I can add my oranges to yours, and we would have 4 oranges. Just as with the common phrase of "adding" to a pool of items. I can add my oranges, ideas, or abilities to another person's. If Brian adds his insight, we'll have more ideas. If we could add Angela's knowledge of computers to the team, we would be stronger.

    To "give" implies you no longer possess it. If I give you 2 oranges, you have 4, and I have none. If I add my oranges to yours, WE have 4 oranges.

     Isn't the current phrasing right then? (in the aforementioned card)

    The minion that gives the attack no longer has the attack since it's dead.

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    Why do you think so, because of this deck? There's like a million decks that will wipe the floor with this, it's nothing close to being one of the most op decks there's ever been in wild. Imho wild even has more variety than standard and it has pretty much always been that way... (or at least potential for variety, i guess)

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    Gave me ptsd when opponent played her on arena.. Good old times! :)

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