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    Quote from DragonConsort>>

    Comparing it to warsong is ridiculous, combo does not eat up design space.  If that eats up design space you can say anything eats up design space.  All cards are balanced around other cards that is just the way it is.  Unless it is severely limiting design space, then there isn't a problem.  Classes are balanced around their strengths.  For example gahzrilla sucks in Hunter but would be broken in Warrior.  

    Druid's single target removal is awful, it's AoE is also awful.  There is no 'Brawl', 'Consecrate+Equality', 'Flamestrike', Lightning storm.  You lose the board, you are done.  This is why anyone who actually plays Druid thinks combo and the class as a whole is fine.  Only people who don't play it, and thus don't see the severe weaknesses the class call out for nerfs.  


    Top of the ladder, meta snapshots, tournaments, ALL SUGGEST OTHERWISE. 

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    Who are you people that are saying combo druid isnt a broken ass deck?

    What ranks are you playing in? My mind is BOGGLED at how someone could say its not a disgusting deck to play against. Its general consensus by much of the hearthstone community (average joes, pros, even ben brode) that combo druid is an unbalanced deck. Why are you guys arguing that its not? You guys that are saying its perfectly fine are the minority at this point. 

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    Powercreeping at its finest.

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    What are some fast lethals possible in HS?  I remember shaman had fast lethals with whirling zapomatic back in the day.

    That said just got a turn 3 lethal vs pirate warrior (feelsgoodman,) this may perhaps be the perfect draw for rogue to t3 lethal come this expansion.


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     wild in 2016 lmfao

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    Hi svenlanges,

    Chillmaw is an essential piece of this deck as it is a 3 damage aoe sweeper, it can clear any totems or spirit wolves and put valiant/thing from below from a slam or a bash away! I would recomend not taking him out, but if you do so, perhaps an abomination or infested tauren can replace it - both of which I heavily do not recommend.

    Baron gedon is just another tool in this deck to help clear the board.

    Cheers- turtle

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    Since expansion release nearly 50% of my games have all been against shaman, and I know you probably share the same sentiments if you arent playing shaman yourself.  It was no surprise that they were going to be the strongest on paper going in to release, but now it is clear they are borderline if not insanely overpowered. From the best one drop in the game to huge tempo swings with free 5/5 taunt, to tuskar totemic summoning bullshit every game, and even having the best weapon in the game. Its time to unite and stop this madness.

    Prior the release, it was said Secret paladin was the strongest deck in the game, and for many months it went unanswered among the community, but in the later months it was toppled and many of its weaknesses started to show (hence the rise of zoo again.) I believe the same can be said about Shaman, we can exploit its weaknesses if there are any.

    What are some good tips, decks and classes that are good at curbing out this nonsense. I am at a loss at the moment because I have tried everything and am now looking for the community for some help!

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    Quote from firekindle >>

    retards discussing balance aka hearthpwn.com 

     Shaman player spotted.
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    Using this instead of flurry, its working out way better.

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