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    posted a message on Why is this new SOU so god damn HARD?
    Quote from FortyDust >>

    Streamers will be streaming it and putting it on YouTube. Watch them for tips.

    Try to pick one who talks through their turns and explains their decisions. Trump is usually good about that.

    Definitely agree with this. Trump is good at explaining concepts like tempo and value. Kibler is also good because he takes the time to talk through multiple lines of decision making and explains why he chooses a certain play over another possible play. Streamers like Zalae, Purple, etc. also "think out loud" when they're playing

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    posted a message on IRL Fatigue, Stuck at Rank 15
    Quote from Mackie264 >>

    Don't keep switching decks every other game, people never get good at playing a deck because they keep switching as soon as they start losing so they never get to now the ins and out of their decks so they keep losing on basic things like mulligans and general piloting against other specific decks and then blame it on bad luck, RNG and getting nut drawn (Which are factors but for sure are less prominent that you would think). The best advice anyone can give you is just to stick to a good deck and actually learn it, of course at first your winrate is not gonna be the best possible but that's the way to learn anything, first you suck and then you start to get progressivvely better.

    Any of the 3 decks you mentioned are either tier 1 or high tier 2 so the decks are definitely not the problem, all the decks are fine to climb to top 1 legend so again, they are not the issue, and I highly doubt you're queueing nothing but unfavorable every time you switch it's statistically very unlikely so just stick to a deck. Don't know how experienced you are but the hunter is by far the easiest deck and also the most solid one, after that the mage is very solid but it takes some time to get used to, finally nomi priest is arguably the best deck atm but it has an insane learning curve, it even takes pros a couple weeks to start seing consistent results with it.

     The first sentence is pretty much the answer here. You should only be switching heavily if you are able to accurately read shifts in local meta's and/or are counter-queuing an opponent that you're facing repeatedly at high ranks (ie. 1 to Legend)

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    posted a message on This will be unpopular but it's a question that needs to be asked.

    I see where you are coming from because it gives the impression that they are using outside help. But remember, on ladder you can also have a deck tracker, you can have deck lists for the most popular decks with played win-rate percentages and other statistics from HSReplay, and you can use other tools such as calculators and programs that can generate very specific statistics (less likely).


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    posted a message on Which one should I craft?

    I don't know what your collection looks like but I wouldn't put any of these three on T1 craft list. But, if you're certain about crafting one of these three, I'd probably go Togwaggle or Khadgar. Rafaam doesn't really do much for Zoo IMO (if you feel pressured to play Rafaam, you probably already lost and he's not part of the win condition). Khadgar is required for Power of Creation Big Mage but Togwaggle is arguably better but isn't required for Tempo Rogue. So: 1.) Khadgar or Togwaggle depending on your preference; 3.) Rafaam

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    posted a message on What deck hard counters control warrior
    Quote from hillandder >>

    Nothing HARD counter warrior right now, too many good cards in any stage of the game.

    You can win sometimes with tricks when they draw poorly but in normal circunstances you get overvalued.

    Warrior need nerf, I hope they don't take too long to do so.

     Proposed nerf?

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    posted a message on Nine Lives - Bug?

    Oblivitron goes to hand, deathrattle triggers and it pulls itself.

    I'm assuming the animation happens simultaneously?

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    posted a message on Should Dr. Boom Mad Genius get Hofed?
    Quote from Valcyria >>
    Quote from scorpyon >>

    Dr Boom isn't a Classic card, so it will never be hall of famed. 
    I don't think you realise what the hall of fame is. 
    Since Boom is rotating out next year, he will be gone at some point anyway so the HoF is pointless. The only exception that's ever been made is the Odd / Even cards because they were deemed to be completely dominant in terms of the meta and removed diversity from the game. 
    Since Boom does none of these things, don't expect anything to happen to him.
    He's not even that strong in any case. He's a win more card, at best.

     Baku and Genn wasn't classic either and they got hofed so your comment is irrelevant.

     Did you even read their entire comment before auto-shit-replying? They obviously addressed Odd/Even... maybe only post after reading, otherwise people will assume you're just shit-posting for the sake of reading your own comments and the reactions they evoke

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    posted a message on It only took a few days for Shudderwock to return

    While Shudderwock can be insane, it was has been subtly nerfed by the change in Saronite Chain Gang or the rotation of Grumble, Worldshaker and the fact that there are now clear and easy ways to go infinite with it. 

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    posted a message on So, How is the new expansion for you?
    Quote from user-100394506 >>
    Quote from Padge >>
    Quote from user-100394506 >>
    Quote from C_A_W >>

    Three days since the release and people already calling it "old". 

     Man it is old. Did you see something new? 

    Bombs: We already had it

    DR Boom: it is more or less the same

    Burgle rogue: we already had it

    Togwaggle: it si Marin 

    Daring escape: Shadowstep

    Buffs for druid: we already had it

    Catrina Muerte: It is similar to kel'thuzad and y'shaarj

    Ress and silence priest: we already had it

    Convincing infiltrator: It is similar to the statue

    Portal keeper and Portal overfiend: They are similar to Fal'Dorei

    Togwaggle scheme: Gang up

    Murloc Shaman: we already had it

    Rafaam: it is the monkey

    Zoolock: We already had it

    The design is very vey poor in my opinion. 


     Yeah, definitely either a troll or an idiot. Most likely a mixture of the two. 

     Or probably you are an idiot or a Blizzard fan child. Most likely a mixture of the two. 

     You need to understand game design. In a game that scales (such as MTG with playing Lands or Hearthstone with gaining mana each turn), there are going to always be: aggro, midrange, control, combo, tempo, and anti-meta decks. Zoo will always exist because people will always look for a way to make fast Warlock decks and abuse the Draw hero power. I'm interested in the people who complain about things that really can't be changed due to the intrinsic nature of card games that scale as the game progresses (unlike Yu-Gi-Oh!, which has no scale system and is centered around comboing off early and disrupting your opponent's combos). Like, if you have a problem with these things then you must have an alternative in mind... how would you fix these issues?

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    posted a message on So, How is the new expansion for you?
    Quote from RepoMan0077 >>
    Quote from user-100394506 >>
    Quote from Colopsa >>

    I love this expansion. Finally no more pally and a control meta. Thats the only thing i wanted to see.

     I am happy that you liked. I don't like it because my issue is that I wanted something new because, for me, the game is becoming bored. Nothing new was added, so the expansion for me it is extremely bored. I am playing the old miracle rogue so I really don't like. I can't play wild because I am too bored to see only big priests. I really hate this expansion. For me it is the worst ever expansion made. 

     There are a TON of new deck ideas and strategies, you just have to look harder than surface level.

     IMPO, this is the best expansion to drop since KnC

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    posted a message on So, How is the new expansion for you?
    Quote from user-100394506 >>

    I don't like this expansion, for me it is extremely bored, everything is so old, nothing new in the game. For you? Let's vote!

     This expansion created a whole new mechanic for warlock with Plot Twist and Aranasi Broodmother... It created a whole new mechanic for Warrior with Blastmaster Boom and the bomb cards (and don't say Seaforium Bomber... I know it existed first, but it didn't push a new archetype)... how can you say everything is old when there are new archetypes, new mechanics (Twinspell/Lackey) and a majority of decks run cards that were never played before, either because they are new or because they couldn't compete with the OP cards from Year of the Mammoth?

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    posted a message on The people who play loot hoarder in Bomb warrior???
    Quote from GentilleMouche >>

    Why are you doing this ? Because Kripp does it ? You should know he is addicted to loot hoarder this man would play loot hoarder in big priest if he had the opportunity. I'm sorry but this is just ridiculous this card makes no sense in that deck, play a mech or removal or ACOLYTE OF PAIN instead lol. Netdecking is just fine... But come on.. Not even trying to understand the deck and cards ? Warpath + Dynomatic = obvious acolyte of pain. 

    Well anyway, thank you for this, at least we don't have to play against refined bomb warrior, that would be annoying as hell 1 day into the expension.

    Sorry I guess I'm a bit upset, it's kind of annoying being forced to heavily tech all decks against bombs so early in the expansion. 

     What deck are you playing currently? If you're aggro, you don't care about bombs. If you're control, you run healing to not die from bombs. You shouldn't need to tech anything because both of those archetypes already do things to mitigate bombs (either by ignoring them, or diminishing their damage)

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    posted a message on How do you envision Secret paladin in RoS?
    Quote from oyabun >>

    How's is the deck? What's the best, the aggro version or the midrange one?

     Midrange for sure. Aggro has no gas

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    posted a message on How do you envision Secret paladin in RoS?

    Honestly, people went nuts over Sunreaver Spy and Mysterious Blade, but other than that... Idk, I played the deck and found it really underwhelming. A lot of times you just open nothing but secrets and you set and wait for them to proc and get cleared. Honestly, I think the secrets are too easy to play around to be good in Standard, at least not as an aggro deck. I think people will shift to a more Midrange build, maybe with Kangor's Endless Army.

    Go face with your weakest minion. This will proc Eye for an Eye and Noble Sacrifice. If the it procs Noble Sacrifice, it will also proc Autodefense Matrix. So your opponent blew through two resources for a 2/1. If it's Redemption, they will only get a 2/1 back. Both scenarios are lackluster and don't generate a ton of value. 

    Honestly, Masked Contender will likely get cut. It was lackluster in Hunter, which had a better curve (turn 2 secret, turn 3 contender).

    I also think that because playing your secrets in a particular order/combination will be important for this deck to make the most of it's secrets, random secret placement isn't ideal. That being said, I think Bellringer Sentry is still fine in the deck. 


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    posted a message on New Neutral Minion - Flight Master
    Quote from Kaladin >>

    lol we went from "res priest is OP!" to "tool to counter res priest, but this isn't good enough" 

    which one is it guys?  

     People are evidently waiting on a card to be printed that costs 0 mana and reads: "If opponent is Priest, win."

    If the above statement is true, then I guess I could see how those people are disappointed by this card...

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