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    posted a message on Let me tip bonus XP to my opponents as a "good game".
    Quote from Shadowrisen >>

     That is in no way a good reason to avoid such a change . . .


    Most definitely! My goal wasn´t to discourage because I really like the idea. But over the cause of the last seven years playing this game I learned to expect the worst. Alike all of us i´ve read a lot of f*ed up shit right here in this forum. Then I realized I became part of the problem myself. Through the accumulated negative experiance I "acquired" to expect the worst. I expect the worst, so I subconsciously look out for the worst. Possibly even working towards it: E.g. by unintentionally discouraging someone with a great idea. I couldn´t help it. When I first read the originally post the first thing that crossed my mind was: Damn, they will turn this nice idea into a twisted monstrosity, won´t they! The self fulfilling prophecy has my be the balls.

    Sorry, I really didn´t mean to stifle Op´s enthusiasm. I´m trying to fight the prophecy... i will try at least...

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    Sounds reasonable, no doubt about it.  Easy to implement and pretty straight forward. I assume blizzard would limit the maxium amount  to a certain degree, so that people who play alot don't get ahead even more. Plus not to give away to much stuff for free because blizzard is super greedy, the prime evil and responsible for the horrible death of your first puppy. Obviously.

    The potential problem could be the following:

    1. When it is possible to get e.g. extra loot, then everyone and their dirty underpants is automatically entitled to get it with zero effort. #where are my epics??!11!!

    If your opponent - for whatever reason -didn't grant you that little extra you totally deserve, then you have been robbed! Blizzard is the worsed, the game is dieing and heathstone community is toxic as f**k. So you would go to the forum of choice and bitch about the toxicity without realizing that you are a part of the underlying problem. And a big part if you ask me.

    2. One could get upset by recieving a "token of pitiness". You just have been crushed in the most devastating way possible: Bad RNG, draw and you misplayed on top of that. Then your opponent - which emoted you a ton - throws you the leftover bones for the delicious chicken he/she just eat. In other words: This token of appreciaten could be misunderstood or abused as extra insultment. Just to rub it in a bit more. Sounds dumb and immatured? Hey, people go hulkmode about stupid emotes so that the OP sorry emote needed to be banned from the game entirely. Apparently this emote had been primarily used as an insult. Which is basically true for all emotes. Some people seriously get upset by "I will hunt you down", although the opponent literally pressed the smack talk button. 

    To make a long story short: If it is possible to misunderstand/misuse an interaction option, they will find it and get even more upset/piss people off than ever imaginable...


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    posted a message on Reverted Nerfs Announced - Neutrals

    U N D E R T A K E R! The flashbacks, the horror!

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    posted a message on What Do You Wish For The Next Expansion?

    New keyword: greed 

    Fill your pockets with infinitive coins by teasen an totally overpowered expansion and nerving the shit out of it a few days later. 

    New keyword: bold

    Don't listen to your community, ignore the core values of the company, release overprized bundels, overreact when someone uses his right of freedom of speech, don't release new games but crappy "remasterd" ones and awesome mobile versions. Repeat this process for a couple of years and your company reaches fatigue and will die inevitably.

    Gg wp...


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    No Un`Goro related Brawl; no Un´Goro pack as a reward. RNG fiesta. Why even bother playing?

    Oh wait: Maybe I get a golden Rag or Sylv from that juicy classic pack... ;)

    P.S.: Naxx out?

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    I´m really hyped about the new ELE Shaman and being tinkering with it myself. Here are my thoughts on your decklist.

    1. Ozruk is a bad card in my opinion. He is to expensive for his effect and gets countered to easily.

    2. You have zero card draw. Your deck is only capable of replicating cards.  The only card that can generate card advantage is spirit echo (1/2 tokens don´t count) which I consider to be quite bad. On average you will duplicate 2+ small minions which are low impact. If you are able to hit 2+ high value (expensive) minions means you probably won anyways because your opponent wasn´t able to remove them. This is pretty much the definition of a win more card. Needless to say that this is really bad in a top deck situation in which you will be in regularly because you have no card draw. 

    3. I personally would feel very uncomfortable without hard removal prior turn 6/7. I´m not counting the fire plume phoenix which I consider to be not that good.  I would most definitely include hex.

    4. I was considering Maelstrom portal myself, but came to the conclusion that this card is to meta dependent to include it right way. I guess lighting storm is the saver bet to start with, but only time can tell.

    What are your thoughts on using the healing tools (Jinyu Waterspeaker, Hot Spring Guardian) to use weapons(possibly Jade claws) for early board control?   

    Just to make sure: My intension is not to flame you but to trigger a discussion. Cheers!



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    posted a message on Hearthstone World Championships 2016 at BlizzCon Survival Guide

    U.S.A, U.S.A., U.S.A... Oh wait... ;)

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place!

    1. Play Dragon Warrior in unranked mode

    2. Have a super insane start

    3. BM the guy who is trying out new stuff

    4. Feel very special

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    posted a message on #1 OP Sjow's C'thun Control Warrior

    Jep, Sjow himself played that. At least at some point. Wouldn't want to go without Harrison in this meta...

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    I have played a similar list to legend last season. Zoo is not a problem. Had an overall 67% win rate against Zoo. In fact I had a positive win rate against everything except hunter. Hunter is pretty much unwinnable. 

    Asmo's version without Elise farms other Warriors you say? I wonder how that works. From my experience the Warrior without Elise simply loses to fatigue. Assuming you know what you are doing. 

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    Quote from zmilc >>

    How did he get Ashbringer?

     I guess he had the artifact...
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    Well done! You included the two new Whisper of the old Gods cards that fit the existing face shaman deck naturally and it took you only a couple of hours. Impressive!

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    This video hides the weakness of this deck pretty well, which is early agression. Both the mage and the druid player skipped their first two turn. The average druid or mage will start to pressure you at turn 1 and even with the unlucky druid start he/she would have beaten you if you didn´t topdecked varian. 

    I guess I just want to point out that this deck has almost no comeback mechanic and weak to heavy early agression. At least I am facing one secret pala and zoo lock after another which this deck struggles  against if they have the nuts...

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    Oil + Blessed Champion = value ;)

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    Pretty awesome card, but it can go horrible wrong sometimes. In general your are desperately in need for healing vs aggro and due to a lower mana curve it should work out most of the times. But: I already can feel my rage because I lost the game due to bad RNG.

    With this "reveal mechanic" being introduced, I would love to see cards like the MTG card "Brainstorm". so that you can manipulate which card will be revealed. But I guess it would have to be a neutral minion with a battlecry effect. As a spell only one class would have access to it.  

    Edit: I guess it is a random card from your deck and not "from the top of your library". So, my bad.

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