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    posted a message on Half-Time Scavenger

    A good card that can give  priest for example armor not to mention the divine spirit inner fire potential for an otk deck...or just divine spirit or divine shield inner fire it for multiple turns of armor gain. This card forces your opponent to trade or silence it asap...scary with keleseth.

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    posted a message on Arena Treasure Chest

    Worst card of the set.

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    posted a message on Arena Patron

    This is just a nostalgia play type of card...it's really  really bad otherwise.

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    posted a message on Gurubashi Offering

    So basically this is useful on turn 1 and that's it.

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    posted a message on Auchenai Phantasm

    Eternal Servitude into Malygos+this+2x Regenerate+2xMind Blast=36 and not hard at all to pull of...without velen or radiant elementals :) get 1-2 more regenerates from visions and well...you know...

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    posted a message on Stolen Steel

    What wood the best kind of steel be then?

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    posted a message on Scarab Egg

    Still looks good but worse than I first thought.

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    posted a message on Ice Cream Peddler

    I'm just gonna play it cause it gives me ice cream I won't lie.

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    posted a message on Blood Troll Sapper

    This with defile literally renders a board of enemy taunts useless...Zoo can tech in this and 1 defile just to make sure they can push the remaining damage they need to win for example...it's really strong in board centric warlock decsk so basically any warlock deck...

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    Very easy to trigger since shaman has a lot of cheap spells and since shaman wants to overload for the new weapon this will just add some extra damage to Shaman's burn list.

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