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    posted a message on Cheaty Anklebiter

    It's not a s bad as ppl first think it is...Even shaman can use it so can zoolock since it does heal you right away healadin can gain 3 health with this after converting life to armor...not amazing but not really garbage either.

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    posted a message on Dozing Marksman

    Warrior can use this better than other classes but I personally wonder if it's worth it to taunt these up...

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    posted a message on Spellzerker

    Well if this sticks on the board for 1 turn you can clear a buffed paladin board for 4 mana instead of 6 with warpath and it has a lot of other synergies I'm sure this will be played quite a bit.

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    posted a message on Ornery Tortoise

    scary with houndmaster but not that great overall.

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    posted a message on Regeneratin' Thug

    Interesting with warden and northshire...it's a shame that it's not at the end of your turn but then it would be a bit too goo

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    posted a message on Arena Treasure Chest

    Worst card of the set.

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    posted a message on Dragonmaw Scorcher

    Very good dragon especially in warrior since it enables combos as well as clears small boards and enables execute effects.Whirlwind on a body is always welcome.

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    posted a message on Arena Patron

    This is just a nostalgia play type of card...it's really  really bad otherwise.

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    posted a message on Gurubashi Offering

    So basically this is useful on turn 1 and that's it.

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    posted a message on Drakkari Trickster

    Oh if you copy a bu8ffed kingsbane at fatigue or close to fatigue this beomes strong but it's very situational  also it's good in mill decks but that's more for wild. It's a niche card not actually a bad card. It is nearly unplayable in "normal" decks. You can also play this when you run out of cards to gain an extra card from your opponent's deck which may help you or not...it's weird overall.

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    posted a message on Auchenai Phantasm

    Eternal Servitude into Malygos+this+2x Regenerate+2xMind Blast=36 and not hard at all to pull of...without velen or radiant elementals :) get 1-2 more regenerates from visions and well...you know...

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    posted a message on Shieldbreaker

    Why Blizzard...why...this set was so awesome so far. In all seriousness insanely strong aggro card and it says minions with taunt so good luck taunting your giants or Twilight Drakes bye bye voidlord saronite even buffed with keleseth and byebye Corpsetakers...we could've done without this one lol.

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    posted a message on Stolen Steel

    What wood the best kind of steel be then?

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    posted a message on Ice Cream Peddler

    I'm just gonna play it cause it gives me ice cream I won't lie.

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    posted a message on Dragon Roar

    Just the card dragon warrior needed to be viable...you can run a minimal number of dragons and 2 of these and you're set. Very nice.

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