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    Mike Donais: We are adding an existing Demon in December to the Battlegrounds, bonus points if you can guess which one.

    Void Terror

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    Alex and Ysera are the late game dragons to use as activators for your dragon synergy cards, but since Nefarian is a dragon he could work. Thaurissan is alright because of all the late game cards you can play earlier. Dr. Boom is almost always great so he could work. To put it simply, yes they can work, just not as well as what I have already chosen. You have one less dragon activator though, so maybe add something like another azure instead of a similar cost card, possibly the shieldmaiden. 

    This deck is mostly fun though. I put in cards I don't think are played enough so I can have fun with them. Put in whatever you think would make the deck more enjoyable :)

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