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    If a pirate card got too over used or affected future plans for the game, Blizzard will piss it off to the Wild garbage dump.  Ragnaros and Sylvannas are two such cards.

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    posted a message on Ozruk

    5/15 or 5/40, no difference.  It's stilust a kill card or polymorph card.

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    The same battle cry when this card's deathrattle procs? Majordomo Executus

    Blizzard just reusing shit now.

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    This card needs to hit King Krush for obvious reasons.
    Dinosaurs don't really like meteors.

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    posted a message on Living Mana

    This card is totally weak to Mass Dispel. As well as any mass silence/polymorph card.

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    Icehowl is infinitely better than this card.  The charge is exactly what you need to remove the pesky tougher minions.  Both cards fail vs any kind of rush deck as you're dead before 9 mana.  I feel Tyrantus is just a different Deathwing.

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    This is just a more versatile Shadowflame (when used with other minions).  This card and Power Overwhelming would be nice too.  Does not even have to live a turn, you can 4 mana combo it for the AOE.

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    No no.  What I mean is with my idea you'd lose the charge once you kill the taunt.  Meaning this would be a taunt killer.  As a battlecry you're free to use a spell or other minion to kill the taunt then charge this minion face with 5 damage (or more if buffed).

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    This would be better as an ability, not a battlecry.

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    posted a message on Kazakus

    Shit like this and Dr Broken(which Blizzard will never fix) make Wild just a broken mode to play.  It's forced us to play more standard.  People would love to play Wild with Dr Broken and a few other choice cards fixed.  SInce that will never happen we can't play Wild.  Standard is fun though.

    I amd glad I don't see bullshit like what you pull in Wild, in standard.  Standard is mostly old broken bullshit free.  That's a good thing.

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    My assumption would be the same minion again.

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    posted a message on Menagerie Warden

    Captain's Parrot is the worst beast in the game

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    posted a message on Ethereal Peddler

    You steal this and use it.  This only works for the other wrong class warlock cards you've already stolen.  So the effect is minimal at best.

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    Can shadowstep and bounce it back to your own hand though.

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    Not so.  This pirate is shit in N'Zoth decks.  But Huckster is good in N'Zoth decks.

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