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    posted a message on TRIALS AND ERRORS (Class Creation Competition #5) - GRAND FINALE POLL

    It's easy enough to have regrets about the class as you go through the competition, but you don't always get the feedback before it's too late to change it – or you're too obsessed with keeping one aspect of the class over another – or indeed, you don't get enough feedback in the first place. If I went through it again, I would probably ditch my keyword.

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    posted a message on TRIALS AND ERRORS (Class Creation Competition #5) - GRAND FINALE POLL

    Gooood luck everybody! May the best class win (hoping we get lots of votes this time)

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    posted a message on Is this community getting more and more toxic?

    I've seen this kind of thread pop up every two months for the last four years.

    Answer is still "no more than it already was."

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    posted a message on [Class Competition Finalist] - The Enchanter

    I was looking through each entry for DQs, and just now noticed that two of your Wild cards are from the same Year: the first from Naxxramas, and the second from Goblins vs Gnomes. You're missing the middle-Year; one of these three:

    • Blackrock Mountain, The Grand Tournament and The League of Explorers

    Apologies for the late notice, but you should swap a card out before tomorrow D:

    Oh wow. Thanks for the heads-up link. I think I designed Infuser Rhiadrya as a TGT card originally and then moved it to GvG because the effect fit, then didn't bother to swap out the Naxx card. I've done that now.


    Runic Guardian is a counter-swing card. Helps against miracle rogue and other decks that chain multiple spells together, also good for copying board clears and heal cards.

    Aside from that I've added three (final) new decklists, bringing the total up to 6. Control Deathrattle, Midrange Deathrattle, and Charge Combo:

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    posted a message on [Year Competition Winner] 1: GREETINGS FROM THE GREAT SEAS

    Another reserved post
    (same deal)

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    posted a message on [Year Competition Winner] 1: GREETINGS FROM THE GREAT SEAS

    Reserved post
    (idk what for yet)

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    posted a message on [Year Competition Winner] 1: GREETINGS FROM THE GREAT SEAS

    I'm opening up a separate thread for this expansion – a part of the winning 'year' for the year creation competition, which challenged competitors to make 3 expansions to make up a coherent year, like the Year of the Raven. By the time the competition ended, Rastakhan's Rumble and Rise of Shadows had not been released. If you see any duplicate/overpowered cards... that might be why. I'm doing this because it's a full 135 card expansion and putting 405 cards in one thread seems a little excessive.
    Some cards have changed from the original submission. See the original thread here.

    Quote from Blizzard

    3 Cards from the Classic Set are moving to the Hall of Fame this year.

    Divine Favor (replaced by Crystology)
    Kidnapper (replaced by WANTED!)
    Gadgetzan Auctioneer (replaced by Bone Drake)

    Divine Favor

    Aggressive Paladin decks often make use of Divine Favor to refill their hand, regardless of whether the cards they have played gave them board control or were removed from play. As such, Divine Favor is too much of a constant in Paladin. Crystology from the Boomsday Project will replace it, as it provides card draw with less variance and more potential for class synergies. UPDATE: Looks like Blizzard have buffed Crystology! All the better – now it might be on a more even standing with DF.


    Kidnapper is an underused and underpowered card. WANTED! is also a card with little play in Rogue, but we hope that rotating it into Classic will help enable new archetypes as well as allow Rogue to activate its core mechanic, Combo, more easily.

    Gadgetzan Auctioneer

    Gadgetzan Auctioneer, despite its nerfs, is still a powerful card that defines decks like Miracle Rogue. While we don't want to kill that deck and are creating tools to preserve it, leaving Auctioneer in standard would be problematic in the context of future Hearthstone content. For this reason, we are replacing it with a card that helps the new player experience with an element of fun similar to last year's new classic cards (Call of the Void, Tome of Intellect, Pilfer).


    From the beaches of Kul'Tiras and Darkmoon Faire, to the docks of Booty Bay and the whirling Maelstrom, Azerothians are going on summer break! Dancing Druids, Sunbathing Paladins, and Hoarding Warlocks are peculiar sights for tourists on their tour of these Azerothian islands. But while tourists are here for only a few weeks, the Pirates of the Great Seas are much more familiar with these oceans. Hunters, Rogues, and Warriors take advantage of the summer months by fulfilling contracts, stealing and collecting bounties, and raiding resorts!

    New Keyword: Treasure New Keyword: Sail

    Chef Nomi approved!

    Treasure cards are cards with very powerful effects that are placed at the very bottom of your deck whenever they enter it. That means you know what's at the bottom of your deck and what you're going to draw before fatigue sets in. Whenever a Treasure enters your deck, a 'Beach Time' token is also shuffled in. Your opponent can then tell from the start of the game how many Treasures your deck has in it.

    Further Explanation

    Whenever a Treasure enters your deck (at the start of the game, or when you shuffle one into your deck), a Beach Time spell gets shuffled in with it. This is to prevent the problems that a '29 card deck' would otherwise cause, as knowing where a specific card is in your deck would normally make your draws more certain. As Beach Times get shuffled at the start of the game, you can get them in your starting hand or mulligan. As a consequence, your opponent will be able to determine how many Treasures are in your deck just from looking at your deck size at the beginning of the game!
    Multiple Treasures order themselves from lowest cost 'on top' of the stack to highest cost at the very bottom.
    Tied costs are arranged randomly.

    Fond of puns.

    Sail cards can be played from your hand... but they aren't played. Instead, they go on a voyage through space and time and arrive to be played on your next turn! Because you lose tempo for doing 'nothing' on the turn you play a Sail card, they are often overstatted or neutral statted for the effect. For example, Cutty Lass has a vanilla body but also equips a 3 mana weapon.

    Holidays & Fun in the Sun!

    Holiday cards are a cycle of Rare spells with an 'On your next turn' effect. You have to pack your bags and buy tickets before you take a vacation, so that means you have to pay a little in advance! Holidays are only active on your turn and last until the end of that turn. While you're on holiday, you might as well get some Vitamin D. Be careful to put on your sunscreen though, or you'll get burnt!
    There are 5 Holidays on showcase: Darkmoon, Booty Bay, Tanaris, Kul'Tiras, and Maelstrom .

    Opposition research, eldritch monster style.

    Anduin's gone on sabbatical to the island of Kul'Tiras, where Sea Priests turned monsters steal your opponent's thoughts. This card lets you anticipate your opponent's next draws and what they might play to counter your cards, while also taking you further from fatigue.

    It might seem like a nice hotel town, but when you pass by the Theft-o-matic 3000 in the lobby your opinion might change slightly.

    Always looking for the next contract, Hunters want to draw on an empty hand, expanding on a mechanic introduced in Blackrock Mountain. This card can help you reload in a similar manner to Stargazer Luna .

    "I'll do your back. You do mine."

    With Divine Shield as sunscreen and healing as a suntan, the Paladin archetype for this expansion revolves around the sun! But who knows how best to keep your tan? The Bronze Dragons.


    Hidden Treasures sunken to the bottom of your deck, these cards can be weak on their own, but with the right support can be extremely powerful. And while there's a problem with drawing the last card in your deck... There's something that can be done about that.
    There are 5 Treasures on showcase; Shimmering Riches ; Gallandria, Mooncaller ; Ultimate Arcana ; Light of K'ure ; and Gul'dan's Locket . Every hero gets a Treasure, whether it be a weapon, spell, or minion. Then they get an additional legendary minion.

    Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew!

    An amazing damage spell, but it's certainly not as easy to set up for an OTK and definitely isn't as guaranteed as the Time Warp combo . Spell Damage +1 on this gives you a total of 30 damage—but you'll be hard pressed to get that Spell Damage on the same turn.

    The ultimate sunblock.

    Healing and Divine Shield synergy in one card—this acts as sustain in the late game. Divine Shield cards include cards like Argent Protector and Hand of Protection that grant Divine Shields... As well as Giggling Inventor. Basically any card that mentions 'Divine Shield'.

    Swab the decks! Flip the decks!

    The radical solution to not drawing Treasures— flip your entire deck ! The bottom is now the top, all the cards keep their order but you draw cards in reverse, Treasures first ! There is a downside however; your cards are also flipped. Your opponent sees what
    cards you draw
    ! In the story, E'lora is arguably the hero, aiding the protagonists on their journey to Tanaris.

    Pirates—and Dual Tribes
    People hate aggro decks. I do too. Pirates have been stained with the brush of 'this is always aggro', in no small part thanks to the oppressive influence of the many-eyed Patches the Pirate . Have no fear. No scary charge Pirates. Instead, high-cost and midrange Rush Pirates emphasize board control.

    Brought this beauty up from Sailgrave. Yours for only 4 mana, no catch! Totally authentic.

    The only Treasure Tutor other than Admiral E'lora, this card makes it possible to fetch your Treasure and use the remaining cards in your hand and deck to enable its synergies, rather than holding all your enablers until you hit fatigue.

    Avast, me hearties! Another vessel be needing our 'help'!

    Tons of value and support for a new archetype - Coin Rogue. With the rotation of Gadgetzan Auctioneer and the fact that Rogue is getting cards that make using the Coins better than forcing them into a miracle deck, this might be an autoinclude in a Coin Rogue deck to maintain removal options turn after turn.

    He'll REALLY get on it, not like a certain Imp he knows.

    This Piratey Demon has above average stats, but in the early game is still a real disadvantage.

    Fish are like Lackeys. 2-Cost common Beasts with Sail that exist across several classes; Mage, Paladin, Rogue, and Shaman. They have useful battlecry effects for a reasonable cost, and are generated by certain neutral cards.

    There's always a bigger fish.

    A nice deck thinner for +1/+1 on Novice Engineer (let me know if you think vanilla stats are okay on this card).

    Soaring serenely, surfing the seas.

    A nice heal tool and anti-aggro card for cards like Zandalari Templar. 

    Sharp, pointy teeth!

    Very useful utility card that can be played first before you play utility on the same turn – enabling you to drop a combo piece and then get it back.

    Calm eels are much less prone to dealing damage.

    A Forked Lightning effect that can hit face – the only 'fish' with non-2-attack stats. Let me know if 2 attack is actually ok.


    Details for cards are at the bottom of each spoiler.

    Commons (9/22)



    Barnacled Dweller is a simple removal card that mirrors half a Sea Giant and still focuses on minions in the battlefield.

    Rares (6/9)

    Epics (6/9)



    Expert Explorer synergizes well with Treasures, shuffling copies of them or the other cards in your hand, back into your deck to last you longer through fatigue. As a neutral Dead Man's Hand , this couldn't be a Battlecry , Deathrattle , or end of turn effect as your opponent wouldn't be able to stop you and thus every class would become infinite Warrior. Zzz.
    Shimmering Riches is the perfect example of a neutral treasure. While it's a powerful effect, it can be underwhelming in the late game, unless you have a specific way of drawing minions from your deck ( Witchwood Piper , anyone?), or need extra mana on a turn.

    Legendaries (5/5)


    Salvager Grizzlowe
    For the whole album 
    "Kazakus for Hero Cards" - You, probably 
    Really small versions of the images if you don't want to click the link but have a magnifying glass handy 

    Salvager Grizzlowe is a gifted shipbuilder that works at the docks of Booty Bay; he also thinks that the Bay's Clam Chowder is the best anywhere! By using his Hero Power, you can create your own hero card in the form of a ship. You can choose a 4, 7, or 10-Cost vessel; Schooner, Frigate, and Gunship respectively. You then get to choose 2 battlecries and a hero power that are tuned to the mana cost of the card through an interface like Kazakus. With 8 options each for Battlecries and Hero Powers for each kind of ship (48 total options!!), you get 2,024 possible combinations for each vessel. You can fire Cannons at your opponent, clear the board with AOE or establish board control with Pirates! You could give your Pirates Rush for the rest of the game, or give a minion +4/+4 each turn. The possibilities are overwhelming, and Grizzlowe's value is exponential: If he survives until you can use his Hero Power again, you can get another Ship! 

    Druid — Positioning (10/10)

    The Druids of Azeroth are coming together for a midsummer holiday, and their chosen destination is Darkmoon Island! For what else other than Darkmoon Faire ! These Druids are constantly having dance parties in Darkmoon, so it's important to get your steps right. For this expansion, minion positioning and ordering is the Druid's chief concern, and for that reason, is your opponent's concern as well!


    Crash the Party is on a similar power level to Deadly Shot , but can be played around by your opponent placing weaker minions further away from the middle of the board.
    Darkmoon Holiday : Everyone's having a big dance! You've got to get your steps right, so every minion gets a partner with the same effect. Here's what it looks like in case you can't visualize it.

    This can help you get past your opponent's Taunt minions to get to their other minions! Destroying the left-most minion changes the dance.
    Galandria, Mooncaller works like chess—with an even number of minions, there are two minions in the middle; with an odd number, there's only one. Choose your positioning wisely! Galandria is best played against a weak enemy board, which makes her to some degree a 'win more' card, but also a way to get pseudo removal for big threats. Keep in mind this affects your opponent's middle-most minions as well, so you'll need to choose what you remove before you play Galandria. In the story, Galandria recommends the protagonists take E'lora's Spear as the vessel to cross the seas with.

    Hunter — Empty Hand, Secrets (10/10)

    When vacation season rolls around, the hunt doesn't end. In fact, it just gets a location change. Going from job to job around the islands that make up Azeroth's Great Sea, Rexxar or Alleria go globetrotting to such locations as Zandalar, Booty Bay, and Darnassus to look for work... as bounty hunters. Empty your hand out and then take the next job!

    Contract Archer : the encapsulation of a River Crocolisk that found solace with Quick Shot. The exception being that he uses a bow instead of a gun, so he's not quite as deadly.
    Booty Bay Holiday : The best place to trade in all sorts of legitimate goods, Booty Bay... and the best place to look for not-so-legitimate contracts!
    Piercing Shots : The most exciting combo with this is Explosive Trap , as it sets up a two-card (activation dependent) board clear. Hunter doesn't exactly have those. Combos well with cards like Explosive Shot or a number of cheaper options that damage more than 1 enemy (almost all will have rotated by this expansion, but there will be more opportunities for it in the expansions following this). Shandris Feathermoon uses this to destroy Stormsong's undead army.
    Shandris Feathermoon : You can enable your empty hand-synergies by playing Booty Bay Holiday the turn before Shandris (or playing 2 of them), and then hopefully chaining it so you can get lots of synergy goodness from it. Still, she's a 6 mana 7/7 on an empty hand... Would suck if she got silenced when you do have cards though. In the story, Feathermoon comes to the aid of King Mrgl-Mrgl and Murky.

      Mage — Odd, Beasts, Spells (5/10)

    Jaina's heritage means she's got the sea in her veins. While she's been conjuring Water Elementals in the past, she's looking for something a little bit more exciting for her vacation. So she's gotten into training and controlling gigantic sea monsters.

    Abyssal Subjugator is the beefy Fallen Hero that you always wanted. Your opponent will really want to deal with this fast before they get burst down too quick. In the story, the protagonists encounter this and must defeat it.
    Ocean Incantation : The main Mage theme in this expansion is BEASTS! To that end, there are a number of Beast-related cards here, but notice the costs... they're all odd! Fits with Black Cat . Oh. That was HoF'd. My bad.
    Sea Monsters discovers from all classes because it turns out Mage doesn't have all that many beasts!

      Paladin — Divine Shield, Healing, Dragons (10/10)

    Paladins like Uther and Arthas are working on their tan. Fun in the sun! Restore your health when you get a tan! Protect yourself with a divine shield sunscreen! And if you're feeling lazy, who better to consult on a tacky fake tan than the bronze dragons?

    Tan-aris Holiday : It takes time to get a tan! Turns out the result is quite similar to getting some Ancestral Healing . The final destination of the story.
    Bronze Scallywag : Think of this card in reference to the two to the right of it. Justice By Sunlight offers a lot of ways to buff Light of K'ure after you've equipped it. If you have your Bronze Scallywag in hand, you won't get some of the benefits of his passive trigger by virtue of the cost of the spell (you won't get extra attack from restoring health through lifesteal). But by holding it, you instead give your weapon the sudden buff from giving all those minions divine shield . This is a scary combination, and while it requires some setup could encourage Dragon Control Paladin with recently printed cards like Cathedral Gargoyle . In the story, Korisz is the named equivalent of this card.

        Priest — Stealing, Copying, Death (7/10)

    Anduin's gone on sabbatical to work with the Sea Priests of Kul'Tiras. Little does he know, they're a bit flayed in the head.

    Call of the Deep and Kul'Tiras Holiday synergize to produce a Devour Mind type effect with the side effect that you also get to draw a lot more fun cards, and gather information about what your opponent's next draws will be and how to play around them. You can also use Call of the Deep in a deck that contains mostly neutral cards—however priest has a lot of very powerful class cards so finding which ones to throw out in place of neutrals could be very tough.
    K'thir Corruptor is a sad story of a Sea Priest who listened too closely to the whispers of madness. Damaging spells in Priest aren't the most common, but it includes AOE and cards like Mind Blast or Holy Smite , which could be combined with this to get a very dangerous growing threat.
    Lord Stormsong is the chief of the Stormsong family that runs part of Kul'Tiras. Unfortunately, he too has been corrupted by eldritch powers and wants to bring corpses up from the depths of the sea. His confrontation with Feathermoon and the story protagonists leads to his demise.

    Rogue — Coins, Pirates (10/10)

    Valeera's the ultimate fun-ruiner. She just wants to freeboot and steal from everybody all the time. Never takes a break! Not even for the summer months.


    Bag of Doubloons introduces the Coin Rogue archetype.
    Portside Pilferer keeps thief Rogue alive, but no further synergies are introduced for it in this expansion.
    Time to Collect encourages you to keep your coins in your hand rather than spending them for combos, but there's no denying that coins are powerful enough on their own!
    Cap'n Garvey says another vessel needs your help!... to be boarded and looted. With the Year of  the Gryphon, WANTED! is rotating into standard and Kidnapper is rotating out, so say hello to more coins and more minion removal.
    Not just that, Gadgetzan Auctioneer is being rotated out so you don't get to complain too much about this.

                Shaman — Murlocs, Overload, Damage, Totems! (9/10)

    Thrall's idea of a holiday involves lots of water, lightning, and fish.


    Vash'jir Totem is a simple card that does something shamans like, and will often be instantly removed.
    Maelstrom 'Holiday' activates on each Overload instance, not for each crystal overloaded. Think Unbound Elemental .
    Cookie's Stirring Rod is a little like Silver Sword , but with a little Captain Cookie twist. Keep in mind this ISN'T a Mad Hatter effect, so you won't get as much value out of it with fewer than 3 minions. Murky takes this as his own weapon in the story.
    Captain Cookie causes chaos! Bad Food! revives Volcano , while Good Food! acts as its counterpart. While you don't know what your opponent gets, they don't know what you get either. Considering making it "At the end of each turn, give a Cookie's Recipe spell to the current player." This would make the card have more interesting play-around as your opponent would not be so willing to remove it, otherwise they don't get the continued benefit from it and you do. Murky and King Mrgl-Mrgl encounter Captain Cookie in Vashj'ir.

                Warlock —
    Discard, Zoo, Imps, Mana Crystals, and more! (10/10)

    Gul'dan's Gold (Mana Crystals) is a precious commodity and he doesn't want it getting stolen by Pirates! So he destroys his Crystals himself (deposits them in BLB, Burning Legion Bank) so he can send his assailants to the Shadow Realm. Gul'dan doesn't take vacation. He works overtime.


    Homuncularrr has a downside that outweighs Flame Imp significantly. By playing it on turn 1, you permanently set yourself back behind your opponent. However, it ends up close in value to Happy Ghoul when played on turn 10. One of the demons in league with the Garvey Gang.
    Evil Investment has the same downsides, but on a much larger scale. You can play this on turn 1 and still have only the same setback as the previous card, but with a greater overall value. Demons without the mana to play them aren't worth much though—this is a better late game investment; one where you need cards on an empty hand.
    Gul'dan's Locket is a big value generator with your hero power and in fatigue, but is susceptible to weapon removal. This is a real reason for cards like Arms Collector . Cap'n Garvey is in possession of this in the story.
    Shimmering Riches is almost an autoinclude in a deck that uses Evil Investment and Homuncularrr; combined with Witchwood Piper , and the sacrifice of 1-drops (and potentially any other 2-drops) allows you to negate your mana disadvantage and reload your tray while also buffing your board.

                Warrior — Midrange Pirates (6/10)

    Garrosh isn't in the mood for sunbathing or partying. He wants to RAID and do some ROUGH AND TUMBLE on the HIGH SEAS!


    Sunken Mariner : 12 or less Health again! A pretty bad 3 drop on its own, this card excels in the late game as a 4/8 Rush for 3. 
    Brashtide Lookout : This is the sort of card that supports a board-control oriented Rush / Pirate hybrid deck.
    Test Your Might! : A pseudo-windfury effect that can be used as a buff, and as removal.
    Gromakk Hookhand : A pretty simple effect that is very scary. As a deathrattle , however, it's quite slow.

    Thanks for taking the time to look at this. Leave your feedback below :)

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    posted a message on Custom Class: Time Traveler (Updated: May 21st 2019) (Finished up to Rise of Shadows)

    Perhaps a blessing in disguise to figure out a more... reasonable quest reward. I think something more to do with card draw or the mechanics behind quick time would be interesting.

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    posted a message on Zayle, Shadow Cloak first appearance

    2 mana 3/2 Poggers

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 9.18 - Final Poll

    Congrats Cheese! The card was on the edge of taste, but I liked it anyway. :)

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 9.18 - Discussion Topic

    To attract people to FC we have to use more broad prompts and themes! I'm quite happy about the level of engagement FC is getting right now.

    Then you get lots of dumb stuff happening at the same time. Quite the dilemma.

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    posted a message on Required nerfs : Rogue, Hunter and Warrior

    I think the nerfs you're describing are way too harsh. People really hate high class winrates so they think nerfing a card into the ground is justified... I think the nerfs being discussed by HS pros are more appropriate ones, tbh.

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    posted a message on Counter that card!

    Except, of course, I Spellbender'd it.

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    posted a message on [Class Competition Finalist] - The Lich
    Quote from linkblade91 >>
    Quote from Shatterstar1998 >>

    Both Enchanter and Archeologist posted a deck list. I personally am not confident enough in my deck building skill to post one LOL. 

    I said the same thing over in Pircival's thread, although it does make us look lesser for it. Then again, it's not like the decks will be present in the Grand Finale Poll *shrugs*

    That's fair enough. I'm mostly doing it to showcase "here's how this class works if you think about it" rather than try to jam it into the actual rest of the showcase.

    Glad your RR cards have become more 'complex' – at least that one card that just read "Lifesteal" is different now!

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