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    posted a message on Card Nerfs Aug 26th - Including Wild

    In top legend its almost non existant, in last 3 days at top 200 I saw maybe 1 or 2 murloc paladins and crushed them easily even with mage. Their plan is super linear and is easily countered by board clears if they don't highroll super hard.

    Both murloc paladin and quest druid were super popular at start, but quickly fell off in popularity at higher ranks once people realised they are not that great.

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    posted a message on Saviors of Uldum! New Hearthstone expansion releases on August 6th!

    This feels comparable to webspinner rather than fire fly. Fire fly's benefit is that it could be used as a 2 mana 2 4 and 2 separate 1 drops. 

    Also your opponent can choose to ignore it until that 1 drop you get from deathrattle isn't that strong tempo wise to play.

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    posted a message on How will Blizzard inevitably nerf rogue?

    I think a lot of the rogue problems come from Preparation and Edwin.

    However, this is a bit of a chicken or the egg problem.

    They were not completely broken in early hearthstone, because you didn't have rescourse generating cards, so they were all-in plays. Now you have raiding party and miscreant that negate all their downsides.

    When you play Edwin with lackeys you didn't sacrifice anything, you played 2 insane 1 drops and got an 6 6 for no reason. When you play prep with raiding party you got a 0 mana arcane intellect (spend 2 cards get 3 ) with crazy tutored effect and tempo (0 mana 3 3s with a truesilver champion).

    Why I think prep and Edwin are the problem, is because as a designer it's really hard to always design around these 2 cards. Miscreant and Raiding party while really strong, feel more fair without these 2. Also, I am not a fan of randomly losing games to turn 3 huge Edwin plays forever, those feel like barnes non-games.

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    posted a message on New Card Reveal - Unseen Saboteur

    Cant wait for the trolden video where this pulls out hagatha's scheme and clears entire board of 8 8s for the opponent. :D

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    posted a message on New Card - Hecklebot

    This can be discovered by Dr Boom (hero card) and omega asembly to give warrior ways to combat combo decks even if they decide to not run this card.

    It also helps with fatigue matches, because warrior can remove anything big this pulls with shield slam and execute, and this also pulls another minion to overextend into brawl. So I think it will be put into that deck as well, not only used from rng discover.

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    posted a message on New Warlock Card - Fel Lord Betrug
    Quote from GentilleMouche >>

    I'm not going to complain, this is new, this is balanced, this sounds fun, this could be powerful. 

    Please more cards like this, and fewer cards like Mass resurrect, thank you blizzard. It's not hard to come up with creative design.

     Word for word what I wanted to post here. Have my upvote. :)

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    posted a message on New Hunter Legendary Card - Vereesa Windrunner
    Quote from C_A_W >>

    Amazing card art and animation. Hopefully it sees some play and won't get wasted like every other Hunter legendary except Savannah Highmane.

     Kathreena Winterwisp and Deathstalker Rexxar are one of the most broken legendaries ever printed.

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    posted a message on Two New Reveals - Oblivitron & Lazul's Scheme

    I am aware of that, thats why I said they would need cards that kill both of them.

    Something like 1 mana: kill a mech, gain armor equal to its stats, could enable that deck as you would be able to kill both this card and mechathun. That type of design wouldn't fit hunter, but they can do it if they wanted.

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    posted a message on Two New Reveals - Oblivitron & Lazul's Scheme

    Hunter mech legendary can enable mechathun combo for hunter if they print cards that can kill this and summoned mechathun after. Even if they do, that deck will hopefully be bad.

    Lazul scheme seems bad to me, but all other ways of reducing attack to combo with cabal are gone, so it could be good.

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    posted a message on New Rogue Spell - Togwaggle's Scheme

    So much for moving away from infinite rescourses and value as design for future sets....

    This will be another jade druid/quest/death knight problem or completely useless, there is no middle ground.

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    posted a message on Thoughts on the Upcoming Hall Of Fame Roation?

    Malygos, preparation, Leeroy and possibly un-nerfing wild growth and sending it to wild (similar to molten giant).

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    posted a message on Upcoming Hearthstone Balance Changes - Wild Growth, Nourish, Level Up!, Saronite Chain Gang, Leeching Poison

    Really surprised how fast blizzard reacted this time, hopefully this trend continues.

    Druid nerfs were long overdue, druid has never been bad since the start of hearthstone and it almost always ran the same shell of 10-20 druid cards with different win condition (aggro druid and spiteful being exceptions). Even when the class had lower popularity, it always had a tier 2+deck.

    Kingsbane rogue and Shudderwock shaman helped further push out any control and slow midrange decks out of the meta and turned meta into combo vs aggro, with 0 control decks being above tier 3. This meta in general had a top tier combo deck for nearly every class (apart from warrior and hunter) so I hope this helps control decks recover.

    Odd paladin nerfs are a reaction to that deck having highest winrate in the game without a single new card. This is a good nerf, but I think control decks being valuable would nerf odd paladin even without this change.

    Secret hunters being untouched shouldn't be an issue if control decks rise up, since you can fight that deck with board clears, value and healing. Rexxar remains an issue for fatigue control decks, but other forms of control can work.

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    posted a message on HS Future

    I would say Genn is not the problem because his upgrade is only short term advantage in tempo (for token hero powers and rogue dagger) and as the game goes on 1 mana reduction on hero power becomes less relevant.

    Baku is a big problem, because advantage of upgraded hero power is good both early and late game, and if there are too many good odd cards it becomes the only way to build the class (for classes with good upgraded hero power). So in order to keep him in check they need to print broken even costed cards, and design odd cards around him.

    I don't like either Baku and Genn too because I like to deckbuild using all cards, not only half of them, but that isn't really a game breaking problem, just something I find annoying.

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    posted a message on Kingsbane cant be rotated out soon enough.

    Heartstone in general has a problem with too many combo decks being top tier now. And current combo decks counter slow midrange decks as well, not just fatigue/control decks because they have way too many survival tools printed.

    So as someone who enjoys control+slow midrange decks most, I had to switch to playing only otk decks or demonic project control warlock (or as people call it anti meta lock) exclusively for last 4 months. Combo decks being half the meta now really limits deck choice for people who don't enjoy playing aggro or otk.

    Mojomaster Zihi is a step in the right direction, but its too clunky to include for most decks.

    I almost wish blizzard reprinted tunnel trogg, totem golem and friends to punish these combo decks.

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    posted a message on Get Into The Rumble Zone With These Rastakhan Deck Lists

    A lot of people went high legend with this deck, and you beat most aggro decks pretty easily. I went 11-1 vs secret hunter, so if you lose to it you just suck at playing the deck.

    Kangor can be replaced by anything, its not a core card, its 30th card you put in the deck for more 2 drops to pull out.

    And baleful banker is the worst possible 2 drop option to play in this deck. Sometimes I wish you could see ranks of people who suggest stuff like this.

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