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    posted a message on Why The Elder Scrolls: Legends is a better game than Hearthstone

    The game is good but it lacks the polish that Hearthstone has. I quit Hearthstone for this game a few months back, but I ended up coming back to hearthstone. Too expensive to play 2 card games. 

    Hearthstone, as much as we complain, is by far the best card game out there. 

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    posted a message on Craft a Legendary or a deck?

    N'zoth is a good craft for sure, BUT!! Try this deck out without him, he won't make the deck 'more fun' just more powerful. Using 1600 dust should not be done impulsively. 

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    posted a message on Trump's Aggro/Freeze Mage

    Honestly one of my favorite decks to play now. I was a huge freeze mage fan, this takes that idea and puts a twist on it. Very fun stuff. 

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    posted a message on Sad days are sad boyz: Karazhan is too easy

    Comparing the price of blizzard adventures to other card games, let me prepare....... ADVENTURES ARE INSANE VALUE!!! COOL PVE CONTENT AND SOME OF THE BEST CARDS IN THE GAME GUARANTEED FOR 25 OR 20 DOLLARS!!!! If magic the gathering had "adventures" they would cost easily 50-60 dollars. How can you bitch about the best thing blizzard releases???? By the way I'm saving gold for about a week to get these wings ""FOR FREE!!!!!""" Free legendary cards, free epic cards, and free rares. Fucking insane value buddy. 

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    posted a message on Standard WotOG Ladder Zoo + Guide

    Been playing against this deck for 2 years. Blizzard really can't balance shit can they. 

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    posted a message on Elder Scrolls Legends - Now in Open Beta!

    The board is important, as it's the thing you will be looking at most of the time. But it's blandness is over compensated with the design and game play of this game. Haven't had this much fun with a card game in a long time. Also a developer has said that a wipe is not planned. So all cards you collect and buy will be here to stay even after the beta is over. 

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    posted a message on Elder Scrolls Legends - Now in Open Beta!

    So far I've played the game about 3 hours and I've come up with a list of the positive and negatives from my point of few. 

    POSITIVES: Are you wanting more in depth and complex gameplay while sticking to the hearthstone feel? Then this is your game for sure. Hearthstone is in my top 5 card games but it lacks depth and complexity and we all know it. 

    2. Less RNG. Simple as that. No cards that really say "roll the dice to see if you win."

    3. Less child like. The art and story and characters are "adult" like. No dancing orcs and other things like it. 

    NEGATIVES: The UI is a bit more complex, and can be pretty confusing at first. 

    2. The game board is fairly boring compared to hearthstone. Boring may be the wrong word, I'd use bland to describe the board. 

    As a money sink card games can be expensive so I'm moving to this game. Hearthstone has and forever will be an aggro play the best curve minion and win. I've put about $1,000 dollars into this game, so quitting is not a light decision, but why keep playing if I''m not having fun? Peace out Hearthpwn!! I hope Karazhan is fun!

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    posted a message on [Top4Legend] Midrange Hunter Anti-meta

    If anyone interested I've been experimenting (like a lot of hunters) with Doomsayer. Hunter needs early game for that 10-15 damage from cheap minions to go into the late game withSavannah Highmane and Call of the Wild. That's how I win most of my games and the Doomsayer helps a lot. I'm not sure if it's optimal but I've beaten a lot of zoo locks and shamans because of this card. It's even good against control to lock them out of their very important 5-6 mana turns. I subbed our Princess Huhuran, unless you're going with a more deathrattle theme I think she is  underwhelming. I subbed in Sylvanas Windrunner to again help with control and other mid range decks to make the board more awkward, and possibly gain it back. 

    I took out rag, was not a big fan of him, I'd rather get a Call of the Wild most of the time. 

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    posted a message on I am a new player

    The salt machine is open 24/7, talk shit about shamans, don't craft Dr. Boom. Try to have fun, welcome to hell my friend.

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    posted a message on Time manipulation cards.

    These cards would be insane, and probably pretty fun for the first few times. In fact I think control decks that use these types of cards would be awesome. Most people would just concede, I know I would. 

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    posted a message on Ryzen Malygos Rogue

    Anyone else just not able to beat shaman with this deck? With the meta being 90% shaman I'm having a hard time laddering with this at the moment. 

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    posted a message on DISENCHANTING GOLDEN CARDS

    I keep all "good" golden cards. Cards I know I'll get play value from. Golden Angry Chicken? Disenchant. Golden Archmage Antonidas? I wouldn't dare disenchant that sexy old man. Even commons and rares, a golden Azure Drake? Hell no I'm not going to disenchant the best 5 drop in the game golden. 

    Take into consideration I'm a role player to the max and actually craft golden cards. They're...so shiny.  

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    posted a message on Wild Miracle Rogue Deck Building Advices

    I have  few things to say that are not awesome. Miracle is a good deck right now for sure, but it's a deck that is not easy to play and does require a certain set ups to win games. If you're in fact new I would recommend of course playing what you find fun. If you want to win I would probably play something else. You're missing a lot of core cards for this deck. My biggest recommendation is to also go play in standard. The standard meta is a lot more forgiving than the wild format.

    If you love miracle like I do, I have a little guide for what cards you need.

    Preparation is a very important card, it will start a chain of card draw with an auctioneer that cannot be beaten. 

    Tomb Pillager. This card comes from the adventure LoE, a great bang for your buck adventure, giving you many awesome cards.

    Azure Drake. Spell power and card draw? A rogues best friend indeed. This card will go into many decks and pretty much every rogue deck. 

    Lastly I want to recommend a charge minion, Leeroy Jenkins is the go to for people with collections. For you maybe a Wolfrider or a Southsea Deckhand

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    posted a message on Convince me which Legendary I need!

    Sylvanas is the no brainer craft here. (Unless you're playing c'thun decks)

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    posted a message on Does Hearthstone have too much RNG?

    There must be some RNG in this game. The community disagrees on cards like knife juggler, Imp-plosion, and shredder.Other RNG based cards are not too bad. 

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