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    posted a message on The problem right now with hearthstone

    Some people still do have fun playing the game.

    Maybe it's just that you don't have any fun playing in this meta which is okay.

    I usually stop when I don't find the meta interesting. I did however find Relic DH quite fun and a decent deck.

    My advice would be maybe to try different game modes until you find the meta playable and fun again.

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    posted a message on 26.0 Patch Notes - Warlock Cards Unbanned & Changes for New Wild Cards - Duels Updates

    damn. Wild is gonna be wild.

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    posted a message on Extra deck slots?
    Quote from saibur_ >>

    If we get more slots, we definitely need a UI change.

     The UI definitely needs to change the game has looked the same for 10 years now. The menu, collection everything should get upgraded.

    I don't know what's taking them so long to make some visual and UI improvements 

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    posted a message on How to make Hearthstone more enjoyable

    The game needs to evolve but does not evolve in the way I would like it to evolve.

    Introducing new mechanics and all is fine by me. I just have a problem with certain OP cards that shape the meta but they change them regularly with nerfs and buffs so I'm kinda okay with that too.

    Hearthstone didn't change at ALL since it has been released. It's the same board, cards, and playstyle without any visual improvements whatsoever. The only thing that did change is some effects the cards have and new mechanics and that in my books is not enough.

    And at the end of the day, they started to monetize so hard without any ground whatsoever.

    Think about it like this. A game like NBA or FIFA or whatever. How those games changed during the years from 2014 until today.

    Graphic improvements skyrocketed. They are visually way better. Graphics are amazing in today's games. I understand this is a card game and tends to be simple and easy to play but still. Continuing in this way Heartstone will fall behind other games. Even TFT has better graphics and overlay as a game. 

    There is a TON of improvements that can be done from a visual and graphic design point of view. If the game is visually attractive and up to date with today's games I think it might attract more players and at the end of the day be more enjoyable.

    That's why I got annoyed when they started to monetize aggressively last year all around without any grounds.

    Improve the overlay, and graphics, make it more visually appealing, and then we can talk more.

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    posted a message on Possible change to Astalor

    just nerf as death rattle 

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    posted a message on Shaper Casino Mage

    crazy bad deck. fun but bad

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    posted a message on Nozdormu Day October - With Special Daily Quest!



    Reroll quest

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    posted a message on Can we please ban George from Murloc Lobbies?

    While I agree he's strong in that specific build, I don't mind it. A tunnel blaster does the trick in most cases. 

    Poison is more of a problem if you look at it not shields.  

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    posted a message on Colossal Nerf needed?

    That's wild for you. Wild was always like that. I highly doubt Bli$$ard will address the issue in the wild format because it is irrelevant to them. Ever since Wild became a thing there were always broken decks that you see. Not fun decks but mostly broken. 

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    posted a message on All the unplayable cards from the mini set

    In your opinion, not one card is good or worth playing. The only thing I see in your post is negativity. 

    I agree most cards are bad and only some might and will see a play like in every miniset that came out before.

    Some cards will get played and will shake the meta a little bit. 

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