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    posted a message on New Epic Druid Sidequest Card - Secure the Deck
    Quote from JockyRhonson >>

    I guess if you run Archmage Vargoth in the deck, get the 3 Claws + 2 you can already have in your deck - it would be very much worth it. 

    You could essentially gain 10 attack and 10 armor and still have 1 mana left to play whatever.

     What does Vargoth have to do with claw?

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    posted a message on Sathrovarr is very OP!! :D

    Zola's not garbage... you can play a card and then play zola. You can't do that with Sath since it costs 9.

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    posted a message on Hearthstone Battlegrounds - How Do They Work?

    A win in play mode is worth about about 3 cents compared to buying the packs with real $. If you're playing solely for that "reward" then that's pretty sad.


    Hell, you know what, if you make a video of you winning 30 battlegrounds games, I'll paypal you the equivalent of 100 gold ($1).

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    posted a message on Community Reactions to Blizzard's Blitzchung Decision

    Not in China it isn't. If you speak out against the government there you might just disappear.

    I mean I guess that's the issue here, that you have no rights in china.

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    posted a message on Golden cards and returning Wild cards event

    You can't use any version of the card other than the event version. If you have regular versions of the card you can't use those either even though they're identical to the event copy.


    I'm kind of surprised they would do this. I personally don't care, but there's definitely people who wasted money on getting golden copies of cards, and it doesn't make sense to piss off those people by not letting them use their golden copies.

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    posted a message on Shaman Quest is the next nerf
    Quote from Greator >>

    My take on this is that I've always thought that trying to complete the Quest should in some way restrict playing. But battlecry is so common keyword and some battlecries are so powerful that playing against quest Shaman that is trying to complete their quest doesn't  feel any easier at all.  Nerfs suggestions would be either change cost of some lackey generators (Sludge Slurper and EVIL Totem) or make the quest goal to be 10 battlecries. Anything less wouldn't be enough.

     It does restrict the deckbuilding though. You're forced to have a deck with all battlecries (with the exception of the mogu/mutate package), which basically means you include every good battlecry in the game with very little flex space.

    The quest isn't even the biggest issue here. I can't even count the number of games I won with an early mogu/evolve. I think a suitable nerf would be minions like mogu keep their cost for evolve purposes at the cost it actually took to play them. So if you play for 2 mana then evolve it, it becomes a 3 drop. There's still pretty broken evolve combos like evolving giggling inventor, but that happens at turn 7 or later. Someone highrolling a tirion on T3 is ridiculous.

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    posted a message on Six Shooter - Tavern Brawl #225

    If you wanna screw with people...



    Paladin deck:
    forbidden healing
    flash of light
    divine favor
    time out
    shrink ray


    Usually after about half an hour people realize they're getting trolled hard and quit.

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    posted a message on "Hearthstone" card interactions

    I had a weird interaction with that card. I was playing against the first plague lord, managed to deal ~250 damage before he took control of the game, and then used the hearthstone in order to finish him after seeing Bob. But after the tavern, the Plague Lord had 172 hp left. Any idea of why this happened?

     I read something about some glitch where plague lord regens 120 HP, so that's consistent with the numbers you're giving

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    posted a message on Rise of the Zombeasts is This Week's Tavern Brawl!

    It's a game that's supposed to be a fun mode, and they add in a 0 cost discover that shows 2 options, which makes the game drag on.

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    posted a message on Rise of the Zombeasts is This Week's Tavern Brawl!

    If we're gonna get a shittyass brawl like this, can they at least reduce the turn timer to 15 seconds for each player? Jesus christ, people actually sit there and think about their god damn discovers. It's a brawl, we shouldnt have 10 minute+ games

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