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    posted a message on Conceding meta ?
    With the new ranking system if you're matched versus equal skilled players the biggest factor for you to climb fast will be the win chance vs your enemy deck
    In my case if i win i get 10 stars and lose ONLY 1
    so why should i play unfavored matchs ?
    i can just que with a agroo deck get matched for example vs a taunt warrior and concede lose 1 star go next game play the favored matchup and win 10 stars...
    rinse and repeat. easy fast climb.
    even if i need to concede 3-5 games before a favored game it's a BIG net gain.
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    posted a message on Priest is back into the meta... sigh

    I dont care what deck priest play or if its a good or bad deck.

    playing against a priest is Always a bad experience

    they should totally create a new playstyle for priests.

    one less annoying.

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    posted a message on What happened with the discussions topics for new cards ?

    Since the announce of the new expansion many cards have been revealed already but we still dont have where to discuss about the cards.

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    posted a message on New Paladin Card - Air Raid

    people said the same thing about odd paladin. 2 man for 2 1/1 ? BAD. next day everyone complains how OP the deck was.

    2 mana for silver recruits already proved how strong it can be.  this card have extra taunt and can be used 2 times.

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    posted a message on Ancharrr - dust or keep?
    Quote from tsudecimo >>

    100% dust it. You will always have the dust to re-craft if it's still viable in standard.

     this. if you dont know  you always dust ann can craft back after meta reports



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    posted a message on New Mage Hero Card - The Amazing Reno

    Passive Hero Power. At the start of your turn, cast a random spell.

    revealed reddit

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    posted a message on Blizzard is doing band-aid fixes because adventure will have 35 new cards.
    Quote from JoshoPrime >>

    my question here is, when will  we see the new cards

     Coming Soon – Galakrond’s Awakening:
    The final battle in the Year of the Dragon’s solo adventure story is Galakrond’s Awakening, coming this January! We won’t spoil too much, but we hope you’re ready to battle E.V.I.L. (or good) and collect 35 new cards! More details on Galakrond’s Awakening will be coming soon.


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    posted a message on Blizzard is doing band-aid fixes because adventure will have 35 new cards.

    I think blizzard don't want to Overnerf or change cards before the new 35 cards are add to the game.
    they probably didn't want to even nerf shaman right now but it got so out of control that they didn't had a choise.
    we can only hope january adventure will change the meta.
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    posted a message on Shaman is not that strong
    Quote from Davicuervo1345 >>

    I know that shaman is very strong but you could change your deck. I was playing galakronk  rogue and I was crushed by shamans but I changed my deck to treant druid and now I have a very good winrate against shamans


    81% vs druids... i really want you to link your special druid deck that beats shaman that easy...

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    posted a message on How 1 single card almost nullified my hype
    Quote from Carfusso >>

    After taking a 1/2 months break from the game due to:me slightly losing interest ,smash ultimate's existance and the university i came back a couple of weeks ago,saw the new cards and followed the reveals liking (or at least not disliking) basically all of them,I was really hyped,and then.....they had to print a card that destroyes armor,not even a set amount...all of it

    As Someone that loves grindy,value games CW (well...odd warrior, i play wild since frost lich jaina and elemental shaman got moved) Is a favorite of mine and the card Is Just a huge middle finger to anything i stand for 

    Now I'll be honest and say that i do get that some people don't enjoy this kind of games and maybe the mechanic in general BUT:

    Firstly there are way less toxic ways to deal with It than Just invalidating an entire playstyle because you managed to draw a 5 mana 5/5 (Minions/spells that deal more damage to a Hero with armor are an idea,or even destroying half of it would have been...fine,not good but at least not stupid)

    Secondly (more of a personal rant/saltyness) if you are going to do this AT THE VERY LEAST give us an odd card to (at least semi consistently) mess with combo/otk/infinite/mill decks that are way more toxic to deal with

    At the end of the day I'm probably still going to play because I still enjoy the game (when my opponent isnt playing One of the aforementioned decks at least) and other decks but my Mood went from "woooooo new expantion with actually fun and strong cards" to "welp,i Guess i still have my Reno valuewock as a fun and pretty good deck"

     Or now you just can't stack armor like a retard every turn ? you can have 15-20 armor up and save cards to put more after the tech card is played ?

     L2P KID.

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