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    Nope blizzard decided its gonna fall into mediocrity and irrelevance rather then being the greatest developer of video games yet... Sad but true 

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    posted a message on The mind tether meta sucks

    Shadow Word Void is fine if you die to that in 2021 then u probably asked for it anyway... Gitgud

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    posted a message on Help me get better

    Play more untill you know the meta , then play morre, learn what enemies are capable , play more, if missing some major must have cards - craft them now..

    Dont get mad from dying to unfair... Combos :)

    Its the biggest charm of the mode ( but fuck Illucia and her 2nd power)

    Atm i only had 3 heroes go 12wins each

    May Yogg and RNGjesus be with you..



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    posted a message on What deck should I craft?

    If still looking i suggest dont craft anuthing now, decks in meta now with all "necessary" legends...  Fun but in past i had decks giving more satisfaction, maybe darkmoon will bring something cool... Not saying now not fun... 

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    posted a message on HSreplay now useless unless you pay

    Omg i didnt see this, but as android user i played with arcane tracker even thou i rarely even needed it, i can count past 30 and memory good enough to know whats left in deck but... Butim not ok with anyone except blizzard getting my $ from anything hesrthstone related, so please confirm? Arcane tracker no help from using and even keeping it on when playing it benefits greedy company thats not blizzard? Please confirm asap ty 

    Edit: i want to go play so probably could get answers if read whole topic... But i need also make sacrifice to rng jesus after i gave opponent attitude that made him get down on eart and put me in place... 

    Praised be his divine randomness!

    Funny mode off



    Android user zero data from tracker even if was legend top3 so cant see hsreplays hard work anywhere , even better... 

    Still gives me 2 decks availble for me when limit to my collection filter, and beside librum pally i got all tier1 tier2 standard decks  with no budget replacements already played to death... So no sorry hard work not an argument for me

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