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    posted a message on How is the boat a fun card?

    Boat is pure rng trash. It can single handily win games or sometimes do nothing. Expect blizzard to make more cards like boat. 

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    posted a message on Surviving midgame with Dragons
    Quote from WilliWang >>

    Play the flame guy or Cthun if you intend to go dragon. Real important to find divine shield dragon, taunt it, and scale that dragon. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I have been able to win rather consistently with dragon build when playing as either of these two heroes. I guess it is because there are a number of quality dragons, like the fire breathing welp and the double attack dragon, you can take early on, and just start to scale from there onwards. I have won without the tier 6 dragon before, but nadina is pretty important. Anyway, don’t pick dragon unless you are playing as these two, at least that’s what my experience tells me.

     So the strategy to win with dragons is to simply get a strong hero....lol.

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    posted a message on The ultimate beast comp :D
    Quote from PlaZz1 >>

     Congrats on picking the minions offered to you.

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    posted a message on Battlegrounds grouping

    I was mistaken.

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    posted a message on Deathwing and pack.elder bug is still a thing?

    Seriously is blizzard not making enough money to fix these bugs. Next time you play deathwing pay attention to your beast tokens and how they don’t get the buff from packleader,

    garbage company

    why won’t anyone else make a competent digital card game.

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    posted a message on Happy New Year XX XI
    Quote from Nick0 >>

    Wish you all a successful and lucky new year like the last game I played! 

     Did you win? 

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    posted a message on New bad hero’s must be created
    Quote from b1ak1ce >>

    it seems like they are trying to experiment with different playstyles, which is better than doing another tirion type buff hero

     They are trying to dilute the good hero pool where you need to buy the battle pass to get a decent hero. It’s not about experimenting with different play styles.

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    posted a message on New bad hero’s must be created
    Quote from FancyBreakfast >>

    Nesingwary hero. Only available if the game has beasts. Hero power-Shotgun: passive that kills one of your opponent's beasts at the start of combat.

    Tyrande hero. Hero Power-Renew: for 2 gold heal 2 of your hero's hp.

    Kobold hero: Hero Power-No take candle: each turn designate a token to hold a candle. If that token survives combat, you get a coin.

     Congrats these are terrible hero’s.

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    posted a message on New bad hero’s must be created
    Quote from ucel >>

    After ca. 10 matches with Y'Shaarj I can say one thing: it is one of my favourite BG Heroes. 

    OK, with some bad luck you lose, but if you manage to live to turn 8-9 you'll probably land in top 2 with big chance of 1st place.

    One thing is important: you have to play very aggressive, otherwise you cannot use his benefits. My strategy is following: 

    1. Buy 1 (murloc/cat/water elemental preferred)
    2. Level 2
    3. Buy 1 minion, use HP
    4. Level 3, use  HP
    5. Level 4, use HP
    6. Buy 2 minions, use HP
    7. Level 5, use HP
    8. Buy 3 minions, use HP
    9. Level 6, use HP
    10+ Have fun with board full of 6*

     You entirely missed the point of this post.I suggest you reread it and consult a friend if you continue to struggle,

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    posted a message on Patch 19.2 discussion
    Quote from RomanKnight >>

    This patch is disgusting. Playing on 11k now.

    Spells have to go. Every time you think you are very strong, there comes some high roller with golden Kalesgos or Ragnaros turn 10... And you just die. Right now its almost no skill involved. Its just who highrolles first, wins. Elistra is too strong. If they sometimes make Tier 7 in tavern, Elistra and Amalgadon have to move there.

    I liked meta before this patch, it was kind of balanced

     Wait until the spells are only available with the battle pass. 

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    posted a message on The lack of of conversation in this sub says everything you need to know about the state of Duels

    Duels is garbage. It’s ruined by the fact that aggro decks demolish the early matches. This forces you to play aggro or never regress. Seeing mages up until 5 wins just shows how lazy and stupid hearthstone has become. After 5 wins it’s all priest high rollers. Battlegrounds is the best mode. Once blizzard fully monitizes battlegrounds this game is dead.

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    posted a message on Who has got the biggest?

    So people took these screenshots months ago and are now just posting them?

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    posted a message on Ultra greed!!!

    Super skillful I wish I could watch the video. 

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    posted a message on Feelings in imp mama?
    Quote from InDaPond >>
    Quote from rogerdodger >>
    Quote from Hannya >>

    Did my post offend you? Not sure why you feel the need to try to Sherlock out my true motives. 

    Anyways, i do care when the variance is high enough to swing an entire match. When I’m playing intelligently and properly and because of a 1 in 10 I just lose. Well that just sucks. I’ve always felt shredder effects are too swingy for battlegrounds and introduce  too much RNG, imp mama is a shredder that can keep on giving.

    Thanks for your input.

     There's an existing megathread for Battleground salt.

    Battlegrounds is built on RNG. Imp Mama's demon pool is abysmal, with only two good drops, a terrible body, and requires board space.

    Okay, you got unlucky and she spawned a Voidlord. Ghastcrawler has a far better pool for drops, and other six drops have far better swing potential. She isn't even good in the machine gun comp, outside of being a cleave guard for jugglers.

    Sure, you'll get unlucky about 1/10th of the time. But you'll get bottom 4 because of it 1/100th of the time.

    The thread has no value when its just for you to complain about your lowroll. You just wanted attention for your comment instead of being buried in the megathread.

    If you wanted actual discussion, you could have raised a thread on a card potentially in need of buffs (which can also be imp mama), or a thread on a card which is consistently causing you losses.

     You seem very arrogant. I wonder if this extends into your actual real life. sadly,  you don’t get to dictate what an “actual discussion” is. Also you assume a lot. I asked a question about  people’s opinion of imp mama and her potential to high roll and swing entire matches. Most responded with respectful comments. You, on the other hand, acted like an ass.  

    Now, ghastcaller, that’s actually has a much larger pool of possible drops (24 I believe) and outside of modifiers like baron only spawns 2 minions 1 time. So assuming maybe 3 good drops out of 24 (death rattle build and ignoring burgurgle and galakrond since they are situational) then no that’s caller is less consistent than imp mama.

    I look forward to well formatted responses and what I assume from you will an angry, arrogant, deplorable response that continues to assume my intentions outside of my actual words. 

     just stumbled upon this via google.
    I have to agree that his response was harsh, but one can clearly read out of your post that you were salty while posting this coz ur win just got "stolen" from you. So he has a point and you should get of your high horse as well, which is pretty hypocritical because you then act even worse by insulting him back lol

     You necro’d a post from March to say that and you want to talk about being on a high horse. Jesus get over yourself,

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    posted a message on New bad hero’s must be created

    To incentivize battle pass. It must have a tangible pay2win quality so activision must keep adding bad hero’s to BG.

    see y’shaarj obviously terrible. Only added to make sure you will pay $20 to get the extra hero choices.

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