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    posted a message on Servant of Yogg-Saron Tryouts is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    I just can't....

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    posted a message on Mana Cost Nerfs are Lazy and Bad Game Design

    You are missing the whole point. 

    BLIZZARD could not care about the balance of the game (not directly at least)

    They only care about money. Money come from people buying new packs and classic cards allow people to enjoy the game without buying many new packs. 

    They need to get rid of this but also need to be careful to keep players happy so they can't do it all at once. 

    By doing it gradually people do not notice that everything in this game is centered around getting people to pay more. 

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    posted a message on Do you think death Knights were a bad idea?

    Any powerful card brings controversy.

    Although they are very fun to play with, they can feel really bad to play against.

    The problem is they increase META Polarization, and so rise many match ups that feel decided by deck building alone.

    People don't want that. They want to feel like their decision can influence the result of the game (this rarely is the case but still people want to feel like they had a chance as opposed to be obliterated).


    On the other hand, a perfectly balanced game would (probably) be boring.

    Developers need to somehow keep players excited so they keep on playing. They need to do some cool stuff but without powerful effects this simply can't be done.

    Imagine a game mode where you can only play with balanced vanilla minions. Would that be considered cool by most people ? Of course not.

    You have to add effects to make the game more interesting, but the cooler the effect the more likely is to be broken in some scenario.

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    posted a message on ODD Mage Worth Craft?
    Quote from merfi93 >>
    Quote from UtilitiesINC >>

    Mage isn't that good right now. Why are you so set on spending dust on a "low tier" deck?

     because i want to play that deck xD?
    Is it tier 2? i got many tier 1 decks

     If you really want to play that deck so badly then why make a this thread asking people what to do ?

    What matters is for you to be happy and if that means crafting some cool Legendary even if it rotates out, then by all means, go for it !

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    posted a message on Which card should I craft?

    The priest quest at least does something.

    The hunter quest is a joke.

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    posted a message on Stop hating Hunters!

    A lot of hate comes from the fact that hunter is probably he easiest class to play of them all.

    They usually only have 1 or 2 obvious options every single turn no matter the archetype.

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    posted a message on Which deck require the least skills to play?
    Quote from Fierytear >>
    Quote from ConCuThanKy1292 >>

    I think that currently Healzoo in Standard and Big Priest in Wild don't need to use much thinking to play.
    Healzoo just find their combo and Big Priest just highroll Barnes.
    Old Pirate Warrior is also the least skill-required deck and Blizzard nerf Patches too late because if they did it early, no one will play PW.
    What is your choice of the least-skilled deck?

     Actually it was mysterious challenger paladin. Aggro decks actually do take a little consideration when doing trades or going face. Some matchups were relatively hard for pirate warrior. 

    Secret paladin was the epitomy of no skill where absolutely nothing of what you did mattered once you dropped challenger on 6 (and most often won on 7). It also had one of the most consistent curves in the game at the time. Blessed be blizzard for whispers of the old gods.

     I could argue Pirate Warrior was the same or worse.

    You literally played whatever was in your hand and pretty much always hit face no matter what.

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    posted a message on Zentimo any good?

    The problem with him is it's odd.

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    posted a message on Just retire the entire classic set already

    Whatever we say or want is irrelevant.

    Blizzard design team only thinks with their pocket!

    Ever green good cards are huge problem because they don't encourage people to buy new packs.

    The solution: Rotate or destroy good classic cards until you can only make good decks with new cards you have to buy.

    Strong neutral cards also serve as a viable substitute for many individual cards for every class that overall bring more money so they gotta go and team 5 needs to be careful not to print such or else they get nerfed badly.

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    posted a message on Is it possible to get to 15 or better?
    Quote from AUzg >>
    Quote from Kyomugen >>
    Quote from Zufas >>

    I suppose I just suck. I’m not making mistakes that I know about. 

    If you were playing perfectly then you wouldn't be stuck as low as you are. I'm not trying to be shitty when I say this, but the reason you're not seeing any mistakes in your play is likely because you're blind to them, because your fundamentals are lacking.

    Perhaps you should try installing Hearthstone Deck Tracker, playing a few more games, and then sharing the replays with us. We could perhaps then analyse the way you play and offer some much more targeted advice.

    Again - not trying to be a dick. It's just that what I've quoted there is the #1 thing all people who suck at this game say.

    Exactly, he's probably making mistakes he doesn't recognize - i.e. not going face when he needs to, making unnecessary trades etc. Also, for example, when playing aggro, OP, you sometimes have to make a play without regarding possible AoE because if you don't, you're gonna lose anyway, just a couple turns later.

    I've started the grind for Legend this month very late, like 5-6 days ago, and got from rank 4 to Legend in 52 games with ease, using Even Shaman (68% winrate over 19 games vs Hunter, 73% winrate overall), so yeah, it's pretty well positioned in the current meta.

     You guys say the truth:

    When I started the game there were many things I was not even considering when making my plays.

    I would suggest watching some streamers on twitch. Not only is good fun but you can also learn a lot from their plays.

    I really liked Trump at the begging because he explained his plays very well. You could also check out RDU (for a more try hard experience).

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    posted a message on What's A Good Deck to Play on Ladder? (Trying to Win Games)

    Spell Hunter is very annoying to face so I guess is pretty good right now.

    You might also try dragon warrior.

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    posted a message on Is it possible to get to 15 or better?

    Just play Genn Greymane and 29 other even cards and you are good to go.

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    posted a message on Just got Gonk. . .

    Wish I had gonk man.

    He looks so fun to play with.

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    posted a message on The worst designed cards of all time?

    IMO there are some specific things that make a card bad designed:

    1) Non interaction category:

    Ice Block is the most annoying card ever printed: You just set it up and are guaranteed an extra turn of spells which is extremely infuriating to face especially when you know there is nothing you can do about it. There are other cards in the annoying category but Ice Block easily takes the cake here.

    The Caverns Below is a close second and got many people crazy about it, although I personally liked the card because it required a bit more interaction with the board.

    2) Coin flip category:

    Pre Nerf Patches the Pirate. Probably one of the the worst cards ever made in history: Promotes coin flip like style games where you can win or lose based on opening hand alone.

    Prince Keleseth . Same as above but on bit lower level. Still, simply by having Prince in the opening hand win rate can go up as high as 20 percent. That is absurd.

    3) Simply Overpowered: We hove lots of examples here but this category usually gets fixed with nerfs eventually.

    4) Disappointments: Cards that are so bad that nobody uses them ever. I personally believe we do not need these but hey, Blizzard gotta fill the packs with something right ?

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    posted a message on Nerfs - The dust refund policy must be changed as it's not fair anymore
    Quote from robert_fanr >>

    How about they actually neef the actual problem instead of some useless rare that would never see any play if it wasn't for said broken card ??!!!!

    They obviously did this on pursue to net give people dust.

    And BTW I think nerfs in general are a bad experience. You always feel like you lose something and not gain anything back.

    there was a much simpler and elegant solution to said problems: tech cards:

    For example:

    - 5 mana 5 5 battle cry silence and destroy your enemy weapon.

    - 3 mana 2 3 deal 1 damage to all other minions.

    - the dude that makes both players go to 5 mana should be cheaper (4-5 mana would be OK) and it should not be a legendary so you can use it multiple times if you really wanted


     Leeching Poison was the problem.

     You are wrong.

    To see why you must understand how design space works.

    Very few cards are powerful enoigh in itself.Constructed decks are based on synergy between cards.

    A card can be used to build around or be build around.

    Poison was a card that helped build around. In itself is harmless and will probably never see any play without something like kingsbane.

    Kingsbane on the other hand is very dangerous because as soon as a nice buff is put on it it becomes permanent which is potensially game winning .

    So now they cam not print any other good buffs because kingsbane exist and limits the design space.

    Poison on the other hand can be safely put on pretty much any other weapon in the game and possible future ones and would still be OK 

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