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    posted a message on Which Hearthstone card would be hardest to make work physically?

    I think overall Yogg has to be the pick here.

    You would have roll a dice again and again and again.

    One Yogg turn could take like half an hour or more lol.

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    posted a message on I have 30 wins in the brawl, 90% of them mage.

    Self promotion is not cool brother.

    About the brawl: It is poorly designed and there's no surprise there.

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    posted a message on Days of the Frozen Throne Has Begun - Earn 600 Gold, Free Happy Ghoul, Death Knight Tavern Brawl

    I think this brawl should be renamed to:

    Jaina's party brawl.

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    posted a message on New Classic Mage Spell - Icicle

    I think if this card could go face it would be close to playable.

    Cause you could draw cards after frostbolt or buff it with spell power for lethals.

    The way it is right now is absolute trash.

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    posted a message on New Classic Cards Coming to Hearthstone, Tournaments On Hold, Halloween, New Welcome Bundle, New Paladin Hero
    Quote from Afrochiapet >>

    The new classic cards are an indirect nerf.  It's no coincidence the rng cards have been added to the most consistent and viable classes throughout each meta. 

    Diluting the spell pool can do alot in future discover/spawn cards.

     Maybe for arena but in standard there aren't many good cards that discover spells.

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    posted a message on New Classic Cards Coming to Hearthstone, Tournaments On Hold, Halloween, New Welcome Bundle, New Paladin Hero

    Still no tournament mode.

    Are you kidding me ?

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    posted a message on The Five Most Overhyped Boomsday Project Cards

    Mellon is OP.

    Does not matter it's only in wild. The card was not overhyped I think.

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    posted a message on Odd paladin is a power house that is unnoticed

    For me odd paly is the most brain dead deck right now.

    The deck pretty much plays itself. All that matters is opponent deck and RNG.

    It is kind of a frustrating experience.

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    posted a message on How do you beat Rexxar DK??

    The answer is surprisingly simple :

    You can not out value Rexxar! 

    You must out tempo him.

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    posted a message on Next Deck Advice

    Try quest rogue or subject 9 hunter.

    Even lock is also good but I find it even more boring than the aggro decks.

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    posted a message on VS Wild Meta Report
    Quote from Rapidosamurai >>
    Quote from robert_fanr >>

    Seems to me like some people would rather play vanilla.

    Of course some combination of cards are going to be more powerful that playing them solo.

    And it's logical that a wider pool of cards will generate a larger number of powerful combinations.

    Just because you don't like playing against some specific combo does not mean it must be removed from the game !

    Especially in wild there  are a lot of good ways to tech around pretty much any combo that I don't see them as a problem.

     But problem in wild: druid has most powerfull draw in game...only class that can ramp...most powerfull armor gain in one turn (with warrior who actually has downside with gaining 10 armor)... And aviana+kun that can enable any OTK you want with little to 0 problem.... He can ramp and draw (tutors combo) so fast that vs control you are at 10 mana with all combo pieces in hand, but opponent is on 5 mybe 6 mana with one (if you are lucky) dirty rat.... Aviana was always problem in wild IMO. Nowdays even two of dirty rats arent enough cause they dont use only 4-6 minions like maly druid.... With more and more cards added this aviana will be a huge problem in future....if you wanna balanced otk decks you just CAN'T give that classes so much armor, draw, ramp, "combo enabler" (aviana) and SP.....

    Change aviana: your minions cost 3.... With 2xinervate you will be able to play kun and more 3 big minions in one turn.... Would still be powerfull card 

    Or: minons that 5 or more now cost 3, minons that cost less then 5 cost 1.... 

    No more fcking 10 minions in one turn that kills YOU AND YOUR WHOLE BOARD...on freaking TURN 6!!! 

    Aviana is problem like naga was!!! Oppresive vs control like naga was...in wild there is mostly combo druid and aggro...what is control? I have never heard for that word xD 

    Im control player yes... But before BDP i had a chance vs combo decks...now i have like 20% wr against star druid even if i have: dirty rat, demonic project, bran, glinda, gnomeferatu in deck... I was dead on turn 6 many times and i mybe drew few times gnomeferatu or dirty rat in time..but how many time dirty rat pulled combo piece?? 4 times in last (around) 20 games....because they have hand full of minions...and gnomeferatu is useless if not drawn on turn 2 cause of 4 mana draw your freaking most important cards for combo.... XD 

    Sorry for bad english

     I understand your sentiment. Sometimes I play control decks too and don't like the feel of not being able to do anything.

    But you must understand the fact that some match ups are just bad.

    Like for example in standard: if you play an aggro deck vs control warrior you have abysmal chance to win. Does that mean control warrior should be nerfed ? NO. The deck just does what is supposed to do. Same way, combo decks are designed to beat control and that's what they do.

    If combo can not reliably beat control then there is no point in having combo archetypes, as that is the main reason for it to exist.

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    posted a message on Can you remember your 1st day in HS?

    I remember being amazed by the art quality and liking the medieval music.

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    posted a message on What does it mean to be F2P?

    I think one issue that people don't think about is:

    Once you decide to spend even a small amount of money into a game it becomes easier to do so again in the feature. It's essentially a psychological barrier that is crossed.

    Companies know this! And that is exactly why companies offer seemingly irrefutable offers such as "welcome bundle". It's to familiarize people with the idea that is ok to spend some money, from time to time, regardless of the actual value, essentially slowly turning them into regular customers (sometimes without them even realizing).

    If you firmly decide to stick with being f2p and assert that you aren't going to spend money no matter how good a deal you are much less likely to be slowly transformed into a regular against your initial decision.

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    posted a message on DE vancleef?

    Absolutely NOT.

    Unless you only plan on playing hearthstone for short while you will most likely regret this decision at a later time, when you finally want to play with rogue.

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    posted a message on Burn Warrior

    This looks like a fun deck.

    But I am not confident in its ability to climb.

    What is your win rate with it ?

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