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    posted a message on 1500 XP Quest Trading - Play A Friend! (#7)

    Region: NA
    Trade Only?: Yes, you go first


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    posted a message on Monopoly Warlock

    Turn 1 pass

    Turn 2 Youthful Brewmaster crate

    Turn 3 Replay crate beside the generated crate into Void Terror to get two gifts.

    Opponent concedes

    This deck generates a lot of lopsided victories.

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    posted a message on #1 Legend Aggro Shaman

    Thanks for the write up, but what do me do if face plays taunt?

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    Awesome. Glad it worked for you. Thanks for your comments!

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    Tried to update the desciption with a a bit of strategy, but I'm not able to get in to edit at the moment. Anyway

    You want to mulligan for Mana Wyrm in your starting hand. Then ideally you can discover another Mana Wyrm on turn 1 and possibly even turn 2. Sorcerer's Apprentice is also great to have in your opener along with a 1 cost spell. You can mount a great deal of early pressure.

    Arcane Intellect puts 2 copies of Peruse in your hand and does not actually draw from your deck. This will ramp your Mana Wyrms like crazy.

    Example insane opener:

    Turn 1: Mana Wyrm + Coin + Mana Wyrm

    Turn 2: Sorcerer's Apprentice + Arcane Missiles

    Turn 3: Arcane Intellect + Peruse + Peruse + possibly two 1 mana spells reduced to 0. If your Mana Wyrm's were not dealt with they are now 8 attack and 7 attack.

    Now this deck is not top tier for this brawl or anything, but it should be strong enough to get a win without pulling your hair out.

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    posted a message on Ranked Distribution Percentages - Are They Updated?

    I'd love to see distribution by games played that month on ranked ladder.  Looks like what we have is based on at least 1 game played that month (and possibly outdated.) What about this breakdown based on players who played at least 5 games on ladder; 10 games; 20 games; 50 games.

    I don't think there is much chance Blizz will release those stats, but I'd be curious to see them.

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    Flesheating Ghoul is so strong with Dreadsteed. I'd think he's better than one of the current cards that don't blow up with Dreadsteed.

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    Deck works like a charm against Mill Druid. Got lucky and hit 2 of them in 3 games. Lost the game in the middle to a Shaman and the 4th game I beat a Druid running Innervate / Wild Growth / Yogg.

    I think this deck could lose if you get very unlucky with your draw and don't get enough boars which almost happened to me in the first game.  Mulligan for all boars IMO and don't play one out on turn 1 if going first. Even if you get some cards milled on turn 1 you should be fine as long as you have at least 1 boar to play on turns 2, 3, and 4.

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    posted a message on (S.16) [LEGEND] Murloc Hunter

    I swapped Leeroy for Arcane Golem and sadly only have one Warleader so I'm trying a Dire Wolf as a swap.

    Having fun with this deck as I'm sure no one is expecting a Murloc Hunter. Not doing super great with it, but I'm not sweating my rank this early in the season.

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