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    posted a message on Rise of Shadows Official Launch Times Announced!

    Before? Hmm you sure you can get back full value?

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    posted a message on Hearthstone Patch 11.4 - Boomsday Pre-Order, Midsummer 2.0, Card Consistency

    I dunno how you calculate $500/1000 per year. But I only buy pre-launch packs and can have almost most of the cards within 1 month.

    Did you consider the daily quests gold and extra dust?

    I definitely did not spend anywhere close to $500. More like $150 max per year.

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    posted a message on Get Ready for Hearthstone Esports in 2018! Masters System, HCT Points, Team Standings

    This caters for 1% of the players? I'm sure most of us don't really bother about qualifiers and prizes.

    We don't have time or even 'skills' for the top.

    What's there for more casual players?

    Can't we have a tournament mode for 99% of the players. Almost every other games have tournament mode.

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    posted a message on So time consuming

    Its so frustrating when you finally get to 7th or 8th boss and its overpowered!

    Why can they just concentrate on fewer bosses?

    The first few are a waste of time.

    If they want a challenge, just focus on the last few. Its like I spent 1 hour and in the end lose ridiculously. The whole run should have been planned for a shorter time. 

    The time spent could have been in ladder, area etc. Dungeon doesn't even clear my quest or gives gold. I do not have so much time a day to play hearthstone.

    Not sure if they meant dungeon for casual players since they will take a very long time to complete but its seems to catered for hard-cores. If someone said you can resume the run anytime but the break in momentum is already there. Just like sports, a break normally 'resets' the match flow.

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    posted a message on Decks Assemble is This Week's Brawl! Get a Free Kobolds Card Pack!

    1 game takes at least 30 mins of getting random draws. RNG!

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    posted a message on 2 same legend in 1 pack. how rare is it

    Wow, I just opened 2 of the same legendary card in 1 pack. How rare is it? 0.001%?

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    posted a message on Tavern Brawls Getting Worse

    f up brawl again. 

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