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    posted a message on What happens when you dust a card thats going to hall of fame?

    Tried searching and didnt find answer to this:

    If I have 2 golden ice blocks and 2 reg, how much dust do they give? 1600 x2, or 1600x2 + 400x2

    thx and sorry if the answer is elsewhere, i looked and forget how this works

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    posted a message on New Neutral Minion - Corridor Creeper

    HAH, more proof that initial theorycraft/impressions are always WRONG. 

    Reading the first couple pages from today's view... is... hilarious gg

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    posted a message on TOP 3-5 Legendaries to Craft in KofFT

    Assuming one has zero leggies coming into this xpac, what are the top 5 for people as "must craft"?

    Didn't see any tier lists yet for the new xpac (yea it's new, but already the top decks are emerging, so how about the top legendaries?)


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    posted a message on Is it worth disenchanting all wild cards


    Wild is actually becoming more and more fun as the seasons progress.  Especially considering how quickly standard gets stale (it took less than 2 weeks to become jade druid clown fiesta??), keep your wild cards.  Each year i find myself playing more and more wild.  People thought it would just be secret pally fest, but its really quite a diverse state of decks.  The last year or so of standard, conversely, just seems to go stale in a matter of weeks (days) after a new xpac when the 'best' deck just gets copied all over the place.

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    posted a message on Legendary Tier Crafting Guide

    Is it safe to say Pally Quest is worst legendary of this set?  I just got it in a pack, and thought "maybe I can make a good deck with it", and it just sucks.  Also, where is a good link for tier ratings of this current expansion's leggies?

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    posted a message on Dog's Rank 1 Legend Quest Rogue!
    Quote from EgorECH42 >>

    Nice. Got from rank 18 to rank 20 with like 3-15 score. Always countered.

     lol wut? L2P
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    posted a message on New Rogue Quest - The Caverns Below (Crystal Core)
    Quote from Specktakuhlarry >>

    Worst Quest until now.

    Edit: Maybe Violet Teacher will make this broken, but meh..

     hahahahahah, whoops on that prediction
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    posted a message on [MSoG] Thief Rogue

    I'm going to try this out today. Looks like a lot of fun, as I opened a Shaku in a pack and was looking for a way to play it.  Sounds like you've done some testing.  I don't have Grand Crusader, so threw in Beneath the Grounds to mess with Renos.

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    posted a message on "Beginner's" ladder from 25-21 ???
    Quote from Frostraven >>
    Quote from scout1515 >>

    It's called selective memory if he's "constantly" facing meta decks.

    ... That depends entirely upon the amount of new players vs. old accounts; monthly cardback collectors / Arena players / Returning players 
     That's what i was curious about...(and where in my post did I say "constantly"???)
    - how long does one need to be inactive to be bumped into the 25-21 bracket?  I just assumed all non-newbies remained at 20 or higher indefinitely?
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    posted a message on "Beginner's" ladder from 25-21 ???
    Quote from SleepTurtle >>

    basic deck can easy get to 20 without any prob.

     Yes, thanks capt obvious.  That wasn't the question.
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    posted a message on "Beginner's" ladder from 25-21 ???
    Quote from derekmshaw >>

    If he plays unranked, I think the system will match him with other new players (as that is what Ben Brode recently confirmed). Check out the recent news/posts regarding Ben Brode and Team Five.  So, that might be a better area for him initially, especially if he is getting burned by the ladder.

    Eventually, after so many wins, then he should start matching up with regular players.

    Thanks for answering the question, I'll pass along the "unranked" tip.  That makes sense.
    I've been playing for so long and always begin between 20-16 each season, so assumed the 21+ are just for new players.
    I was curious how non-new players get bumped below 20, but it must be inactive people?
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    posted a message on "Beginner's" ladder from 25-21 ???

    For instance, I thought, well maybe he just sucks and doesn't know the mechanics.

    But then we were hanging out and i watched a few games of his:

    @rank 24: full Kun-Aviana ramp druid, and another crazy full n'zoth deck with sylvanas, etc..

    @rank 23: full patches-pirate warrior (I realize the pirate cards are relatively cheap to acquire, but still, maybe just bad timing?)

    Once these dudes win a few games, they will be gone, but then more keep coming, how is that possible? 

    Should I have him play unranked, but then without the ladder, you could probably see even more meta shit, or does the system account for him being brand new with just the basic set??

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    posted a message on "Beginner's" ladder from 25-21 ???

    I must have been wrong, as I had a friend new to the game and told him it would be easy in the beginning, but is struggling to win in the very first ranks of 25, 24, etc.

    I was under the impression that you can't lose stars in the ranks of 25-21, but yet there are these crazy meta decks at rank 24, 23, 22, etc.  How are those guys able to farm the lowbie ranks if even conceding can't bounce them lower?

    Just confused how this is being exploited.

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    posted a message on Kripps - Jade Shaman Perfected

    Agree that this deck is great!  winning vs all agro pirates (unless they get god draw and we get crap starting hand).

    Losing to jade druids, so took out -1 ooze, and added +1 bloodlust - got a few wins on druid now and other matchups still same.

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    posted a message on WhiteChamp Concede Shaman

     This deck is great!  I've been going back and forth with my version, which runs some of the Jade package, but still all the big taunts.

    Games where you get 3-6 Storm Guardians are epic!

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