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    Ancestral Spirit on a stick

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    Quote from KawsmikW >>

    Right when you think Blizzards going to give Rogues something that's even a little powerful they pull your feet from right under. But had this been for any other class like Druid, itd be free... maybe I'm just being crazy though. Cuz we all know how strong a 0 mana deal 1 spell would be >.>

     seriously! rogue doesn't have any zero mana spells! so unfair!
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    Quote from prhyu >>

    Blackwing Corruptor says hi, after Blizzard dressed him back up as an Elemental and bumped him to 7 mana.

    Seems like THE reason to play an Elemental deck so far out of the cards released.

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    one of the criticisms of the elemental mechanic is that sometimes you can't just neatly curve with elementals turn after turn because you might be forced into a position where you need to cast a reactionary spell and dont have the time/mana to also play an elemental.

    this guy fixes that, as he is both reactive AND an elemental

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    Should be good for just about any shaman archetype... keep in mind that Shaman is a class that never had terrific card draw, relying a lot on Mana Tide Totem, and then factor in that Azure Drake is rotating out. Also the lesser played Ancestral Knowledge

    1. Jade Shaman - this is the one where everybody is getting excited/worried, but I actually think it's overrated here. In addition to the Jade summoners, you are also going to be adding fat vanilla minions that you'll never have time to play anyway.

    2. Murloc Shaman - this is where I think it'll really shine. Not only does it help you complete Unite the Murlocs by giving you more murlocs, it also gives you the chance to get another Megafin for some ridiculous value

    3. Control/Deathrattle shaman - this one's a little clearer. get yourself another white eyes... then drop n'zoth later. things like that. 

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    Quote from PonderingWalrus >>

    You have a very good point but personally I don't see Evolve particularly fitting into the Elemental Shaman archetype. I mean it could work, but I think it would be better running something more consistent.


    i disagree... evolve seems natural with elementals since most of them are strong battlecries with meh stats... Stone Sentinel, Kalimos, Primal Lord, Fire Elemental, Blazecaller.
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    Tidal Elemental is my pick. Design is simple and elegant... yet novel and intriguing. Kinda like "how have they not printed this effect yet" with all the totem synergies they pushed in TGT.

    My only criticism is the card text seems odd. "Gain a copy of its effect." What if it has also been buffed by another card. I assume it only gains the base totem effect, but that's not particularly clear. And gain "a copy" of its effect? Why not just "gain its effect."

    Beyond the clunky text, I think the card is great. Got my vote.

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    i think it works...

    the paladin quest implies you need to play an aggro deck, and galvadon is a finisher

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    1. Load your deck with a LOT of 1 mana cards, some powerful late game creatures, and The Marsh Queen.

    2. Complete the quest, but do NOT play Queen Carnassa

    3. Play Hemet, Jungle Hunter followed by Queen Carnassa

    4. Your entire deck becomes either big cards or 1 mana raptors that cycle

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    i'm less enthused. do you ever really want to draw a 1 drop later on?

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