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    posted a message on 71% W/L: Control/Freeze Lich Jaina.

    As a mage player I find your match up comments on point. Keep up to good work

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    This card is great.it is more powerfull than twisting nether. it simply destroys deathrattle mechanics and gives opponent potential dead draws. (no I don't want to draw my sindragosas frozen champion nor your stupid northshire cleric.)

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    you would think it is a flexible card cos it deals damage and freeze, but it targets randomly Thus is a trash card. instead, glacial shard or freezing potion should be picked in relevant deck types.

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    I'd like to ask how your tempests perform? do you get any face damage or a value trades from them? Do you still use double tempests?

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    broken in constructive too. I've never ever win when my oppenent plays 2 bonemare's one after another. even it buffs 0/1 minion  suddenly you are against a decent 5 drop (5/5) and a broken 6 drop (4/5 taunt with charge (Remember Al'akir legendary 3/5 but +windfury and divineshield is 8 mana). 

    I don't even think of why it gives a taunt.

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