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    I like a lot of the cards that have come out of scholomance academy individually, but I have found this meta to be the most annoying I have experienced thus far. The highest winrate decks, and the most common on ladder, aren't enjoyable to play against. Losing is one thing, but I want to have fun even when I'm losing and that's not happening. Usually there are only one or two really frustrating decks (i hated control warrior with un-nerfed boom and res-priest/most priest decks) ,but right now there are at least 2 that I get tilted cuing into. It feels worse than when Demon Hunter was broken--which I never played myself.

    Maybe it's just me, but I'd like to hear if others feel this way.

    Personally, I find tortollan mage to be the least fun deck to cue against. It's not interactive and if you aren't playing aggro to push them quick it feels to me like there's nothing you can really do. AND Mage is one of the classes I enjoy playing most. I was surprised to feel that this was more annoying than priest, which I always hate. I guess third on my list is Guardian animals druid. I don't hate it, but the high rolls also aren't great. I personally don't mind losing to aggro decks or libram paladin, those feel fine to me, but thought I would include them.

    I find that I'm not playing as much right now because of this. While there are so many interesting decks to build and test, I really don't enjoy playing against those 2/3 decks and it feels like I see them 50% of the time. What are your thoughts? What do you hate the most and why? Or are you loving the meta and think I'm being a whiny beyotchabist? 


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    Nearly impossible to get to this OTK win condition. Meta is so fast right now you can't live that long and removal isn't doing the trick. I haven't been lucky enough to match up against another priest yet...

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    Why the choice of sprint over Myra's for draw? Seems like if you need the burst to finish myra's might draw more and be better?

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