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    I love that they just split this card into two minions ala convincing infiltrator & khartut defender hahahahahah kill me plz

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    the true effect:

    battlecry: summon a convincing infiltrator and give it reborn

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    posted a message on Most hated deck in the meta?

    Res priest. It really annoys me cuz even when the player plays horribly, they can just keep shitting out taunts every turn through resurrections if they play them. Last game i played they were making sooo many missplays but drawing taunts on curve so just kept reviving them on and on and it was such a boring game. I never once lost board control but never had quite enough at first to deal enough face damage until the very end. 

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    posted a message on Reliquary of Souls

    great shaman card hehe 

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    posted a message on The Dark Portal

    why isnt this and skull of guldan legendary

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    posted a message on Desert Hare

    a good evolve target

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    i hate this card

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    damn kinda salty i just got pyroblastedx2 cuz they happened to get both costed down to 5 and all i needed was one more turn to win feels good

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    Last time this was played on me i had the upper hand all game and then they got a deathwing, living monumentx2, and kalecgos from having 2 copies very fun

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