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    i like golden animation

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    i like golden animation

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    i like golden animation

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    i like golden animation

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    i like golden animation

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    i like golden animation

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    i like golden animation

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    i like golden animation

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    Basic set

    Hello there, may the gods be with you, no wait, is that a Game of Thrones reference, that has nothing to do with our topic right now, let's see you play as a god, namely Ramses, now wait again, aren't you supposed to play as Amon or Anubis then, who are the real gods of ancient Egypt! Well, pharao's were considered gods and they were Isis-fucking awesome, ... ugh this is getting out of control. Okay, let's just start right!

    First and foremost nobody is wondering what the heropower does? It enables minions that aren't able to attack to, well, attack basically. It makes Ancient Watcher, Eerie Statue, and the infamous Ragnaros the Firelord walk, so that they aren't the laziest bastards of Hearthstone and do something right??? ... oh does Ragnaros wants to speak with me, honey, say I'm not here please... thank you!


    With this hero, it's our duty to defend ourselves against the enemy and lay down huge threats, that's the basic idea of this class. Don't need to explain more then that I think. You can Watching Mummy turn 1 and afterwards heropower to remove a leper gnome for example, though you can't heropower every turn, because that would be too slow for the meta. Diabetes Sphinx is the solution for your heropower crisis, it technically enables nearby watchers, resulting in them having to hit your minions, while you can plant more sphinxs for them to have to "eat". The third card is nothing more then to emphasize this idea. nothing better then a whole board of taunts to let them deal with. A bit underpowered in comparison with Fade, a old removed card that was in Hearthstone, but hey that's to expect when you have alot of huge creatures at your arsenal.

    Rest of the example cards:

    Thank U

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    Bring all the watchers that you can find, because this hero will make them rise out of the sand, watcher down your opponent while you send them back to the land of Osiris. Play powerful sphinxes to show them who's the boss here, and they will cry for mercy. (please... don't blame me for the description, it had to be pharaoish)

    Ancient Guardian - your basic 1-drop, just like your Ancient Watcher and Eerie Statue. It has some badass stats, that's the general theme of this hero, and it's the most basic example card to show what the purpose of the hero power is.

    Rise Up! - this is the Justicar Trueheart hero power, which makes any can't attack card text obsolete. While I'm writing this I found some more examples for this hero power to synergize, namely Ragnaros the Firelord and Argent Watchman. Don't also confuse it with 0 attack minions, like Nerubian Egg, since it could attack with abusive sergeant for example, while it does nothing on Ancient Watcher.

    Ancient Master - your more advanced card example that unlike Dreadsteed, you can't attack with it normally. More about the matter it's not a silence target either as most or not all watcher cards are, since you would lose the deathrattle and that makes it a worse Voidcaller.

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