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    Sense demons sees play in a tier 1 wild deck

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    Shaman is the only class (along with warrior kinda) who got a deathknight that provides no real long game value. shaman's hero card now is basically only used for the battlecry and to combo with cards like dopplegangster. and since now in the new rotation most evolve cards and synergies are rotating out so shaman's DK is gonna be pretty damn useless, so they decided to give shaman an actual way to compete in the value game alongside cards like bloodreaver guldan or valeera the hollow

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    not sure about those muckhunters. maybe that rotten applebaum card would work better there instead

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    needs wayyy more 1 drops i think, should definitely have some acherus veterans or glacial shards instead of the automatons

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    he better fucking sound cool

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    Quote from Trimutius >>

    In priest on turn 6 you might heal it back to 5/3

     no, in priest on turn 6 your summoning a 4/4 + Tyrantus/deathwing
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    I dont think its too good of a call having voidwalkers in a lackey deck

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    ever heard of frothing berserker?

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