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    posted a message on [Exclusive] New Nerfs! Eviscerate, Secretkeetper, Bite.

    damnit china

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    posted a message on RoS - What are your first crafts?

    For me it's definitely Archivist Elysiana. Cards seems super good in long grindy control games which is what i like the most

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    posted a message on Combo decks in Rise of Shadows

    For the past year or two, Hearthstone has kind of been plagued with a tons of annoying combo OTK decks that get released every expansion. Though, this is the first expansion in a while where I'm not really seeing any super high tier, broken combo deck being released. The only one I can realistically see surviving the rotation is Holy Wrath Paladin, but thats it. I was wondering if anyone else has discovered or heard about any new combo/otk decks coming out in the expansion, because I honestly can't find any

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    posted a message on What scares you the most in RoS?

    Yea, I’m just hoping OTK decks are contained as well. I have a feeling Holy Wrath paladin will be tier 1-2, but I’m just hoping the disruption we got is good enough to counter it 

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    posted a message on Midrange after rotation

    I'd definitely add that 1/1 beast that adds a hunter spell to your hand in over the hungry crabs, but thats just me

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    posted a message on Shaman in the meta post rotation?

    Thunderhead shaman will probably be a thing, and if shaman gets one decent heal card that can be used in the midgame like healing rain or tidal surge, I think control shaman could be a thing.

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    posted a message on New Mage Card - Ray of Frost

    Nice! It's ice lance but worse in every way!

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    posted a message on Most valuable expansions from year of the raven

    No way to know just yet, I'd wait a week and a half until the new expansion comes out to see what decks are gonna be good before investing in anything. From the past year, all 3 sets were as equally un-impactful to the meta, so it's not clear which one's are gonna have the best cards in the coming year

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    To be honest i could care less about the cards they release this set i'm just happy the deathknights are going away and most of the otk decks are going too

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    posted a message on Mass Hysteria

    dont sweat it, this card isn't going to be slotted in over physic scream in any priest decks for now, priest doesn't need that much aoe. once physic scream rotates out though, this will definitely become a staple in priest decks

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    posted a message on Mojomaster Zihi

    I would assume it doesnt do that but if it did then that would be insane

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    posted a message on New Rogue Card Reveal - Captain Hooktusk

    i mean, there are a lot of keywords Blizzard prints that they restrict to using in one expansion only. look at inspire and adapt. They only used those in Grand Tournament and Un'goro. The recruit keyword was i think something that was supposed to be featured exclusively in Kobolds. They don't just want some year old keyword that they haven't used in a long ass time to pop up in a random set, that would just be confusing for too many people

    Hell, that was the whole reason they removed the enrage keyword. It was a keyword they made like 4 years prior to and only used it like 4 times after release so they scrapped the keyword as a whole. Blizzard definitely didn't just forget about recruit, they're not as dumb as you guys think

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    posted a message on Master's Call

    Hold up, so if all three are beasts, do you still get to keep what you discovered as well as drawing 3 cards? Does this give you 4 cards total?

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    posted a message on Walk the Plank

    E V E N   R O G U E

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    posted a message on Hakkar, the Soulflayer

    Spiteful Druid basically loses every control matchup if this gets summoned lmao

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