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    I'm 0-2 and retiring this one from my priest lists.

    This deck stinks so far. With that said, maybe it's better in a meta where people are running less control. I don't know.

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    Thanks for the deck list!

    When a new expansion drops, I like to find a neat Priest deck to play for most of the expansion. I tried yours, and it's a blast! It's going to be my go-to when I want to play a few Priest games. :)

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    Hotform's deck has 1 copy of a K&C card. I was hoping for a deck that's at least 10% cards from the new expansion. Otherwise, it's basically a rehash of something we already had. 

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    Lesser Onyx Spellstone has been better than I thought it would be. Faldorei Strider has been worse. Overall, I'm enjoying it a lot. 


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    Quote from FromBeyooond >>
     What makes you say that? These two cards have no synergy. 
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    Quote from veryexoticdancer >>

    Ancestral Spirit less powerful cousin. Trash card but it is for paladin so it is ok. ( in Blizzard mind)

     For 1 more mana, you have control over which minion gets brought back from Redemption, essentially. Paladin can exploit this advantage into being exceptionally powerful. 
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    Quote from Goose217 >>

    OK, I've finally had it. Enough with the "random" effects on cards. This game is turning more into a "random" game of chance than a game of skill. For some reason this card kinda pisses me off...not because it'll be used against me but because it's lazy card design. Ugh...next card reveal please.

     It sounds as if you don't like Hearthstone that much.
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    I disagree. The version you're talking about doesn't run all the board clear that this version runs. This version is considerably stronger against aggro, and the other version is tuned for anti-control. Two wholly different decks, in terms of how they're teched out. This one is even kitted for fatigue, which the other is not. 

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    My experience - running the similar variant of this deck - is Burgly Bully excels in control situations and particularly against the mirror match.

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    This deck is insane with a good start.  This deck is dreadful without a good start.  The big issue I run into is the curve.  It lacks 4-drops I found.  If we can address that and get some better targets for Raptor, this deck will be extremely competitive.  Otherwise, I think it's just a cool flavor of the month for now.

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