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    Yeah it's slow, but it kinda follows the card design. I mean zen is all about it. My shakuhachi teacher said something like that to me: we need to be determined but there is no need to rush. just repeat it thousand times and eventualy you will be better. Just focus on a process, not on result. Be like sloth.

    Soo, when i saw the animation speed i thought it was intended to be like that.

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    posted a message on Rastakhan's Rumble Launches Today! Hearthstone Expansion Survival Guide

    30 packs, 4 legendaries. Quite a surprise.

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    posted a message on Hooktusk Pirate Rogue

    Like it. I think while Kingsbane is in standart, this type of deck would be better than even rogue. Looking forward to something alike.

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    I dont really know why to go so budget since you get bunch of legendaries on the start and can afford a bit more consistent version with some shield slams, brawls etc. Not to mention if you are lucky and get Dr Boom for free. All this budget thing becomes annoying. Ok, you can have very cheap and consistent hunter, warlock, maybe mage, but control warrior? Seriously? More like a clickbait for me.

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