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    Zephrys in an non-highlander deck is a dead card when you draw it until your deck has no more duplicates.. I think it's fair. If a nerf would occur, I suppose the requirement could potentially be "If your deck started with no duplicates" instead of "If your deck has no duplicates."

    Don't get me wrong, the card is indeed very powerful, but the condition I believe makes it up.

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    Elemental trigger must be why he's in there.

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    I'm only playing Reno Mage, and I easily get past rank 5 (already am from 2 days ago). It's extremely viable, you don't have to go cancer aggro or priest to climb up.

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    I'm really looking forward this mod to be integrated as a new mod for ladder in Hearthstone. Hopefully it will be, cause otherwise, I don't know why they would hype us with this new competitive mod.

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    posted a message on Dean Ayala Asks: What Would Get You Back Into Hearthstone?

    I've played HS since beta until recently. Stopped around November and tried MTGA, as it was the 1st card game that got me into this "card game universe". The way they handle monetization is years ahead of Hearthstone. Definitely still some changes are required, as nothing's perfect, but what would make me get back in HS is basically what MTGA offers us :

    Give us a better way to grind in-game currencies

    The HS system's completely obsolete compared to MTGA. Grinding 30 wins for 100G, and a daily quest averaging 40-80g depending which quest you get. Give us a better way to grind the game without having to pay enormous amounts of money. Literally look at MTGA : 

    • 15 Daily Wins which each of them gives you different rewards (cards, gold)
    • 15 Weekly Wins which gives you packs at each 5 wins.
    • Daily Quests
    • Competitive Constructed Mode in which you bring your own deck and gives you rewards at the end depending on how many wins you've got with a max of 3 losses. (This honestly is really what I would like to see in HS. The current ranked system isn't rewarding at all.)

    Let's be honest here, high-end streamers that are handing away 1k$ to blizzard each expansions can't even get all of the legendaries/epics in a single set in those packs. How do you expect your "normal" community to be able to have those cards if giving you 1k ain't enough? 

    Blizzard has made changes over the past few years when an expansion launches (logging-in legendary, packs, quests) which is great, but still, the daily basis grind still needs some love.

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    I've played this deck on ladder the past few days. Went from 11 to 7 pretty easily I'd say (played mostly against big spells priest, a couple tempo rogues/warlock). Didn't track stats though, but it's pulling good numbers.

    Give it some time and practice with it, it's a really good control deck in the current meta. 

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    Thanks for the deck! I really enjoy playing rogue, though I made a slight change, which is barnes for an arcane giant. I've played a lot this deck recently, though I'm not grinding as much as I was before, the value I was getting from barnes was barely good. The best card would probably be thaurissan of barnes, which if you already have in your hand, is not gonna happen. 

    I'd like to know what you think about this :)


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