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    i was with you right up until Priest and then saw dragons......Corrupt priest runs zero dragons, Control priests some run Ysera and some might run Magescribe and some dont even run any so i'm not quite sure dragons is the priest thing, The only time a priest is running a dragon is if it also generates more cards or lets them discover more cards but the dragon tag is not important its what it does that matters.

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    The nerfs are minor in general, The crabrider nerf is the only one that really seems to make a difference, The rest of the nerfs will not stop the cards being played, Might slow some classes down slightly but still going to go the same way, Spring water nerf does'nt really change much its still going to be played on curve mage just wants to draw its deck and with flow remaining the same a nerf to spring water does'nt change that much really, The nerfs are unlikely to change anything at the top end of the meta what was the strongest decks/classes are likely to remain that way and the buffs sure as hell are'nt going to change much at all, Will the win percent of the better decks drop slightly, Possibly, Will the win rate of the "buffed" classes increase, Possibly slightly but will the nerfs/buffs stop the domination of Paladin, Hunter and Mage, Not in the slightest.

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    Quote from EvilZero >>

    Mage is the 4th beat class at the moment. It's winrate is less than Paladin, Warrior and Hunter.  It has a strong deck, but the numbers suggest it isn't overpowered. Paladin meanwhile has been at the top of the meta for months. It's nerf barely hurt its winrate. 

    Look at Mage win rates against anything other than Paladin and Hunter and you will see very different numbers, The two classes that beat it most are Hunter and Paladin, So yes it is overpowered, Is it as overpowered as Paladin no its not i dont think that deck even has a worse than 50/50 again any other class but if they nerf Paladin again (A nerf that actually makes a difference ofcourse) and possibly Hunter and dont touch Mage then no class will even have a 50/50 against Mage, Is Paladin a problem oh without a doubt but outside of Paladin and possibly Hunter make no mistake about it Mage is a massive problem.

    Mage will farm pretty much anything that is'nt Hunter and Paladin and Hunter and Paladin are the only decks with a positive win rate against Mage, Paladin no doubt about it needs a nerf, Honestly cant say i've ran into that many hunters so cant comment on that but Mage is also a serious problem for anything that is'nt one of those other two classes and if you nerf them and make them weaker against Mage without touching that class.....What beats Mage then since right now Paladin and Hunter seem to be the only classes than can beat it on average.

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    posted a message on Incoming buff predictions (post for your fav class in bad need of them)
    Quote from Humllec >>
    • Twisting Nether --> 6 mana. It's slightly better than Brawl (5 mana) and Shadow Word: Ruin (4 mana), so 6 would be fine.
    • Mortal Coil --> 2 damage. One damage less than Holy Smite but can draw a card, with would be fair trade off (-2 dmg is too much).
    • Siphon Soul --> 3 mana, but no longer heals you. It's slightly better than Shadow Word: Death, so 3 mana would be fair cost.
    • Hellfire --> 3 mana and deals damage only to minions. 4 mana for symmetrical effect with face damage is too slow and too dangerous in aggro matchups.
    • Lakkari Felhound --> Remove battlecry. It's basically Sen'jin Shieldmasta (unplayable card from 2013) with just 3 more health. Class cards can be stronger than neutrals and vanilla 3/8 for 4 mana wouldn't make Warlock broken for sure (especially with all that power creep).
    • Free Admission --> 2 mana, draw 2 cards (not just minions), without any discounts. Like Arcane Intellect (which everyone knows is bad) for 1 mana less.


    I'm not saying all those cards should be buffed at the same time.

    Warlock is second worst class in the game (after Shaman) for like last 3 years and his control archetype wasn't viable since Cube Lock. He is so far behind in terms of power level, that he needs really big boost to be viable and relevant again. Most of all, he's too reactive and too slow (majority of his cards are overcosted, so he never gets any tempo or lead on the board, even after clearing it over and over) and he doesn't have reliable tools to make significant swing turns. Even his most powerful card, Lord Jaraxxus, needs 3 turns to generate real value. Turn 9 is just gain 5 armor and do nothing (which is crazy by itself!), on turn 10 you spawn one 6/6 without taunt or rush, and on turn 11 you can use it for the first time. In comparison Troublemaker is not as strong in a long term, but it gives you immediate, ongoing value, that can swing games. Warlock never gets anything like that, which is a shame.

    Warlock needs rework, new cards or huge buff to existing ones, there's no other way. When they nerf Tickatus (and I hope they will), he'll be gone from the game as a dead class with no purpose and place in the meta, outdated and redundant.

     What happens if Tickatus is'nt nerfed though, While you say you hope they will you cannot expect Warlock buffs until that happens because people already hate that card so any buffs to Warlock without a nerf to Tickatus is'nt going to go down very well and even if they do nerf Tickatus they have said only 10 cards will be buffed, I think theres classes in a much worse position that Warlocks right now that are in much more need for buffs than Warlock is.

    Shaman is obviously in a terrible position right now and needs alot of help to become a viable class again, Personally i think priest is in a very sad state aswell, Its not even a class right now, Priest at this point should just be renamed to "Created by" because thats all the class is right now, I see a priest player and i dont worry about board threats, I dont worry about swing turns, I dont worry about burst damage, All i think is, "Oh how many cards will be created by this turn and how much will they heal for". Heals for 30+ health a game, Creates 20+ cards a game and still the biggest threat the class has is a fatigue timer.

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    posted a message on Refreshing spring water in comparison with Pot of Greed ban.
    Quote from I_Feel_Ur_Pain >>

    Oh no drew 4 cards that may or may not help me in the game I had plenty of garbage cards drawn with rsw   . Mage is strictly at disadvantage with no minions but hey let’s nerf it more lol.

     I mean if you had plenty of garbage cards drawn with spring water.......Maybe dont put garbage cards in your deck, Thats a you problem, I think what you meant to say was, I had plenty of draw that did'nt help me at all from spring waters but if the cards you drew were actually garbage thats a you problem and has nothing at all to do with spring waters, If you play DoL and then spring waters and the random cards you got were garbage.......Again not a spring waters problem.

    Just because you've had games where spring waters has'nt drawn you what you need does'nt mean anything, A rogue can play secret passage and draw completely dead, Get zero card generation and just draw 2x shadowstep and sinister strike and cloak of shadows or blackjack stunners with no secrets in play on no enemy minions on the board depending on the rogue deck, Does that make those cards all garbage too?

    You can draw bad in any game but if you're playing a actual deck then not one of those cards in your deck can be considered garbage and if it is then that is on you and maybe you should think about cutting those cards from your deck, It might be useless at the time but thats not the same as garbage, "I drew bad when i play spring waters" is not a valid reason as to why spring waters is fine, Now i'm not complaining about spring waters i think its a card that is good but not game breaking but i'm not sure bad draws is really a arguement as to why its not busted when literally every deck has bad draws.

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    posted a message on Nerf suggestions / ideas – emphasis on soft nerfs
    Quote from sPacEtiMe19 >>

    Sword of the fallen and refreshing spring are the only things on your list that need toning down imo. 

    The problem with players is they need to get over building the greediest decks possible. People get annoyed at pen flinger because it goes face a lot in the late game, but that’s 100% your own fault for building such a greedy, reactive control deck. 

    The same can be said about tick. Tick is absolutely useless against aggro/tempo decks, and only really punishes decks that “do nothing.” I love seeing the posts of people that complain about tick, they’ll link their priest deck, with like 26 reactive cards and only c’thun as their win con, and they wonder why their opponents have time to do all the things. 

    People need to build their decks more proactively. I personally love tick because he keeps these players in check. The players that build decks that are designed to make games go on for 30+ min. 

     People need to build their decks more proactively and Tickatus keeps those who dont in check, You do realize you love a deck that does exactly the same thing right?, It is literally a reactive deck, Has little to no pressure on the board early/mid game, It runs 12+ removal spells, You encourage people to build more proactive decks while supporting one of the most reactive decks in the game right now, The deck wants to do nothing at all apart from corrupt Tickatus, Play it, Play Jaraxxus and Y'Shaarj, The rest of the game it is quite happy to just draw cards, Shuffle souls into its deck and keep removing your boards. You say it keeps those players in check that build decks designed to go 30+ mintues........No it is a deck designed to go 30+ minutes, It has all the removal and late game win conditions with Jaraxxus to go 30+ minutes it just does'nt need to thanks to Tickatus and Y'Shaarj.

    "People need to builds their decks more proactively........Apart from Control Warlock" would be more true because make no mistake about it, Control Warlock is the most sucessful reactive deck in the meta right now, Hell it might be the only reactive deck in the meta right now. You could make Tickatus a neutral card and along with Y'Shaarj and put that combo in control warrior or control priest and please go ahead and tell me how a control warrior or control priest with Tickatus/Y'Shaarj would play any differently than control warlock plays.

    Hell theres your solution, Just make Tickatus a neutral card and it solves all the issues, It means people can play other control decks like warrior and priest so control players are happy but it also means no games go 30+ minutes so everyone else is happy, No i dont honestly think that is the answer or ever likely to happen but it would make for more variety in terms of the decks you face atleast.

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    posted a message on When are the nerfs coming?!?!?!

    You have'nt had chance to try out the new cool cards you've picked up, Do you honestly think any nerfs are going to change that and allow you to play new cool cards, This is'nt expansions of the past where people actually tried new decks for a few week after a expansion until the meta settled, The meta was settled before the new expansion even arrived, Minute one of the expansion everyone knew what was going to be the power house decks and thats what they have played and will continue to play.

    As soon as the nerfs are announced before the patch even goes life the new meta will already be in place, Theres unlikely to be much if any experimenting happening people already know what decks are strong right now, Sure they might not be Mage or Paladin level strong but if those two classes suffer big time from the nerf the next decks to take that spot are already ready and waiting to be the new decks you'll be seeing game in game out, Maybe if we're lucky it will be more than 2-3 classes but even if it is that you're still very unlikely to beable to try your new cards because you're going to be coming up against decks that are already refined and were refined before the expansion even launched.

    As long as Blizzard keeps having these pre expansion tests for streamers ect the chances of really getting to try out new cards are very slim because the decks are out before the expansions are and as we have seen not only in this expansion but previous ones aswell a large portion of the player base will play the best decks from the off and keep playing them until they are nerfed because winning is more fun for them, Even back when people did used to experiment with decks in a new expansion you had players who would play old existing decks purely to farm ladder against those people experimenting and would'nt even play a new deck until it was meta to do so and once it was that was all they would play.

    As much i would like to tell you that you'll get your chance to play with your new cool cards sadly it is very unlikely that will happen because as you are seeing now people only want to play the best decks and are not interested in anything else, Thinking nerfs will change anything is just wishful thinking really because the only thing nerfs change are cards and decks, The players remain the same and the players only play the best decks and as much as i would like to tell you otherwise.......There is no nerf that is going to change that, There is always going to be a meta, There is always going to be the best 2 or 3 decks and those decks are going to be what you run into game after game after game, If you're lucky you might get a single day where you run into something different but dont worry once peoples favorite streamers start playing those meta decks we'll be back to the usual meta deck grindfest we all know and hate.

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    posted a message on Control lock is the most brain dead busted control deck ever
    Quote from DeafKnight >>

    Warlock removal and disruption is the whole point of the archetype and is supposed to be like that. 
    Seriously, if your deck can't win if it loses one or two key cards then the problem is your deck, not the opponent. 

    There's an old proverb about eggs and baskets that applies quite nicely here...

     You can literally make that argument for any deck at all, "Oh the RNG of Deck of Lunacy is the whole point of the archetype" the card is put in the deck for a reason so why you complaining when the reason its there actually works right?, People are'nt putting it in their decks for the lols of it they have build a deck purely around Deck of Lunacy, They avoid 5 drop spells because 8 drop spells are dreadful, They put in 3-4 7 drop spells because they want Nagrand Slam, They stack 3 and 4 drop spells because they give 6 and 7 drop spells which are largely mass card draw and mass AoE spells, The whole point of that archetype is built to get the most out of Deck of Lunacy, Its supposed to be like that.

    Pen Flinger, Rogue and Paladin build their decks around that card, That is the pure archetype of that deck to take advantage of Pen Flinger as much as possible, Why people complaining about it, Its supposed to be like that.

    You can literally make the "Its the archetype its supposed to be like that" for literally any deck in the game because they are built to a archetype so obviously that is how the deck is supposed to play that does'nt mean its not a problem, Look back at previous decks that have been dominant in the past, Machine gun priest, Quest rogue, All of them have had the archetype they will build to and all of them did what they were supposed to be doing the problem was they did it way too good and that is the same as Tickatus, It does what it does but it does it to a level that no other deck can even consider playing a control archetype.

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    posted a message on Deck of Lunacy and the no minion mage
    Quote from Aegis24 >>
    Quote from BrazZOR >>

    Yep. It's completly busted. But many Mage players doesn't see a problem with. Because its random and if its random then its ok.

     Mage players have been complaining about the direction if mage for years.  Mage has been hit hard by hall of fame rotations for a while now because it’s constantly gimping the long game and forcing us to play some other type on deck.  Low and behold the useless now useful RNG not so RNG card is good.  But when it gets slapped with the nerf bat mages will be bottom tier.

     Nerfing Deck of Lunacy will not make mage bottom tier, No minion mage without Deck of Lunacy and C'Thun instead is still a very solid deck, Its not like mage does'nt win games without playing Deck of Lunacy, There are those games where Deck of Lunacy is in the final 5-10 cards in your deck but the deck is still strong enough to win games without it, That being said if Blizzard decide to nerf other cards aswell then yes mage is going to struggle.

    The deck has burn, It has card draw, It has card generation, It has AoE, It has removal, The deck has everything it needs without Deck of Lunacy to be still a strong deck, Deck of Lunacy takes a good deck and makes it just stupid when played early enough because the current card pool is just so small its predictable RNG. At no point should i beable to play a card like Deck of Lunacy and beable to predict what my deck will look like to the extent it can be now.

    My 10 cost spells will be X or X, My 9 cost spells will be Libram of Hope, My 8 cost spells will be too random which is why they avoid using many 5 drops, My 7 drops will largely be AoE and my 6 drops will largely be card draw, Now i personally dont think the card is the problem at all as we saw prior to the expansion it was a meme card and it is completely useless in wild so the card itself is fine, The issue with Deck of Lunacy is the size of spell pool and how predictable it is not the card itself but until more spells are added to the pool in later expansions it is going to be a issue and a issue i just dont see Blizzard allowing to continue, Hopefully for mages that is the only card they nerf but only time will tell on that one.

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    posted a message on Deck of Lunacy and the no minion mage

    The OP comment is wrong and that is what people seem to fail to understand about Deck of Lunacy, "Oh its loads of RNG", Try playing Deck of Lunacy in wild where it is a load of RNG and come back and tell everyone how broken the card is, The card is'nt broken because its loads of RNG its broken because of the lack of RNG in standard due to the small spell pool it has to pull from, It is a card that will likely get worse with each expansion until it is completely unplayed like it was prior to the current expansion hitting.

    Right now you have 2 10 cost spells, 1 9 cost spell, 9 8 cost spells of which 2 are useless and 1 is barely useful, 8 7 cost spells of which 5 are AoE and only 1 is completely useless and finally 7 6 cost spells of which 4 are massive card draw and again only 1 is completely useless, The lack of RNG is what makes Deck of Lunacy a issue not the RNG of it.

    With a card like Deck of Lunacy i should'nt beable to predict the kind of deck i'm going to end up with but right now that is quite possible atleast when it comes to the 6-7-8-9-10 cost spells, Its predictable RNG where you can build a deck to give you the best chance of hitting those cards you want because you know the spell pool is so small, Like if i play 1 Incanter's Flow before Deck of Lunacy i know without a doubt that i have 3 Libram of Hope in my deck, I know that i will likely have atleast 2 big card draws in my deck, You know there is a lack of RNG when you can predict what is going to be in your deck with or without Incanter's Flow being played.

    Again it is not the card that is the problem, The card was never a issue before the expansion and is not a problem in the slightest in wild, The problem is the small spell pool, Its the perfect storm for Deck of Lunacy a very small spell pool 6 mana and above and most of those spells being extremely strong, It is probably a one expansion wonder because it will get worse the more cards that are added to the pool, That does'nt mean the card in standard is'nt a issue though i'm not saying that all just that the problem is'nt the card itself as much as the spell pool it has to pull from.

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    posted a message on About deck of lunacy
    Quote from user-100313749 >>

    yes Tickatus is problem but is not rng ,the problem with heavy rng is killing the game(and many other things).We know theres a problem in a game when we see 80% of the same decks and right now today i have 14 matches in th row vs mages with deck of lunacy , i autocenced after 7th in thr row.Hearthstone is mediocre to bad designed from day one and instead of fixing the game they make it more frustrating,every serious game have global rules like min 1 mana cost so we cant see 0 mana librams spam.I am watching a lot of streamers ,no one seems to enjoy the game except paid clowns like Regis .I say again , Tickatus is bad yes but rng is worse because blizzard ok purpose put gambling mechanics because of addictive nature of gambling .Any deck that dont let you play is bad,including Tickatus or librams for different reason.

     Oh i agree there is multiple problems, Tickatus is just terrible because it completely kills control for any other class, Librams have their issues but less so than Tickatus or Deck of Lunacy i think, RNG has been becoming more and more of a issue for quite awhile now and Deck of Lunacy just shows that, However like i said its not so much the card that is the problem because prior to the expansion it was anything but a problem at all, Deck only became a problem when the spell pool it pulls from is extremely diluted and in most cases just down right predictable......Like you say RNG but right now Deck of Lunacy is'nt really RNG and that is the problem, You know your 9 cost you know its 100% Libram of Hope, 10 cost is going to be Nagrand Slam or Survival of the Fittest.

    Theres only 9 8 cost spells and only 3 of them are largely useless, 8 7 cost spells of which 5 are AoE and only 2 are largely useless, 7 6 cost spells of which 4 are large card draw spells and only 1 is completely useless, That is not really RNG it is alot more predictable making it a bigger problem than pure RNG, You know your 10 cost spells are 50/50, Your 9 cost is 100% healing and a taunt with divine shield, Your 7 cost is most likely going to be AoE removal, Your 6 cost is almost always going to be massive card draw, Thats not really RNG, You take Deck of Lunacy to wild and then you've got complete RNG but right now due to the small spell pool in standard Deck of Lunacy is a problem because its not RNG if anything.

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    Quote from user-100313749 >>

    No its not a fun deck unless you are addicted to gambling and have compulsive tendencies.Too much rng is killing this game,is not hs as we know it and rng is on purpose from blizzard because it have the same addictive properties as gambling .The game is losing players ,i give it max 1-2 years to became Heroes of the storm.Today i played 7 matches using 2 different Pala and 2 variations of Tickatus Lock , i lost from 7 decks of lunacy mages.If you think this is healthy for the game ,to lose from rdiculous rng ,then reconsider,imagine if we all play deck of lunacy

     You played 2 different Tickatus locks......Yep, Not sure you're in any position to talk about one terrible card in Deck of Lunacy when you're quite happy to play Tickatus a card that just discards 10 of your opponents cards, Playing deck of lunacy is about as healthy as tickatus is for the game, The difference is deck of lunacy is only good because the current card pool is so small, Tickatus is just a unhealthy card period, Neither are healthy for the game but one will become worse with each expasion with more spells added while the other will remain just as good if not get better depending on what cards are added, Personally i hate deck of lunacy but you cant really say its unhealthy for the game when you're quite happy to play the second most unhealthy card in the game.........I mean the card is so busted you're playing 2 variations of the deck.

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    Based on the cards you mentioned generating that card........You're talking about priest, How do you deal with 5 of them.......Considering control priest has like a 45-50% winrate, The answer seems to be very easily, Is the card annoying, Yes very much so its like Frost Nova in what it does which is also very annoying but even with the ability to generate 5+ on the card the deck is still complete trash.

    If you have a deck that can generate 5+ of a card you consider a issue only has a 45-50% win rate then i'm not sure what the issue is here, That is only possible to do in control priest and the deck is just bad, I mean the deck has the potential to get 2 from each dragon, 1 from each 2 drop, 1 from each renew, With 2 raise dead they can get 2 more dragons and get 2 more of each of them.......The deck can potentially have 14+ waves and the deck still only has a 45-50% win rate.......A card so broken that even with the potential to generate that many of them the deck that can do it will struggle to get a positive win rate.

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    posted a message on Opponent with higher matches against you in duel mode

    Has been a thing for a long time, Normally happens at 1-0 i've played the same player at 0-0 and then at 1-0 when they retire because they did'nt get the treasure they wanted so they lose since i have a treasure and they dont but i've seen it a few times at higher wins too.

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    posted a message on Y'Shaarj Corrupt Deck (Priest)

    Seems a very confusing deck, The corrupt cards are all over the place, You only have 2 cards to corrupt strongman (technically 3 but one if them you're kinda hoping to get a 0 mana strongman from) and one of them is Ysera which is a hard card to play, I mean on turn 9 or 7 if you get extremely lucky and reduce it with insight its a 4/12 which most control classes will beable to remove and any aggro deck is going to just go straight to your face and you lack removal so much, A few taunts but not much else.

    You only run 6 spells one of them costs 0 mana and one costs 1 mana i'm not sure what palm reading is doing in the deck hoping to reduce 3 maybe 4 cards, To spend 3 mana on that you're hoping to hit atleast 2 probably atleast 3 for it to be worth it but you have no value generation cards on average you'll be lucky to hit 1 or 2 spells, Also with only 6 spells fortune teller is at best a 5 mana 8/8 taunt and that is at best, On average with only 6 spells in your deck its going to a 5 mana 4/4 or 5/5 taunt and that is not good.

    I mean if all you want to do is complete the quest you can just play a normal control deck and just stick Y'Shaarj in to complete the quest because with that deck you might actually struggle to get to even play Y'Shaarj but if you want a deck that is viable with Y'Shaarj that priest deck is probably not the way you want to go, You generally want targetted corrupted cards to get back not just 3 random corrupted cards.

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