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    posted a message on Return of Mechazod is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    that brawl sucks balls, wtf dude

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    posted a message on Return of Mechazod! - Tavern Brawl #416

    what a bad brawl, just awful

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    posted a message on Thank god Diablo iV is tomorrow
    Quote from b1ak1ce >>

    "blizzard keeps making bad products, surely they will get the next one right"

     high ratings say exactly that

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    posted a message on Botting In Classic Mode.
    Quote from Xanthious >>

    Update: I went from literal scratch, never played a game of Classic, to Legend Rank 75 in a little over 24 hours and 93 games with a record of 85 wins and 8 losses. I'd like to thank the following players for their contributions: 

    * Njuqkjk

    * Mmgyklo

    * Ngtrrlcdk

    and SO many more bots with names consisting of random letters. Thank you all! 


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    posted a message on No Bots on EU?
    Quote from Trollknoll >>
    Quote from Trent90 >>

    Usually playing from bronze to gold you are facing normal players, from gold to diamond 2 you will face bots only

     I literally watched a Stream yesterady in which a guy faced 18 Bots and 3 real Opponents from rank 10 bronze to rank 1 silver in like 3 hours of playtime..

     i faced also normal players. but at the moment i had no more star bonus, i started facing bots. I'm at Gold 1 now, only facing one normal opponent since early silver

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    posted a message on Heroic Brawliseum is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    burnt one daily quest because of that shit

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    posted a message on Refund Legendary Skins

    asked for a refund for arthas and still have it in my collection

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    posted a message on People like zeddy destroyed HS
    Quote from Addy87 >>
    Quote from ethanadragon >>

    If they actually listened to zeddy prince wouldn’t have gotten nerfed also half the nerfs he suggests never actually end up in the game he’s been saying buff warrior for a month and it hasn’t happened they don’t listen to him

     I think he did not like original renathal and was asking to nerf it.

     he never asked for a nerf. he was actually really mad, that he nerfed renathal

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    posted a message on Druid is turning meta toxic
    Quote from TallStranger >>
    Quote from emkarab >>

     Quest Rogue was in the same spot - beatable, but still toxic and preventing meta diversity.

     As I recall, Quest Rogue was only nerfed because it was a "feel bad to play against" type deck. There were no balance issues with it, and it certainly wasn't a high winrate deck. (That said, it's been a while and my memory on this is fuzzy, so I could be wrong.)

     Quest Rogue was nerfed, because it killled control completely. 

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    posted a message on Share Your March of the Lich King Pack Opening Screenshots & Results!

    had one of the best openings ever. in 163 packs (only got the small preorder, rest gold) i've got 11 Legendaries total, 2 of them were signature and one golden legendary. i'm really happy with the result

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    posted a message on Ban Sire Denathrius from Duels?

    They should ban him from Duels. You have to include him in any deck to win lately.

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    posted a message on What’s your lowest played class?

    DH by far, only Level 34 with it. From the "old" classes it's rogue, druid and hunter

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    posted a message on Casual vs Heroic

    i have also problems with it. when i play paladin with divine shield, i always get the related treasures for it. yesterday i played a mech deck and did both times get nothing helpful at all. today the same with a murloc deck. 

    that's not a treasure only problem, same goes for buckets. i've played a complete dragon deck and got some crazy shit buckets, also with the mech and murloc deck. really don't understand, why that's the case 

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    posted a message on Draconic Big Mage

    i played a few games and really don't know, if its good in the current meta. we have boar priest, shellfish priest and shellfish warlock. a lot of hunters and so on. i'll give it another shot, because thats my style of deck.

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    posted a message on Bets for first nerfed deck?
    Quote from dies_to_removal >>

    In other words Reno Jackson and Reno the Relicologist together are needed at this pooint.

     and both down to 4 mana

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