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    Best troll deck ever. Well done.

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    If they want to make this treant archetype work, the treants need to be 1-mana 2/2s, not 2-mana 2/2s. I've played with Witchwood Apple in an even token deck, and the biggest problem with the card is the inflated cost of the 2/2.

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    Yes, many lists are not running Tony, instead opting for a second Pyroblast.

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    The decision to dust all rotating cards seemed to be popular around the time of the first rotation. However, I think future rotations will increase the draw to Wild.

    First of all, Standard has proven it is very capable of becoming stale. It took Blizzard 2 months to do something about the 30% play rate of Shaman that emerged shortly after MSoG. While they have recently said they will act faster in the future, I'll believe it when I see it.

    Second, as the Wild card pool grows, there will be more interesting possibilities in that format. I expect a lot of the big streamers to play more Wild during the Year of the Mammoth, which will influence how the meta develops there. It should be pretty fun.

    Third, as other posters have mentioned, Wild cards are really useful in Tavern Brawls. You may not put a lot of value in this in itself, but as time goes on, this might factor more into your decisions.

    At the end of the day, it's your decision, but I would recommend only dusting rotating cards as you need to, in order to build new meta Standard decks. Dusting is such a huge cost, and it is not worth it to just have a big pile of dust. The cards will always have higher potential value than dust alone.

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    I'm saying we've never seen a card like this: it puts a card into your deck; it does NOT summon a token on the board.  We have never seen a non-token, non-collectible minion in Hearthstone before. I do not know what the limitations are on Maelstrom Portal, hence my original comment.

    I hope that you and Friies are correct, but we cannot assume this is true based on prior knowledge because no card has ever existed like this.

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    It's not a token, it's a card. It's not collectible, so maybe that matters? I hope so...

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    If Maelstrom Portal can summon the 4/3 Raptor, then Shaman just got more broken.

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    I believe the name of this patch, Aggro Downfall, is a poor choice. Mainly, that is because it is opinion-based rather than fact-based.

    I suggest something like "One-drop Nerfs" or "Spirit Claws Nerf" or "STB/Spirit Claws Nerf." Really, anything that is fact-based would be better than an opinion- or meta-based title. In two years, Aggro Downfall will be mostly meaningless to anyone who does not remember exactly what was nerfed.

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    You could use another Shieldmaiden, but your win rate will suffer for it.

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    Lost to Zoo, beat renolock. Good times.

    10/10, will meme again.

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