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    Dane makes the most fun Wild decks, glad to see some of his on the list.

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    Quote from bangyakunosquash >>

    I didn't use the letter H.

    Because this card is in Chinese.

    Someone's playing 4D Chess over here...

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    Quote from Suskis >>
    Quote from Cuddlypuff69 >>
    Quote from Kolraw>>

    Look, I'm hyped for the new hero skins. But, 1000 wins seems a bit steep for me, as I've yet to get anywhere close to the 500 wins required for golden portraits. And if that's not enough, my least played ranked class, warrior, has (in my opinion) the coolest new skin.

     I’ve got 23k+ wins and all the skins.....Try harder maybe

     I think us beta players should all be at least at 2000k+ wins for each class or, if 1 class was preferred, maybe around 10k+ wins for it



    Open Beta player here, my highest amount of class wins is 549... My next highest class is 460 with my lowest at 80. Reached Legend, hit Rank 5 every month, some of us just don't play as much as you do.

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    Waaaaaah, Mummy the other boy isn't playing the game the way I want him too, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

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    Quote from Shipyx >>

    Where is kaladin ?

     Moved to OutofCards.com

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    posted a message on Do you still watch Kripp's youtube videos?

    Apart fro, Kripp i only watch DaneHS... Only plays Wild and makes the jankiest fun decks and has a laugh while playing. If you've not watched any of his videos / streams then you should check him out.

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2
    Quote from Kaladin >>

    100% deserve to kill myself IRL.  i want to die more than anything right now.

    mf'er had NO cards in hand.  topdeck tracking into zuljin.

     An 11 mana play, impressive.

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    posted a message on Why is Zoolock not Tier 1 on hsreplay?

    in this thread: a whole load of people who don't understand how to play zoo.

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    posted a message on How will Blizzard inevitably nerf rogue?
    Quote from Kaladin >>
    Quote from Kaladin >>

    I just want to comment on weapon removal, and specifically Ooze/similar effects.  

    IMO Ooze's effect is too strong and prevents archetypes like Thief Rogue from being playable.  Hear me out.  

    Lackey Rogue with Waggle Pick is strong for many reasons, some of those reasons being pure burst damage via Waggle Pick and Leeroy.  There's not much thought to it - you go face, gg.  

    Because of how strong the deck is, everyone techs in weapon removal via Ooze/Harrison (and Weapons Project in Warrior).   That means you can't play Thief Rogue with Spectral Cutlass, a major point around which a lot of versions of the deck are built, and a primary way not dying to aggro/midrange.  Say what you will about "Cutlass is broken because I died once to an 8-attack lifesteal Cutlass" but a majority of the time, you're using that huge weapon for removal and survival.  Not to mention balancing weapon charges against 'other class' card generation.  

    Oh but because Lackey Rogue is stupidly strong and everyone runs double Ooze, guess what - Cutlass is unplayable, which makes the deck unplayable.  

    Cutlass is fine because of the skill and intricacy of plays.  

    Make Ooze a glorified Bloodsail Corsair and make Waggle Pick start with 1 durability instead of 2. 

     that would

    a) make good weapons overpowered. The only reason why Cutlass isn't just Kingsbane 2.0 is because of it's weakness to weapon removal. You can't just nerf all weapon removal just because you want a single deck that happens to rely on weapons to be playable (not to mention that most people don't run double weapon removal, at least not one the regular ranks)

    b) it would also completely kill Waggle Pick for no reason (it needs a nerf not removal)

    The entire point of cutlass is that it's infinite damage + healing, but it gets countered by weapon removal. You're basically want to remove an intended counter just because you want to win more with a meme deck. That's like saying nerf Mountain Giant because I want to play Heal Druid

     Hello, bait.  

    Ooze was not so polarizing as a Classic card in metas where you had relatively few and relatively straightforward weapons.  What strong weapons are you referring to that would be broken if Ooze was nerfed? 

    Perhaps this was a bit of an anomaly but I queued into Giants Mage and Lackey Rogue this morning, both running double Ooze.  This was not at top 200 legend though, I guess that's what you meant by "normal ranks."  I understand if my experience at Rank 8 is completely meaningless and irrelevant.  

    Waggle Pick would not be unplayable with 1 durability.  Why do you think that?


     I'm sure everyone will love it when weapon removal is nerfed and Warrior buff their Wrench Calibers duribility with Captain Greenskin, Upgrades etc... Super fun.

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    posted a message on Wild Is Much More Fun Than People Think.
    Quote from iWatchUSleep >>

     Imagine having a blast while playing a deck as one-dimensional as big priest.

     I've never played it before and over the past few days I've been playing it and having fun... Sorry that blows your mind ;)

    Some of the interactions are totally busted, especially with Vargoth so it's been enjoyable to try them out!

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