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    posted a message on Son of the Flame

    Most overpowered card EVER!

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    posted a message on Mini-Mage

    If knife juggler is ever nerfed, this might almost be halfway decent.

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    posted a message on Imp Gang Boss

    This card is AT LEAST a 3/5 for 3, but usually it will kill a 2 drop and survive, making it a 4/6 for 3.   It's the most OP card in this expansion besides dragon consort.

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    posted a message on Cairne Bloodhoof

    The current meta is way too aggro to run this card, because it doesn't do anything on the board immediately and it's vulnerable to freezing trap.

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    posted a message on Mech-Bear-Cat

    This would actually be godmode if it was 6/7 instead of 7/6.

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    posted a message on Mech-Bear-Cat

    Everyone and their mother runs double BGH now because everyone and their mother runs at least Dr. Boom, and handlock is popular, and control warr is popular.

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    posted a message on Archmage Antonidas

    GVG took this card from below average to GODMODE

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    posted a message on Iron Juggernaut

    This card is shit, but it would be playable if the mine card didn't have a "draw a card" affixed to it.

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    posted a message on Hemet Nesingwary

    This card is underpowered.  It'll barely be playable in the most hunter-heavy meta we've ever seen.    It needs to be 6/4 instead of 6/3.

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