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    The problem with building a deck around astral communion is that if you don't draw it, you lose 100% of the time.  And even if you do draw it, you still lose most of the time, because druid has no decent way to come back from being behind on board, besides deathwing.

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    It's usually going to be a downgrade from azure drake, which is already rarely played in control decks.  Drawing one card from your own deck is much better than drawing a random spell, and with azure drake you get the draw automatically instead of needing to spend 2 more mana.  The spell damage is worth the -1 hp.

    Fencing coach is so terrible by itself that comboing it with this is just too inconsistent to be a good deck.

    For 2 more mana than Saraad plus hero power, you could drop Nefarian, which gives you twice the stats and twice the cards.   But Nefarian is still trash in constructed.   This card is even worse trash than Nefarian.

    This card is going to be like Feugen+Stalagg and Troggzor:  people will try it out for a couple of weeks, and then there will be a consensus that it's garbage.

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    This is a terrible card unless you can combo it with an inspire, in which case it might have some potential.

    Without inspire:
    For priest/warrior it's a shittier version of Earthen Ring Farseer
    For Mage it's an Ironforge Rifleman
    For Druid it's a shittier Ironforge Rifleman
    For Shaman it's a shittier Tuskarr Totemic
    For Paladin it's a shittier Razorfen Hunter
    For Rogue it's a shittier Lowly Squire
    For Hunter it's a shittier Argent Horserider
    For Warlock it's a shittier version of Novice Engineer and Gnomish Inventor, which are both already shit in warlock.

    This card might possibly be playable in decks with OP inspires like Paletress and Fizzlebang, but otherwise it's shit.

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    Dragonkin sorceror is always a downgrade from Eydis Darkbane.

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    It's like a 4/4 charge for 4.   But vulnerable to silence.

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    Worked for me.  I cut a creeper and a doomsayer to add 2 explosive sheep.

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    If this were 4 damage it would be decent

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    This card is much stronger than harvest golem because it has 1 more HP and usually spawns multiple imps, which are harder to kill than a single 2/1.  Also, those 1/1s spawn before it dies, giving you more total power on the board.   Harvest golem was balanced, but this card is OP enough to be auto-include in every aggro warlock deck until it gets nerfed.   Demon synergy is even better than mech synergy.   Voidcaller gives resistance to board clears and more tempo than mechwarper, while Mal'Ganis is 10000000000000000 times better than Mimiron's Head.   But Imp Gang Boss is awesome even without any demon synergy in the deck.   Worst case scenario is shadow word pain or death's bite and you lost a tiny bit of tempo.   Typical case is completely dominating the early game board control against any kind of aggro.     I predict blizz will bring this down to 2/3 and then it will only be played in demonlock if at all.   If it were a 3/3 it would basically be better than pre-nerf shattered sun cleric because it wouldn't be a "win more" card -- you would get at least 1/1 of extra value regardless of whether you already had anything on the board.  This card is a clear case of power creep.

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    It's decent in oil rogue because it ensures you'll have a target for oil, and if you're going to clear board with blade flurry anyway the 50% random won't matter.

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    This card is very strong.  It's almost like consecrate except you get a 4/3 body for 1 more mana.

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