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    posted a message on "League of Explorers" Card Design Competition - Submission Topic [Up-Voting Only!]

    Pulls up 4 cards for you to choose from. Tally ho!

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    posted a message on New Card - Gorillabot A-3

    Favorite card revealed so far. Sure you only get the bonus when you have mechs, but if you don't have mechs you lost... sorry. And it snowballs like any good mech.

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    I haven't said anything in months but I logged in to tell you all that considering how refined control priest is, this won't do much. Sure you get to steal their card but the randomness of draw makes this too slow for 80% of match ups. Especially with huntard back.

    I'm more surprised they made this card tbh. Seems very un blizzard like to steal a card

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    posted a message on Is Blizzard Slow, Apathetic, or Hypocritical?
    Quote from Primalthirst jump

     I think they were correct in allowing the community time to identify a counter, one just hasn't really appeared.

    This ^

    Part of the issue is that there *may* just not be one :(

    Another issue is Emperor. Reducing a 13 ish mana combo down to 9 is just gross, its the only real reason that Patron can pull off the combo. There are a million combinations of OTK in Hearthstone, but none of them cost 10 mana. If they did, it would be broken. Emperor lets this combo happen, he lets a lot of combos happen. He is the number one instigator of combos like this. I like emperor as a card, I think he is the only reason control decks have a chance in alot of hyper aggro metas (control needs ramp, until BRM only druid had it and they were shite at control). Unfortunately he is just used for enabling OTK and blizzard has never liked OTK.

    I vote give Emperor the Paegle nerf, something like this:

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    posted a message on Inspire Priest [TGT Full Guide]

    Then it is not a worth while deck to try and play, sorry.The deck is an inspire deck and you need big inspires to make it work. Without Confessor and Saraad there is no deck

    If you want a fun priest try an inner fire list

    If you want to ladder try a dragon priest list

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    posted a message on Headed for Legend - S18 September 2015

    Last 3 seasons I've hit about rank 6 every time (I start with about a week and half left then just grind) but early this season I am stuck in a weird rut. I win up to rank 15 and tilt all the way back to 18 and its been going on for days now. So I gave up and I am riding innerfire priest till the end of the season.

    Turn 5 32/32 anyone? Yup, I got them.

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    posted a message on 18 new Class Cards

    Grizzly Worgen is crazy. Just saying, maybe a 2/2, Windfury or +1 attack.

    I think the two hunter ones are a little bit too strong. 4/6 charge for 5 is gross. And it gives in to dragon synergy. The secret is really strong as its guaranteed card filter that is uncounterable. Especially when filtering to DRAGONS which are huge and super impactful, unlike those puny little Paladin secrets.

    Portal Mastery is hillarious but it seems strong. Unstable is cancer enough as is, I don't think we need more of it XD

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    posted a message on Budget replacement for Dr Boom?

    Use a War Golemand 2x Wisp

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    Guys! If you want budget options I am currently playing this deck around rank 6 with no Ysera, Chillmaw,Vol'jin, or either Twilight Guardian!

    Simply run: 2xAuchenai Soulpriest/2xCircle of Healing and then use Nefarian and Chromaggus as your late game dragons.

    Hope this helps any F2P players!

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    posted a message on Your first TGT legendary!

    So I pre ordered 50 packs and only got Anub'arak...

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition #30 - Submission Topic [Closed]

    Look! It's a Pirate! That lets you play pirates! Without actually playing them!

    I put it in warrior because weapons and because I was allowed to

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    posted a message on So.... The new Tavern Brawl.

    I'm having so much fun with these decks. Its nice to play a control hunter for a change that works (flawless with Alleria) and the mage one is super snowbally which is always fun when it works. 

    Jousting is actually a huge swing when you pull it off. That renewable 7/4 isn't bad when you get it back in the ring again even only once. Granted outside of this vaccum The Skeleton Knight will be really bad but the things that jousting does for you can be/are huge swings. Its great. Also the thing people underestimate about it is the information it gives you. The first few games I hadn't seen the decklists and now knew what was coming from my opponent. I believe a jousting themed deck could actually be viable

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    posted a message on New Hunter Legendary - Dreadscale

    I actually went down to the kitchen to grab some water so I could spit it out. This shit is gonna be GOOD

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    posted a message on New Priest Card - Convert

    Umm... This might be a really good mind control or it's not. Damn I leave insightful comments. 

    Okay seriously you can get the battle cry of like Alex or something... So with swd this very well could be a better (somehow even slower) mind control

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    Arena boys

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