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    posted a message on Hearthstone Card Back Collector's Edition Pin Collection 2023 - Complete!

    I have always loved cardback, and the art and design are incredible. I have collected in-game cardback since the beginning missing only the tournament one in-game.

    So when I discovered that some of the 250+ cardback were replicated as a pin, I had to collect them. I went as far as to create a copy of the golden celebration because I couldn't find it. After 3 years, I acquired all of them, so I am proud to share my collection with a little explanation

    of where these pins are coming from. Out of the 20 pins produced, nine were available on the blizzard store, four were given away at an event or fireside gatherings, 3 were prices for tournaments, two were exclusive for streamers and influencers, and 2 were made and sold on partner's websites.

    Hearthstone Card Back pin collection

    List of the pins with production date and where you could find them:


    2014 - Double Classic Cardback, giveaway at PAX East 2014 Hearthstone booths, made by Pinny Arcade (unknown quantity, probably 500)

    2015 - Fireside Gathering Cardback, giveaway on selected fireside gathering (2500 pcs)

    2016 - Cupcake Cardback, giveaway during fireside events in 2016 and by completing tasks at BlizzCon 2017 (2500 pcs)

    2016 Tyrande Cardback, Twitch prime giveaway at the twichcon 2016 (unknown quantity, probably 1000)

    2017 - Power Core cardback, available on the blizzard gear shop with box and a giveaway in minor events, also blizzard china created 2 other versions of this cardback (3000 pcs + unknown quantity in china)

    2017 Tespa cardback, one of the rare cardbacks only available for winning university events (unknown quantity, probably 500pcs)

    2018 Thrill of victory cardback, a giveaway for participants to the hearthstone tour  Amsterdam event (unknown quantity, probably 500)

    2018 Rainbow Cardback, available on the blizzard gear shop with box (2500pcs)

    2018 Hearthstone top decks year of the raven, made by Wowhead store (unknown quantity). This is not an official pin but a partner one

    2019 Classic cardback, available on the blizzard gear shop with box (2500pcs), the logo glows in the dark

    2019 Golden cardback, a giveaway for china vs the rest of the world players and china's only product  (unknown quantity, probably 1000) made by blizzard china distributor. I made my own version of this pin and created 50 pcs of it, as the price for this pin is crazy

    2019 - Heartstone card pack, the product from the china store (unknown quantity, probably 2000)

    In 2020 Blizzard presented the collector edition box with four pins: Medivh's Invitation, Lemonade, Legion & Darkmoon Faire Cardback (2500 pcs)

    2021 Blizzard 30th anniversary, available on the blizzard gear shop with A box in 2022 (2500pcs)

    2022 Sideshow Glow Cardback, available on the blizzard gear shop with box (2500pcs)

    2022 Murder at Castle Nathria Cardback, present for streamers and influencers for the new expansion (Limited to 50)

    2022 March of the Lich King Cardback, present for streamers and influencers for the new expansion (Limited to 80)

    Hearthstone Collector pin cad back

    Hearthstone Tespa pins

    Hearthstone extra pins not official card back

    Do you collect any Hearthstone merchandise?

    Will love to ear what you think about this

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    posted a message on Collector Edition PIN Set complete - V2 -

    When Blizzard released the Hearthstone Pin set, I was so happy to finally have all the cards back together. Problem is that they released more pins compare to the space available, so I decided to add an extra page on the set to allow all the pins to be displayed, a couple are not official and the Chinese one is a pack ma I think the result is nice, what do you think?

    After the last thread, I was contacted by a guy with the Tespa pin so I finally completed the series.

    These are the rarest pins:

    and finally my HS collection in full

    I don't think there are many people with all this hearthstone collection

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    posted a message on Hearthstone Collector's Edition Pin - Complete!

    hearthstone pin set

    Took me a while but I finally complete the Collector's edition Pin series for Hearthstone. I have always loved cards back in Hearthstone, in-game I am only missing 5 of them, Blizzcon 2014/5 and the 3 for the tournaments.

    These are all the official available pin's. The non-official Wowhead pin is coming as well just to have also the non-official one. I was thinking to buy another box for the one that isn't included in the collector set, what do you think?

    This took 1 year to search and buy at the best price.

    hearthstone pin

    There are other 2 pins but is impossible to find them. one was made in china for the event vs the rest of the world and the other one is the official Tespa pin, if anyone can help me with those will be great.


    tespa pin card back


    #Hearthstone #hearthstonepin #cardback #cardbackpin #cardbackpinset #hearthstonepins #hearthstonecardback

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    posted a message on Khadgar Hero Portrait & Pizza Stone Card Back Are Now Available On The Shop For A Limited Time

    I just miss the Blackrock mountains and grand tournament preorder, hope they will add them back. For the rest, I started to play in 2015 and never miss any of them

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    posted a message on Introducing the Core Set, Classic Format, Legacy Set & More!

    question: if you haven't reached the basic set golden card there will be a way to have them? I am only level 30 with demon hunter, do I need to reach level 60 in order to have the golden basic card?

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    posted a message on The Road to Level 50 - What's Your Choice?

    valeera just because she have only 2 portrait 

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    posted a message on New Card - Hecklebot

    Dirty rat V2

    Or a good tool vs agro 

    this is a perfect card for a control deck... control mech warrior is on the way

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    posted a message on Patch 13.0: Rastakhan Pre-Patch, Winter Veil Returns, Rastakhan Flavor Text, Patch Notes

    As an Italian people that put  pineapple on the top of the pizza deserve to go to the jail for at least 2 years, is an insult to my colture

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    posted a message on New Druid Card Reveal - Spirit of the Raptor

    we will see if it can be a thing, waiting the loa now

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    posted a message on New Rogue Card Reveal - Walk the Plank

    decent card, not a meta defining for sure 

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    posted a message on Rastakhan's Rumble Day 2 Card Reveal Recap

    Cards look strong, also I like that some archetypes are applied in wild (dragon warrior) making strong cards that make better decks in wild format helps to have more variety

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    posted a message on Vote For Your Favourite Community Created Dis-Cards

    some of this card will create a discard mechanic that actually works... learn blizzard

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    posted a message on Hearthstone's 100 Million Players Celebration - Login For Free Packs and Gold Quests!

    I am curious to know the active player, not the total account 

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